Elite Shungite Keyring

    Shungite elite keyring is a powerful stone which repels emf electromagnetic fields off mobile phones and wifi routers. In today's society we all reply on smartphones, computers, ipads which are connected to the network of satellites and cell towers to give us connectivity to our devices.These towers make our devices omit emf's which are unproven to the health of humans, shungite repels emf radiation.

    5g Wireless Network Dangers

    5G on a big scale exposes us to the risks of RF radiation. The effects induced by the radiation can be either general or specific. When quoted in a general manner, the studies would be a perfect bystander of the fact that 5G signals are capable of initiating different forms of cancers in humans. The specific effects of radiation are directed more towards the sweat glands, eyes and the CNS. Almost all the mobile companies use an identically organised infrastructure for the flow of signals through the network towers. An area serviced by a network tower is mentioned as a ‘cell’ in the terminology of the mobile companies. As you move along in the region of the cell with your mobile, the waves between the cell towers make sure that you stay connected. These waves over a period of time generate an EMF that works totally against the human body.

    Devices Which Emit RF & EMF Radiation In Many Homes

    Unlimited Wifi at home, it would be an smart choice to use a timer that turns it off at night or during a time of the day when you won’t be using it, like when you are at your workplace.

    Smartmeter that read your electricity usage, it would be a smarter choice to go for the analogue meter.

    Smart phones, it would always in your best interest to switch off the mobile phone at night as airplane mode still omits signals.

    Never use your phone to your head use the speaker or hands-free when talking on a mobile phone.

    Baby monitors omitting over wireless video give out emf's use a simple baby alarm.

    Block WIFI With Shungite

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