Codliver Oil

    60 X 1000mg Capsules
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    Cod Liver Oil Benefits

    Cod liver oil derives from the liver of the well known sea fish cod, rich in omega 3 fatty acids EPA,DHA and ALA (alpha linolenic acid). There are many foods than can boost omega 3 fatty acid levels such as anchovies,herring,mackerel,salmon,sardines and tuna but people like an easy concentrated capsule rather than eating fish regularly.

    • Cod Liver Oil (1000mg)
    • Cod Liver Oil (fish) , Shell (Bovine Gelatin, Glycerin), Vitamin A Palmitate, Cholecalciferol

    Dose 1 capsule per day

    Rich Cod Liver Oil Finest Ingredients

    Cod liver oil is an essential ingredient that occurs in its natural form in the cod fish. ‘Cod’ is a term used for describing more of a specific genre of fish rather than a specific one. Hence, the supplements derived from the oil are named after the source. Cod liver oil capsules are enriched with the omega fatty acids which benefits our cardio vascular system. There is a meagre but valuable amount of Vitamin A in cod liver oil capsules. While most long-fed beliefs encourage the intake of cod liver supplements during the breakfast hours, a recent theory suggests that the benefits applied by the cod liver oil to the body can be experienced to the fullest when the supplements are consumed in the evening hours. Cod liver oil, was introduced to the field of supplements in the year 1789. While the year rhymes, the conditions that need it as a protocol do not. It is important to evaluate the substances on the label to avoid inferior substandard ingredients. There are many companies that are making cheaper, synthetic version of cod liver oil supplements and selling them online. Naturesupplies guarantee the finest ingredients in our fish oils so our customers know they buying the best with no hidden inferior ingredients.

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