Bio Disc 2000 Scalar Energy

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    Biodisc 2000 Scalar Energy Liquid Purification

    Bio Disc 2000 is a stable source of energy emissions that are full of SCALAR energy frequencies. The energetic epicenter of this device is able to prolifically modify the molecular framework of all liquids. The uplifting changes provided by Bio Disc to the molecular structure of liquids increase their palatability, hydration, and stability of use for a longer period of time. Bio Disc has been fabricated with the use of 13 distinct and technically engineered minerals. Nano fusion is a new-age procedure that assembles the workings of standard fusion procedures in one place to knit the molecular structure of the minerals that involved in the construction of Bio Disc.


    Bio Disc glass


    Use to purify water, simply place near any object to disperse negative energies, increase food shelf live and increase growth in living plants.

    19 Benefits Of Bio Disc 2000 Technology

    During the methodical process of fusion and mineral compilation, a certain amount of energy gets released which is known by the name of Scalar energy. Bio Disc is an offering of the 21st-century science. Scalar resonance has the ability to cause positive alterations in the molecular chains of liquids thus making them more desirable.

    The spinning technology of Bio Disc causes the energy variables to work in a counterclockwise manner. Alternatively, the liquid can be released onto the surface of the disc to gather the desired tier of resonance. The ideal amount of resonance generated by the disc can be equated with the healing strength of all the spring water sources on the surface of the earth.

    Customers Comments Of Benefits Of Bio Disc 2000

    1.) Relinquishment of taste in the liquids.

    2.) Boost energy levels in water.

    3.) Immediate surge in body’s energy quotient.

    4.) Heightened nutrient bioavailability.

    5.) Better sense of taste.

    6.) Longevity asset for the veggies and meats.

    7.) Favorability towards well-being.

    8.) Improved immune system.

    9.) Cellular restoration.

    10.) Fine-tuned oxygen levels for the well-streamed flow of blood.

    11.) Relaxes and stabilizes the body.

    12.) Relieves pain.

    13.) Position the disc below the surface of a drinking water bottle for approx 20 minutes to appraise the value of its content

    14.) Secure the position of disc under your bed for a peaceful sleep.

    15.) Position the disc in a bathtub to avail its benefits in the form of energy spikes.

    16.) Place it comfortably on your body to detain the advancement of jet lag.

    17.) Position 4 energized bottles of reformed liquids close to the 4 stumps of the bed to keep off the swirl of negative energies from your sleeping hours.

    18.) Place it in your pocket as an auroral gesture.

    19.) Run the sun’s rays by the surface of the lens and then rotate the disc in a counterclockwise manner over any inflamed area of the body.

    Invariable ways of using Bio Disc

    Gently pour the concerned liquid on the edge of the running disc to collect the resonance. The gathered vantage would become evident in the form of renewed taste and increased levels of oxygen. Put the energized liquid in the fridge close to the other components that require the same level of energization.

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