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Super foods supplements:

Superfoods were recorded earliest for their formal public appearance in the beginning of the 20th century. It was the scene of World War I when Superfoods were used as a strategic product for marketing food contents. It was the United Fruit Company that led this advertising operation for initiating the trade of banana across the border. In the following years, the campaign made it to the pages of medical journals. Back then, the AMA was completely ignorant of the fact that it was gluten intolerance that was initiating an endurance to the oncoming celiac condition. Excluding oneself from the use of superfoods after an endeavour with the same can be quite an impossible task for its regular users. Superfoods are like unprocessed functional foods that lie in the wait of being picked up from the racks.

As our society become more knowledgable superfoods name took another meaning. In the 21st century super food became a buzz word for natural foods like fruits, spices,foods and vegetables high in antioxidants. The scale which measures antioxidants in foods is called the orac scale, which many foods on this scale get called super foods. Foods rich in antioxidants are acai berries, wallnuts, peppermint, garlic gojo berries, cinnamon, barley, dark chocolate, prunes, blackberries, matcha tea, green tea, moringa oleifera, blueberries, spinach, kale and many more.

Naturesupplies offer our customers rich superfoods in supplements so it's easy to add to your diet. Green spirulina and Blue spirulina are very popular mixed in smoothies, turmeric essential spice added to indian cooking and natural bee products such as honey, royal jelly and bee propolis.