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    Cinnamon oil - (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)

    Cinnamon Oil from Naturesupplies has a variety of benefits as it is a good source of important minerals. These include iron and calcium.Cinnamon is a spice which derives from the bark of many trees within the Cinnamomum Genus. You are likely to be aware of Cinnamon’s use within cooking and as a condiment. It’s probably less renowned for its other purposes but when reduced to an oil, it can be particularly effective and easy to consume. We supply Cinnamon oil in 30ml bottles which are handy to carry around with you every day in a small bag or the pocket of your jacket. We recommend you take five drops of cinnamon oil per day applied to the skin or diffused.

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    Essential oils have been used for thousands of years as far back as the Egyptians.Naturesupplies essential oils such as cinnamon have been sourced from quality suppliers so our customers always get the best quality oil available.

    Cinnamon Benefits

    Cinnamon is a powerful spice which comes from the cinnamomum tree bark which is ground into powder which can be used for bad breath,natural food preservative and is high in antioxidants.

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    • INCI: Cinnamomum zeylanicum (Cinnamon) Leaf Oil

    Dose: Use a few drops per day blended with a suitable massage oil carrier

    Cinnamon History:

    Cinnamon oil has a splendid history of adding taste to every other cinnamon biscotti or bun. Our society is fresh with several issues that go unnoticed because of the severity and ignorance of the conditions that were present once in a milder form. Unlike, the momentary smell of garlic or onion after meals, halitosis is a conditions that services the extension of the foul mouth odor. It’s a stretch that can only be persistent when something had gone real bad from the end of oral hygiene and cinnamon can help with bad breath oudors. This means that you would need something more than brushing twice daily to clear off that maple syrup from the speckless surface of enamel. Although most dentists would recommend you to keep chewing gum to keep the oral musculature straight, it’s a practice that’s best left avoided if you had crowns and bridges over your root canal treated teeth. Scaling is a procedure that might radically help in most cases, but even that might require maintenance later on at some point. Sometimes, it isn’t the cavities that give away the health of the oral infrastructure but the periodontal condition. An abnormal periodontal condition when held close for an extended period of time can only give a closer reach to the accepted misery.

    Cinnamon oil is a dissolvable form of cinnamon that doesn't leave a residue at the end when added to any drink or food. NatureSupplies offer highly concentrated cinnamon spice in a organic essential oil in a 30 ml bottle. You can order it online we would be ready to ship it to you in no time through our expert delivery system. The explorers led eyes on cinnamon for the first time while they were visiting the region of Vietnam. Cinnamon owes much of its fame to the aldehyde group named after its origin cinnamaldehyde. The exotic taste and smell would be otherwise putrid if it weren’t for these aldehydes. Apart from the vietnamese dishes, cinnamon oil is perfect for use in beefy overlays and baking wonders. Instead of going erroneous in your purchase at the supermarket, it is preferable to buy cinnamon oil from a reliable source online. Cinnamon contains micro ingredients like magnesium, iron and eugenol. The kickback use of cinnamon oil dates back to the century when it was a flame of choice in the temples of the East. It was only later when it became a part of the industrial revolution and thus spread far with its benefits as an accessory in cooking classes.

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