Bespoke Natural Jewellery

Handmade bespoke jewellery crafted from unique and rare materials from all over the world. We source quality jewellery with specific qualities that will benefit the well being of the wearer. Our world is in constant energetic flux, from personal levels of stress & trauma, to the absorption of electromagnetic stress from 5G, mobile phones, the list is endless. Our jewellery has been carefully chosen to benefit your well being. The properties of each piece enhances the life force energy within each and every one of us it rebalances and realigns us with our sense of well being. Take charge of your well being in style.

Shungite jewellery we stock is very popular in today's society to block wifi and 5g emf's

Precious Stones Benefits Have Been Used For Thousands Of Years

Shungite is a stone that adds class to your look when bought as a jewellery item which helps to block emf's. Geopathic stress is a condition that develops in humans due to overexposure to interrupted magnetic fields of the earth. Shungite like many other mineral formations can be looked up to for its properties the block electromagnetic waves. This carbon based stone originates Russia and is becoming more popular to people who are trying to protect themselves against wifi and 5g networks which are blanketing our society.