About Naturesupplies

Naturesupplies are a family run business who searches every corner of the world to find natural products to support people in today’s society. Many years ago our distant relatives had no option but use natural products to keep healthy and fight infections but as western medicine has took over many of the old natural substances have fallen by the wayside.

As we all know if we fall ill we visit our doctors and 90% of the time we leave with a pharmaceutical drug mainly antibiotics to treat the condition, but over time the bugs we are fighting are becoming resistant to the antibiotics and we are prescribed stronger antibiotics to fight the bugs, what happens when we become resistant to the very strong antibiotics we’ll I suppose over time the pharmaceutical companies will manufacture even stronger ones with more side effects which we will take as we feel ill.

Do you know the mrsa bug is resistant to 99% antibiotics only the really potent ones work and then in some cases it only keeps the mrsa bug away for a period of time. My point is yes we need western medicine as it does an amazing job but if we can find natural supports to assist our bodies this can only be to our benefit.

Naturesupplies source natural ingredients for our products many which have been used for thousands of years by indigenous people from around the world. We have thousands of customers who use our supplements to help support their lifestyle. Visit our online shop and read about the products to see if they can be any help to you and if you need any support don’t hesitate to give us a call and one of our trained staff can advise. Tel: 01388 747987

Naturesupplies History:

D-mannose Limited trading company, also known to many as Naturesupplies aspires to become one of the best online vitamins and minerals company online. The company was founded in the year 2007. Healthy living is something that is very much in demand around the world but at Naturesupplies we plan to do something different, we bring together an entirely new class of products that are composed of genuine natural ingredients, and are manufactured under strict GMP conditions. Undoubtedly, we offer this quality to our customers for the best price. We magnify our ethics and values in our working so that our customers can be sure about buying their products from a company that actually cares.

Our decade-long workmanship can be observed in the reviews. We have been agile in choosing the finest products and best prices for you that no other company would offer. Research & development into cutting edge new supplements singles us out as one of the best in the online health industry. Your order is in safe hands and we always try our best to make sure every package reaches our customers as fast as possible.

The integrity of every product is personally checked by us. We as a healthline company are aware that customer service has to be at it’s best! We live in a real world and a company is not just as good at providing quality customer service, but also at dissolving problems. We are always by your side and make sure that you wouldn’t feel ignored during any part of the purchase or during an after-sales service. Read the reviews posted by the unbiased customers on Trustpilot to see what our customers have to say. We are also active on social media through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to follow and like us to keep up with the latest trends, products and offers.