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    What Is Shiljit Mumijo?

    Shilajit has many names shilajit gold, dabur shilajit, mumijo, mumio but more importantly it is typically found at altitude in the Caucus, Altai, Himalaya ; Tibet Mountains where it exudes from cracks and crevices in sedimentary rocks. Many indigenous people to the area call it rock tar as it’s appearance is brownish black tar-like texture. It was thought to be an asphalt/bitumen tar of fossil plant origin but modern analytical methods suggest it is composed of humic decomposition products with a huge range of organic compounds and minerals depending upon source location. The main organic active ingredients include triterpenes (think of coniferous tree resins and essential oils), humic and fulvic acids forming very stable colloids that disperse in water but do not dissolve or easily break down.

    How Was Mumijo Shiljit Found?

    The way this amazing supplement was found when indigenous people in Tibetan texts dating back 3000 years saw injured animals going to caves and rock faces to eat the tar like substance. Shilajit benefits local people in their food supplements and tea trade business.

    Fulvic Trace Minerals have over 84 trace substances in its molecular structure such as dibenzo alpha pyrones,humins,terpenoids,humic acids,polyphenol, phospholipids and essential vitamins & minerals such as magnesium,copper,cobalt,iron,manganese,nickel,maganese,zinc.

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    Dose:Take 2 capsules per day

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