Dr Mercola Iodine 1500mcg

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    Dr Mercola Iodine

    Iodine is an essential trace mineral which is essential to the normal development of the body. Dr Mercola uses potassium iodine as it's easily absorbed by the body which can contribute to the body's energy levels and normal function of the thyroid

    • Iodine from potassium iodine 1500mcg
    • Capsule - Hydroxypropl Methylcellulose - Glycerin

    Take one capsule per day

    Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Iodine Was Administrated To Protect The Thyroid

    Potassium iodide can be a really useful element in the event of a radioactive emergency. Iodide pills are manufactured with the salt of potassium iodide that dissolves readily in almost every other liquid. There are people who work in professional fields who get constantly exposed to the side effects of radiation every day, this is very dangerous to get exposed to radioactive substances which can alter DNA this is why they are only allowed certain levels in 24 hours. The thyroid gland is responsible for the production of hormones that are in touch with many of the body’s important functions such as metabolic rate, digestive cycles, and musculature that surrounds the heart. Absorption of radioactive elements could affect the functioning of numerous organs that depend on the functioning of the thyroid. When our body gets exposed to a radioactive form of iodide, the thyroid readily absorbs the radioactive version of iodide just as it would the original and innocent version of potassium iodide. This mishap leads to a major calibration issue in the organs that depend on the loyalty of the thyroid’s function. As a result, a stage of autophagy has begun. Constant exposure of such kind could culminate in a disease of the thyroid gland.

    The risk of exposure to the hazards of the environment is more delicate for infants and kids. After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Belarus, there was an exceedingly high amount of exposure reported through the supply of contaminated milk. Dr Mercola iodine capsules are one of the leading supplements that could intimidate you of any such fury. Each capsule of this supplement's bottle contains 1500mcg of potassium iodide. The standard recommended for a normal adult is of 130mg/day and for adolescents is of 65mg/day. For kids and infants, the dose of 25-50mg is recommended only in a liquid form. It is important to never mix up your calcium or magnesium supplements with the dose of iodide. A gap of at least 2 hours is recommended between the intake of the supplements.

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