Aloe Vera

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Aloe Plant - Aloe Vera Uses

Probably the most popular plant on the planet! Aloe vera plant is sold in many ways such as aloe vera gel,aloe vera juice,aloe vera drinks and aloe vera for the skin.

Aloe Vera Benefits Rich In Minerals and Vitamins

People have used Aloe Vera for a variety of reasons for over 5000 years. It is extracted from the Aloe Vera leaf and is said to have many therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Aloe Vera is absolutely packed full of vitamins and minerals. The vitamins which are present in Aloe Vera include A, C, E, folic acid and Choline. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc, chromium, iron, copper and potassium also make up Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera tablets are also a good source of Amino acids and Fatty Acids.

Choose convenient and affordable Aloe Vera Tablets

At Naturesupplies we realise that it can be important for you to have a convenient supply of vital minerals and vitamins with you throughout the day. Aloe Vera tablets can be carried around in your bag or coat pocket when you are at work or simply out and about. You just need to consume the tablets with water. We recommend one to three tablets per day.

What our customers have used Aloe Vera for

We have had some fantastic feedback from our customers with regards to our Aloe Vera tablets. Customers have told us that it has improved their digestive system and has even helped them to lose weight. Furthermore, customers have also chosen our Aloe Vera to improve the appearance of their skin with excellent results. For more information about Aloe Vera please get in touch with Naturesupplies today.

  • Aloe Vera (6000mg)
  • Bulking Agents Cellulose, Di Calcium Phosphate, Aloe Vera Extract, Anticaking Agent Magnesium Stearate

Dose 1 to 2 tablets per day