Acai Berry

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    Acai Berries Super Antioxidant Properties

    Acia have been used by the people of the Amazon for over a thousand years. These berries are freeze dried to keep their concentrated and then made into capsules. Naturesupplies only use the finest berries to ensure you receive the most maximum concentrated acai berry detox supplement.

    Benefits Of Acai Berry Capsules

    Acai extract is becoming more popular with many of our customers as an essential super berry to a healthy lifestyle. These amazing berries are rich in omega-3 fatty acids,high Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) content and are rich in amino acids.

    Naturesupplies acai berries are sourced from the the highest quality pure acai palm freeze dried to keep high levels of anthocyanins,B-vitamins, Protein and Potassium so our customers have a quality supplement at an affordable price.1 capsule provides 200mg 5:1 acai berry extract, equivalent to 1000mg whole dried fruit.

    • Acai Berry Extract, Shell (Gelatin, Natural Colouring (Titanium Dioxide)), Bulking Agent (Cellulose), Anticaking Agent (Magnesium Stearate)

    Dose:Up to 1000mg per day

    Acai Berry History:

    Acai the superfood high in antioxidants listed on the orac scale which measures food rich in antioxidants! It wasn’t really long ago when the Portuguese made it through the turbulent waters of the Amazon river with their ships. The ships carried a huge bunch of Tupi tribe in it. The tribe expansion led to the need of more foraging. As a measure to control starvation, Itaka (the Chief of the Tribe) had put a restriction on the birth of newborn babies until a solution was reached. The chief’s pregnant daughter couldn’t bear the agony of losing a child and died on a moonlit night. In the morning when the tribe’s elders approached her remains, they found her hugging a palm tree. The tree bore small dark berries on the top. And the berries were sufficient to narrow down the tussle of starvation that the tribe had been going through and therefore the Chief named the berry after his daughter’s name (in a backward order) - Acai.

    The colour of acai fruit embodies its nutrients. As most dieticians phrase, the goodness of any fruit can be estimated with the density of its pigment. For instance, blueberries and acai berries are somewhat bluish in color which makes them an interesting source of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins do a great job of advancing a hue and colour to the fruit that excites most fruit lovers. Anthocyanin is a water soluble flavonoid which based on the species of the plant could grow from anywhere. For instance, in the case of figs the pigment is secreted by the petals instead of the leaves. An adequate amount of pigment secretion would require a certain level of environmental structure. While the initiation of the anthocyanin pigment secretion might require UV light, it would be the colder degrees that would appreciate its further release.

    Each encapsulated form of Acai berry supplied by NatureSupplies contains a high concentration of the fruit that was once indigenous to the forests of Amazon. Acai berry capsules are completely vegan. To ensure their premium quality during the processing phase, the berries are handpicked and never see the face of pesticides.

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