Bio Disc 4000 Scalar Energy

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    Bio Disc 4000 Scalar Energy

    Bio Disc is the new reform that expresses the release of SCALAR energy frequencies in a harmless state. The device makes it possible for the liquids to undergo transformation with an essence of improvement to their molecular structure. The changes granted to the molecular structure of liquids makes them more acceptable palatably, easily absorbable and safer to use for an extra amount of time.

    The technique used in the manufacture of Bio Disc broadens the use of 13 minerals in their technically engineered form. The device is formed out of the use of a procedure named Nano Fusion that uses high-end temperatures for binding the molecules of the integral minerals in an inseparable way. The entire procedure of mineral integration and fusion causes the catalytic form of energy to come into a form that goes by the name of Scalar energy. The resonance reeked by Scalar energy is capable of inducing alterations in the molecular chains of the liquids that require an upgrade.


    glass disc


    bespoke glass disc to increase energy in water, place near fresh foods to make the shelf life last longer and much more.

    20 Benefits Of Bio Disc 4000 Technology

    Bio Disc uses its counter-clockwise spin to induce energy variations into a liquid. Yet another way of amassing the resonance would be of spilling the liquid onto the circumference of the disc. The resonance that is expected to enter the liquids in such a manner is comparable to the healing potential of a whole bunch of water springs that are at work at the same time.

    Bio Disc Customers Popular Feedback

    1.) A sudden ascent in the palatability of liquids.

    2.) An unquenchable gusto gets added to the water.

    3.) An accomplished rise in the energy proportions of the body.

    4.) Mega rise in the nutrient uptake in the body.

    5.) Increased gusation (taste).

    6.) Longer shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

    7.) Appreciated feeling of optimistic health status.

    8.) Stronger immune system.

    9.) Restores the original state of cells.

    10.) Better availability of oxygen to the blood.

    11.) Induces a feeling of serenity and equilibrium.

    12.) Fades the pain impulses.

    13.) Improves water by placing the disc in the aqua for 20 mins adding scalsar energy & oxygen

    14.) Add the disc under your mastess or sleep with the disc in your bed for a good nights sleep.

    15.) Add to bath water to add energy to the water.

    16.) Place on the body to help with jetlag.

    17.) Position 4 discs on 4 bed legs, under the legs or glued to the legs top repel negative energy.

    18.) Keep on the body in a pockets to protect your aurora.

    19.) Expose the lens to the sun’s rays and hold the disc close to the region of pain and then move the disc in a counter-clockwise fashion.

    20.) Massage with aromatherapy essential oils to add scalar energy to the body.

    Making Scalar Water With Bio Disc 4000

    Run cold water over the bio disc catching the infused water, add the energized liquid to a bottle to drink oxygenated water or add the water to plants to introduce increased energy so the plants grow faster or wash fruit and veg in the concentrated water to kill chemicals and help to increase shelf life.

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