24k Gold Plating Energy Saving Anti Radiation Phone Sticker

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    24k Gold Plating Energy Saving Anti Radiation Phone Sticker

    Anti radiation sticker with energy-saving chip, Simply stick the sticker on the back of your smartphone to reduce radiation from wifi and 5g. All electricals emit emf's electromagnetic radiation which is dangerous to the human body! Protect yourself with this amazing ant radiation sticker.


    24k gold plated sticker



    Decide the location that you are perfect with placing the card on the back side of the mobile phone.

    Remove the tape from the back of the card.

    Adjust the sticker on the back side of the card while pasting. Start pressing from the edges when pasting.

    Now peel the top layer of the card for activating the 24k gold plated energy saving anti radiation phone sticker.

    Gold Is An Amazing Element To Help Repel Radiation

    Gold is a stable and heavy element that is used for making several accessories with the sole purpose of shielding the human body against radiation. According to a study at the Texas A&M University, scientists have established a new way to sperse the atoms of gold among the other useful ones that can be used for the flawless fabrication of polymers. 24k gold plated energy saving anti radiation phone sticker is a perfect example of an accessory that can be used for smartphones. The polymer used for making the sticker is made with the use of bubbling has that turn the atoms of 24k gold into foam. The activated form of gold is strong against radiation and acts as a perfect shield against the vexatious neutrons. Gold is a safer substitute in the polymer than most metals that might react with the skin while doing a perfect job of blocking the radiation. The 24k gold plated energy saving anti-radiation phone sticker emanates a yellowish glow when the UV rays fall on its surface.

    Mobile phones have a lot of metallic areas that are installed for making the communications and functions faster. In order to maintain a distance from the effect of the metals used in mobile, make sure you use the facility of a speaker on the mobile phone instead of placing the mobile close to the region of the ear. A mobile phone with an anti-radiation asset can be considered similar to cookware that isn’t safe for use in a microwave. The most common and ignored sign of radiation is hypertension or high blood pressure. The thermal change induced by the regular closeness of the mobile to the ear can be expected to manifest itself in the form of abnormal vasoconstriction. Anti-radiation accessories cost much lesser than most androids and Iphones but are still a must for a hazard-free use.

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