Calcium Carbonate

    60 X 400mg Tablets
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    Naturesupplies Calcium Carbonate Supplements

    Manufactured in a GMP facility to offer our customers the best calcium supplement on the market in easy to take tablets.Calcium is becoming very popular for people who want a easy tablets to take who have low calcium levels who don't have time to cook high calcium foods.

    Calcium Rich Foods

    The lives of people are becoming more busy and our eating habits are becoming lazy due to convenience foods less and less people cook.Our bodies are not getting the nutrients they need for example low calcium levels or calcium deficiency is very common,foods high in calcium such as milk,kale,sardines,broccoli,watercress and cheese helps calcium deficiency to support healthy teeth and bones

    • Calcium Carbonate (400mg), Bulking Agents (Cellulose, Maize Based Starch), Anticaking Agent (Magnesium Stearate)

    Dose 2 tablets per day

    Calcium Facts:

    Calcium and Vitamin D go hand in hand when it comes accomplishing tasks that are bigger than health for the body. Calcium owes a major portion of its acknowledgement to the bone’s structure. It's the porous invite of the bones that lets the calcium ions into the exoskelton with ease. Calcium intake has to be just as appropriate as the normal one during antenatal care. Figuring out an exact dose of calcium for anyone can be a toughie. For instance, people who suffer with some sort of a genetic joint disorder might require a dose that is completely different from the standard dose recommended for normal adults and elderlies. A standard adult dose stays close to the range of 1000 to 2000 milligrams /day. The best way to keep it close to accurate figure is to go for the supplements. Again, the absorption of calcium in the gut majorly dependent on the vitamin D uptake. The standard dose of vitamin D recommended for adults is of 600 IU/day. The intake of vitamin D can go upto a max of 5000 IU/day in the exceptional cases, but in no way more than that.

    Calcium carbonate is the most affordable and easily available salt of calcium. Also, calcium carbonate is the salt of calcium that is better absorbed by most systemic payrolls instead of calcium citrate or calcium gluconate unless it is a case of high pH of the gut. The entire matrix of calcium carbonate is designed by the exoskeleton of the corals found in the sea shell water. It is important to consider the cost of calcium supplements if they are being planned to be taken for a longer duration of time. Calcium carbonate is composed of the three major elements that rule the surface of the earth - carbon, oxygen and calcium. Calcium carbonate was initially employed for an industrial role as a filler. With the ingrowth of nanoparticles in science, the use of calcium carbonate became elaborated in the health industry and therefore more prevalent. Calcium carbonate extracted from the natural sources of minerals is often referred to as the ground calcium carbonate. It is entirely different from PCC (precipitated calcium carbonate) that is prepared synthetically in the labs.

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