Elite Shungite Pendant 7-9g Jewellery

    Elite Shungite Pendant is a premium quality shungite which is very eye catching in it's formation which is handcrafted into bespoke pieces of shungite that is very popular as a fashion jewellery piece. This amazing stone has mystical energies to repel emf's electromagnetic fields caused by electrical devices such as computers, tablets, smart metres and mobile phones which omit wifi and 5g signals.

    Elite Shungite Jewellery Bespoke Pendants

    All the way from Russia Naturesupplies buy the highest quality shungite so our customers know they are buying an authentic stone. Shungite is a mystery found only in Karelia in Russia, local folklore believe there was a meteorite hit this part of Russia billions of years ago depositing the shungite into the earth. Over the last 30 years this mystic stone is becoming more prominent as many studies show shungite repels emf's electromagnetic fields from electrical devices such as microwaves, cell phones, play stations and smart tv's.

    EMF Education In Industry

    The knowledge base about EMF is spreading its wings to every part of the world. Many countries have issued directives on the use of safety equipments in hardware part companies. A major part of such companies allow the use of procedures like welding which might involve the use of physical agents that could generate heavy metal ions in the air. By initial and constant gathering of such ions, one can observe the build-up of an electromagnetic field (EMF) in the immediate vicinity. If you were an employee at such a place then maybe you were getting exposed to EMFs without even realising it.

    5g WIFI Blocker With Shungite

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