Elite Shungite Pendant 10-12g Jewellery

    Elite shungite is the most powerful form of shungite and can repel EMF radiation off smartphones emitting 5g, wifi, laptops and ipads. Wear your elite shungite jewellery to help protects the body from electromagnetic fields from the electrical devices that surround us.

    Elite Shungite Jewellery Bespoke Pendants

    The original form of elite shungite is a must-have for every stone or rock collector. The silvery streak on its surface shines as good as glass with a reflective metallic look. Shungite stone is closely connected with the north-western province of Karelia which therefore makes it a local of the Scandinavian peninsula too. Its for this reason, that it has been an indispensable part of the Northern culture in Russia. The exact term related with the fondness of rock or stone collection would be rock-hounding. By any chance, if you are one of them, then be sure of not missing out on the modern flick of rock culture - Elite Shungite Pendant (10-12g). All the shungite accessories that are available on our site have been shipped directly from the northern parts of Russia. Some of the other sizes of Elite Shungite Pendant that can be browsed on our site are 3-5g and 7-9g. Irrespective of their size, they own a gleam of their own!

    Elite Shungite Pendant (10-12g) is a delicate accessory that is prepared with an extensive use of stringent procedures that align with the protocol of unadulterated rock arrangement. Rock-hounding is a common practice among environmentalists and scientists. Shungite is the most welcomed part of the rock collection community. There is always an aesthetic appeal to it. Often people confuse shungite with other crystals. There is an entire crew that follows the customs of mineralogy in Russia that would disqualify this theory. Shungite can be used without any cover in any season as a pyramid or pendant. Elite shungite works in the most explicit of ways to get discovered as the most popular form of carbon. The most cherished moment of the history of shungite was when it came into the limelight with a Nobel Prize in 1996. It is exceptionally rare to find elite shungite in a sizeable form and at NatureSupplies we make it happen for you for an affordable prices.

    WIFI Signals Blocked By Shungite Watch This Video

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