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Naturesupplies health food section offers our visitors quality innovative snacks and food from a broad spectrum of sectors. We try to cater for many individuals passions from veganism, keto, nuts, seeds, fruit powders for smoothies to Himalayan rock salt with over 72 minerals in its structure. Naturesupplies Powergreens is a popular fruit and vegetable powder which gets your 5 a day fruit / veg intake in one scoop. Keep checking back as we are adding tasty foods monthly, follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletters for regular offers and updates.

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Veganism & Keto Eating Plans Education

Society has become very lazy compared to 50 years ago where people walked instead of driving cars, children played out instead of playing on electric devices and food was cooked instead of convenient takeaways, high sugar foods and ready meals, which has caused society to spiral into a widespread obesity problem. Obesity is an epidemic which is draining the worlds health systems. Recent research states that the surveyed density of obesity surpasses the number of smokers in the world. Obesity comes as a more overbearing condition for the kids. According to the recent statistics provided by the U.K government, every 1 in 10 kids in the population is obese. The diabetes mellitus as a condition which many overweight people which is very dangerous to long term health, the good news is stage 1 diabetes can be reversed simply by diet.

Veganism is the most popular movement around the world. A vegan diet is simply not eating any food that is from an animal. Vegan food is becoming more accessible from meat alternatives such as soy, Quorn, beans, quinoa, and the science behind beyond meat. The company Beyond Meat based in California goes the extra mile to scientifically created meat by analyzing meat in a lab and creating the taste, smell and texture of plant-based meat from nature. The plant-based meat is blowing away critics around the world as it tastes exactly the same as real meat.

A far-fetched but enlivening diet that can be realized in everyday routine by the conscious generation would be the keto diet. The prime purpose of this diet is of raising the level of ketones in the body. By doing so it turns the body into a fat burning machine. Just like Atkins, the keto diet is reliable and contains very low carbs of about 20g per day. The diet is designed to lose weight with high fat intake. As a result, the body goes into a state of ketosis which means the body is deprived of carbohydrates which is the body's stores as fat, so when the body goes into ketosis it burns its fat off the body and the pounds drop off. Many people believe a high protein, nuts, vegetables low carb diet is the most healthy eating plan which our body embraces going back to how our ancestors used to eat.