Elite Shungite Pendant 3-5g Jewellery

    Block smartphone 5g,computers / ipads radiation and wifi with the most powerful stone in the world elite shungite. Found only in Russia believed to have landed in earth on a meteorite shungite is a truly magical stone now available in jewellery.

    Elite Shungite Highly Concentrated

    Shungite needs to be authentic in order to bring home the qualities of life that it has been purchased for. Elite Shungite Pendant (3-5g) can be a perfect gift for your loved ones. Always make sure your purchase is from an dealer who sells genuine shungite from Russia as there are many dealers who sell cheap copy stones as the real thing. Established since 2007 NatureSupplies are one of the oldest suppliers of this mystical stone and can guarantee that our customers are buying the real thing.

    Many retailers online might sell you a black stone from different parts of the world in the name of shungite for less money but it will not be genuine. Elite Shungite contains a lot of fullerenes that organically symbolise the purest form of carbon. Fullerenes are positive in nature which repel free radicals. Elite Shungite Pendant can be placed on the body to repel free radicals such as wifi, 5g radiation of smartphones and emf's.

    EMF or electromagnetic field begins its penetration towards the body as a metabolism attacker. Once it has made sure that the body is deprived of its strangulation strength or rather the immune system, it begins the process of blocking oxygen supply to most of the cells. Following this a process of toxin deposition amongst the cells gets triggered, and the growth of cells gets stabbed. Also, a gradual leaning towards the process of ageing gets initiated that roaches into the epidermal layers to begin or accelerate the influence of free radicals. The decline of cells would take probably months after an exposure to the steady EMF radiation which could lead to disease.

    STOP Electromagnetic Fields With Shungite

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