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CBD oil has become the go-to alternative medicine for the treatment of a number of health conditions and pain-management in both humans and dogs, without any significant adverse side-effects.

Those who are just discovering CBD oil and its health benefits are likely wondering, how is CBD oil different from smoking cannabis? Aren't the effects the same? The answer is, not quite. The flower of the hemp plant contains two active compounds, THC and CBD, and these react differently on the body.

THC influences the central nervous system, while CBD (stands for Cannabidiol) works on the peripheral nervous system and doesn’t induce the ‘iconic high’ associated with smoking cannabis. Instead, CBD has been shown to relax the muscles, reduce pain, alleviate anxiety and depression, help in the treatment of cancer drug side-effects and a lot more.

Health professionals across the US have recognized the health benefits of Cannabidiol in both humans and dogs. Legislators in New Jersey, Delaware, Colorado and four other states have allowed for CBD oil to be administered on school property on students suffering from disorders such as epileptic seizures. (1) CBD has also been shown to relieve spasticity in adult patients of multiple sclerosis - a life threatening illness - among a list of other life-threatening diseases (2)

The conclusion that we can arrive at is, if there are so many positive effects of CBD oil on the health of humans, wouldn't the same be witnessed in dogs? Even though we are just beginning to get back more and more results of clinical studies started couple of years ago, the answer is Yes: there is enough evidence that has been attested to by veterinarians about the health benefits of CBD oil on dogs.

One of the most common uses of CBD oil in dogs is to tackle arthritis. The active compound in the oil, Cannabidiol, relaxes the muscles and eases pain occurring in the joints. Being a natural pain reliever, CBD numbs out the severe discomfort and pain caused by friction in the dried-out cartilage that lubricates the joints. The permanence of arthritis in dogs requires regular use of medicine, and many dog owners are opting for the oil.

A randomized, veterinarian double-blind clinical study performed on dogs that are treated at Cornell University Hospital for osteoarthritis, concludes that administration of 2mg of CBD oil per kilogram, every 12 hours for four weeks, results in a significant decrease in pain and increase in activity. (3)

Another significant clinical study funded by American Kennel Club's Health Foundation and partners was fielded to investigate the anecdotal evidence of the efficacy of Cannabidiol in pain relief from seizures and as a treatment for epilepsy. CBD oil has initially shown success in helping dogs withstand the shock following epileptic attacks, including the muscle pain that comes with it. (4)

Another use of Cannabidiol oil helps dogs with neuropathic pain resulting from injury, disease or a hereditary condition. Neuropathic disorders affect dogs with a host of unfortunate symptoms like muscle loss, limping, uncontrolled urinating and defecating, etc. When unmitigated, the pain can have debilitating effects, so it is only sensible that owners are reaching out for CBD oil, which results in a notable reduction of pain.

We know that dogs suffer anxiety attacks and react in all manner of ways to external disturbances such as thunderstorms, fireworks, loud car engines and so on. This is where CBD comes in to the help of both dogs and owners. The active compound in the oil relaxes brain activity, decreases tension in the muscles and mellows out your pooch. The eventual result is your dog learning to live with the disturbance on account of its mellowed out response while enjoying the effects of the CBD oil.

Dogs suffer from a number of intestinal conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, parasites and so on. These conditions can result in appetite loss, weight loss, diarrhea and other effects that can be painful for any dog and troublesome for their owner. Pain-relief medication for dogs come with a litany of side-effects and natural medication such as turmeric may not be acceptable to your dog. On the other hand, CBD does its part in alleviating the disease and the pain that comes with it.

The clinical studies that have been conducted since companies began isolating the Cannabidiol in oil have not shown any adverse effects that may void the health benefits of CBD oil use in dogs. Meanwhile, mainstream media outlets have began investigating the trend, leading to witness accounts and experts in the veterinary sciences both praising the benefits of CBD. (5) However, nothing beats the anecdotal evidence coming from thousands of dog owners who have found a new way of helping their dog lead a more happy and pain-free life.

While not all dog medications can be replaced by CBD oil, there is an upward trend in replacing those that are most commonly used, such as pain-relief meds, precisely because of the absence of those nauseating side-effects. (6) A major proof about the efficacy of CBD oil for dogs is in the success of the companies that are producing it. With dozens of big and small producers out there, catering to tens of thousands of customers, it is only a matter of time when CBD oil becomes the standard in treating a litany of pooch problems.


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