CBD Oil 2.5%

    10ml Bottle
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    CBD Oil 250mg (2.5% CBD)

    Rich in phytonutrients,cannabinoids,terpenes & flavonoids this CBD oil is of the highest quality diluted in hemp oil.

    Harvested from quality hemp strains extracted by premium CO2 method,this is by far the best way to extract cbd to keep potency

    What Is CBD? Watch Our Whiteboard Explaining


    CBD diluted in hemp oil

  • No pesticides
  • No Additives
  • No Herbicides
  • GMO Free
  • No Chemical Fertilisers,Growth Hormones
  • GMO Free
  • NO "THC"
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    CBD OIL Dose

    2 - 3 times per day under the tongue or in a drink 18 - 36 drops per day

    CBD Enriched In Hemp Oil:

    The 2.5% CBD oil that is purchased through our website delivers the attributes of hemp too. Hemp oil is as nutritious as most vitamins and minerals and is perfect diluter. It's the cannabinoids that make it nutritionally sufficient. It is important for the manufacturers to dilute CBD oil before delivery so that the consumers can take an optimum strength. Naturesupplies starter 2.5% lets our customers try a more diluted dose as 2.5% might be enough to get the desired effect, if not a higher percentage of CBD is available. The effect of CBD dates back to the 2900 B.C when hemp was readily available. The increased use of a CBD with next to zero THC the psychoactive component is been more and more used in different aspects to vaping, edibles, oils, creams, coffee to bathbombs.

    By purchasing the bottle of 2.5% CBD oil, you get access to the benefits of CBD oil as in a lower dose starter bottle. It can be applied directly onto the dermal layers as a topical regime or consumed orally with the use of the dropper. Using a dropper assures you of the exact quantity that has been used every time. There is 250mg of CBD in every 10 ml bottle of 2.5% CBD oil that we supply. Also, check the use of hemp oil and its rich in omega fatty acids allour cbd is mixed in hemp oil.

    2.5% CBD oil can be a ground-breaking formulation for any first-timer. Estimation of the precise dosage can place you closer to the vantages of the product. Also, the use of CBD oil becomes more enjoyable when you are well-acquainted with the percentage of the product. NatureSupplies roots for the use of CBD without GMO or THC. Purchasing the 2.5% CBD oil from us brings you the perfect opportunity to customize your lotions. For instance, most companies use lotions with CBD in them but the concentration of CBD in them might not be the exact one that suits your dermal layers. By adding your oil or cream of choice to 2.5% CBD oil you can always feel exonerated by the true benefits of CBD. With the current growth rate, the CBD market is expected to reach 30% higher in sales by 2030. There are are personal care councils that have made CBD oil a cover page beau. Most of the topical formulations that imbibe the opportunities of CBD use the distillery ingredients to form its base. The purity of the base makes the effects of CBD last longer, almost upto 36 hours after every application. In fact, there are professionals who agree to the fact that the kind of attention that is being presently enjoyed by the CBD exceeds the one that was once receive by the stem cells.

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