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Colloidal Silver Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver Colloidal Silver

  • Particles of silver in suspension
  • choose between liquid or gel
  • Made from pure silver
  • Dose: Up to 5ml per day

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Resurgence of Colloidal Silver Water

Silver fell out of common use after 1938 due to the high cost of production and it is only now we are seeing a resurgence. Silver is non toxic and is non-irritating, this precious metal comprises of thousands of tiny ions. Silver has had many names around the world from colloid,kolloldalt silver,sovereign,liquid silver,silver hydrosol,ionic silver and silver solution.In hospitals before antibiotics silver dressings were always applied to open wounds because of silver's properties to heal even today people who have ulcerated sores concentrated silver pieces are applied to the skin then dressed. Naturesupplies offer liquid and gel formats of highly concentrated silver with the finest ingredients.

Colloidal Silver Liquid
  • Aqua
  • CI 77820 - Silver
  • Maltodextrin
Colloidal Silver Gel
  • Aqua
  • Polyacrylic Acid
  • Triethanolamine
  • CI 77820 - Silver
  • Maltodextrin

Both products made using 99.99% purity active silver in distilled water


Dose:Liquid: 5mls of silver once a day
Take one week off in four

Gel: when required

Colloidal Silver Benefits:

Colloidal silver UK is always served medically in a liquid form. While the base is mostly aqua, it is the nano-size particles of silver that make the formulation opaque. The exuberant use of colloidal silver can be traced back to the times when silver wasn’t just held up for auspicious times but for foregoing of any passable illness. While the silver rings were still a fab in Europe, most plants were sprinkled with silver powder to keep off any form of oedematous illnesses and nosebleeds. Ever since, colloidal silver has been in the market for various reasons like seizures, ulcerations and mental apathy. As a supplement, colloidal silver is regarded for its potency against germs in any likely event. In a recent event, reports submitted by the researchers from the Silver Institute give further details on the workings of colloidal silver.

Colloidal silver commences onto its healing path by reacting with the oxygen molecules. The activated molecules encircle the point of entry of bacteria and viruses by reacting with the sulfhydryl groups. The aforementioned reactions get a grab on the life-saving processes of viruses and bacteria at cellular level. Yet another mode of working for the silver ions would be of taking on the cell membranes of the bacteria directly and exerting the same level of effect. Some of the vulnerable species of bacteria such as the pseudomonas aeruginosa weren’t even able to stop colloidal silver from evading their DNA, thereby mixing any chances of resistant strains in the future.

Antibacterial - It isn’t just the causative bacteria but the further resistant strains that are controlled vividly by colloidal silver. Unlike most participants in this theory, colloidal silver has been reported as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. Most of the microbes that were affected by its efficiency were of aerobic and non-aerobic variety which makes it an explicit caution in the line of treatments that deal with the same set of diseases.

wound packer - According to an article presented by the Pharmacognosy Communications, colloidal silver reliably heals the freshest of wounds that could have been caused by a burn , oral thrush or even a periodontal disease. For instance, a suitably adjusted case of ringworm disease can be dealt with a colloidal silver formulation without deliberating a spread of the contagious disease. Some of the other wound-causing diseases that can be handled well by colloidal silver are eczema and psoriasis.

A pink eye specialist - Pink eye is one of the common conditions of the eye that can be dealt with while healing a bacterial infection from its gist. Colloidal silver exerts a electromagnetic effect onto the cells that cause the pink eye and then flush them out of the body via bloodstream.

Antiviral - Colloidal silver can be used as an antiviral aid in conditions of Herpes, Shingles or any possible disease that could introduce warts onto a smooth skin.

inflammation - Colloidal silver can be used an anti-inflammatory formula in most pain-inducing conditions. During a study at the National Institute of Health, pig skins were treated with Colloidal silver and the results were astounding. After a period of observation of 72 hours, it was established that Colloidal silver could actually surmise the condition of inflamed skin in pigs.

Sinus infectious take a toll when they are seasonal or are following an allergic reaction. A fine nasal spray formulation of colloidal silver could relieve a finely established case of chronic sinusitis within 10 days. Also, it reverses any chances of sinusitis retrieval in the future.

Anti-pneumonic - Pneumonia is a condition that has claimed millions of lives in the past. Colloidal silver in its liquid form can be used in a nebulizer to take control over a well-packed case of pneumonia or any respiratory disease that might be obstructing the air passages from maintaining the health of lungs on a normal day.

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