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Colloidal Silver Balm (150ml Gel) Colloidal Silver Balm

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Colloidal Silver (100ml) Colloidal Silver

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  • Particles of silver in suspension
  • choose between liquid or gel
  • Made from pure silver
  • Dose: Up to 5ml per day

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Colloidal Silver

Collodial silver can be used topically on the skin or ingested.Many people from all walk of life use liquid sliver from the young,elderly and also animal owners use collodial silver for their dogs.

Resurgence of Collodial Silver Water

Silver fell out of common use after 1938 due to the high cost of production and is only now seeing a resurgence. Silver is non toxic and is non-irritating. This metal comprises of thousands of tiny ions.This amazing product has had many names around the world from colloid,kolloldalt silver,sovereign,liquid silver,silver hydrosol,ionic silver and silver solution.

Colloidal Silver Benefits

In addition to its internal body use, Colloidal silver spray can also be used for the skin. Colloidal Silver cream balm from Naturesupplies is applied to the skin for a pleasant effect.Colloidal Silver is available from Naturesupplies. At Naturesupplies we offer you two different Colloidal Silver formats with both a solution and balm available. You can also choose between quantities of 100ml, 150ml or 300ml. It is created by immersing tiny particles of silver ion within a Colloidal based solution. One of the main reasons for its purity is because silver does not break down and corrode like other elements.

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Read our unbiased reviews on Trustpilot to see your dealing with a REAL company so you know you are buying quality products from a company who care. Collodial silver liquid is one of our best sellers our customers love to keep in their cupboard in case they need it one day!

Collodial Silver Dosage

For more in depth information on dosage goto Collodial Silver Generator

Colloidal Silver Liquid
  • Aqua
  • CI 77820 - Silver
  • Maltodextrin
Colloidal Silver Gel
  • Aqua
  • Polyacrylic Acid
  • Triethanolamine
  • CI 77820 - Silver
  • Maltodextrin

Both products made using 99.99% purity silver


Dose:Liquid: 5mls of silver once a day
Take one week off in four

Gel: when required