Essential Oils

Most people would be very surprised to learn that about 30 percent of the calories in a normal healthy diet comes from oils and fats. Of course, most of us consume far too many “bad fats”, like butter and we get far too little “good fats”, like Omega-3.

Quality oils at affordable prices

Naturesupplies offer effective, essential oil products that are packed with healthy “good fats”. Our wide range of carefully formulated products offers crucial support in every stage of life to help your wellness goals. Popular oils our customers incorporate into their daily regime are hempseed oil, codliver oil, evening primrose oil and star flower oil

Our bottled essential oils are also excellent for aromatherapy use

Many essential oils are rich in antioxidants—compounds that combat free radicals—and Naturesupplies is delighted to offer unique formulas that are designed to support a healthy lifestyle.

Natural oils from flowers and plants

Naturesupplies source our oils from organic farms from around the world to supply our customers with the finest oil derived from plants and flowers.

Quality NON GMO Oils Facts:

Non-Gmo essential oils make the regular ones look bad! That’s one way of saying it, yet another one would be of ‘Don’t go through the cave of endless possibilities with non-certified essential oils’. Most brands pose their essential oil products as natural, but that thing can be considered as a close call to checking the authenticity of the 100% natural sticker that one might find on the concentrated juice packs. Since the vapours of essential oils come in direct contact with the frame of your house or lawn, it's always recommended to confirm its purity before hitting the ‘Add to Cart’ button. While most essential oils are extracted from plants, their purity gets busted on the way during the processes that involve the use of chemicals and pesticides. This form of adulteration totally beats the sense out of using them as a mode of alternate lifestyle.

Essential oils play a major role in deciding the authenticity of cosmetic brands too. Most of the cosmetic brands are based on the nurturing benefits of cotton seed oil or soy. Awfully true, the supply of these oil stocks can be traced back to the farms where the non-GMO farming isn’t an option. We at NatureSupplies make sure that you receive the best of the lot without giving in to compromise. NatureSupplies has been in the industry of essential oils for about a decade now and would continue to relish the praise of its customers for another decade.

Enlisted below are some of our finest varieties of non-GMO essential oils:

Hemp seed oil is extracted from sativa seeds. Cannabis sativa L. exists locally in Asia and is a treasure trail to the most frivolous forms of wooden fibres and phytochemicals. Many biological companies are discussing the prospects of taking the procession of its benefits forward by opting for the genetic transformation of the secondary metabolites of hemp seed oil. The hemp seed oil extracted from a non-GMO source is indubitably non-psychoactive.

Evening Primrose Oil is a flamboyant variety of non-GMO essential that has been up and against the rules of slacky lifestyle for ages. Affirming its relation with the Onagraceae family, evening primrose oil is loaded with the richness of polyphenols, aliphatic alcohols and γ-linolenic acid. A sufficiently decent amount of absorption of the γ-linolenic acid results in the formation of the delightful secondary compounds like dihomo-γ-linolenic acid.

Wild oregano oil has been rated as the most wanted oil in the country of Greece. Bearing its origin from the middle ages, it can be confirmed for its hold over being a recurrent food supplement in any list. A wide variety of options for its application would include the topical or vapour form. NatureSupplies implements the practice of blending non-GMO wild oregano oil with olive oil to ascertain its application in a secure form.