Glytamins Liver Gallbladder Kidney Flush Suppositories

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    Glytamins Liver Gallbladder Kidney Flush Suppositories Detox

    Glytamins detox with herbs & amino acids help the body manage bile slop, gallstone and kidney stones. All quality ingredients to make the detoxification of the nasty chemicals our body holds a success. Spencer Feldman dedicates his life to creating the best detox supplements on the market worldwide. Detoxification cleansing is becoming more popular as the environment, the food we eat, the water we drink and chemically infused drugs we consume making or internal organs toxic such as the liver or gallbladder. Some of the top-of-the-line herbs which are used for detoxification procedures are bupleurum, peppermint, and chanca piedra. At NatureSupplies we provide you the same terrific combination in the form of Glytamins suppository.

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    10 Suppositories

    A proprietary blend of glycine, taurine, phosphatidyl choline, bupleurum, chanca piedra, dandelion, peppermint and magnesium di-potassium EDTA in a base of organic cocoa butter


    Rectal Use Only

    Keep cool in a fridge

    Have a bowl movement

    Coat the suppository with coconut/olive oil to help lubrication

    20-30 mins its usually take for a bowel movement

    Recommend use every 3 days but contact doctor/health practitioner before use

    Always contact a doctor before using any supplements to check to see if it conflicts with any medication or conditions.Do not use if pregnant/nursing

    Natural Detoxification Using Organic Plant Ingredients

    The making of this suppository has been done in the most unique manner. The manufacturing procedures involve the use of organic fresh herbs to concentrate the action of the suppository towards detoxification. The liver uses hepatic ducts for the outflow of bile. The slackening of this mechanism is usual as we age. As a result, the biliary sludge tends to get accumulated in the gallbladder in the form of cholesterol-soaked stones. Bile - the secretory fluid of liver can expect a backlash due to the presence of these brownish-colored stones in the gallbladder.

    The Glytamins formula promotes the thought that herbs when taken with the official purpose of cleansing the digestive system lose a major portion of their dexterity when they come in contact with the digestive juices. The home-made remedies for removal of such delirious situations involve the use of epsom salts, lemonade, and olives. The prime purpose behind such a detox drink is usually the intent of flushing out the gall stones by initiating contractions in the gallbladder. Commonly, known as ‘The Purge’, an aggressive procedure like this might not come as a suitable option for many people who definitely make it clear after with the post-purge symptoms. The usual toxins that are filtered through the body everyday can be broadly subdivided into the fat-soluble and water-soluble ones. The fat-soluble toxins are released by the liver through the hepatic duct. The water-soluble toxins make it to the urine through the passage of kidneys. Maintenance of the aforementioned pathways is essential for the natural detoxification to continue in a plush mode for a longer period of time.

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