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10 Benefits of Tanning Tablets

Tan Tablets; Your Gateway To Beautiful Golden Bronzed Tanned Skin!

Many people wish to have the appearance of bronzed, tanned skin all year round and not just in the warmer summer months when a natural tan is usually attainable. Many celebrities and models choose a tanning process which best suits them in order to maintain a tanned look. With the health risks involved in UV rays from natural sunlight and sun beds many people are choosing tanning tablets as a safe alternative. Another benefit of tanning tablets is that the tan stays with you for a longer period of time and it feels like a natural enhancement. This article will give you all the insights you need to know about tanning, its methods and the best way of getting a naturally beautiful tan.

What Is Tanning?

The process of tanning is when the person uses an external source to attain a darker shade of skin. The natural process of tanning is through exposure to UV radiation from sunlight, but this natural process takes time which is why people use other methods to attain their desired tanning results. Tanning is said to enhance and accentuate features on your face and body. There are many different tanning methods which come with their own list of pros and cons, yet in this article we look at the best and safest ways to achieve a tanned skin look. Most famous among these methods include the following:

  • * Sun Lotion
  • * Sun Beds
  • * Tanning Tablets (Supplements)
  • * Spray Tans

Why Are Tanning Supplements So Effective?

After much research and real life experiences from people who have used all of the aforementioned methods, the majority have came to the conclusion that tanning tablets are the most effective and safest method for tanning. Tanning tablets basically help you to increase your ability of absorbing more vitamin D and helps you to avoid the damaging impact of ultra violet rays. With Tan Tablets the tone of skin becomes darker without any heavy physical efforts and skin damage. Tanning tablets are considered a relatively inexpensive and convenient option since their consumption pattern is easy and requires less effort from you. Tanning tablets are now the most preferred method because of its long list of benefits and consistent results. Tanning tablets provide you with a natural looking dark skin colour. There are many listed advantages of tanning tablets and why you should choose them over the other methods available:

  • * Safe natural option
  • * Easy to take saves spending hours lying in the sun
  • * Even skin tone all over tan
  • * Long term results
  • * Affordable cost effective option
  • * No skin is burnt or damaged
  • * No greasy skin
  • * Natural ingredients
  • * Supports healthy bones
  • * Enhance your confidence with a sun kissed skin

Tanning Pills Are A Safe Natural Option:

As established before that the tanning tablets are a safer option as compared to other methods. This is due to the fact that the risk attached to other tanning methods is really high. People have suffered from life threatening situations due to the over usage of other methods. Tanning beds was the most common method used previously yet this method triggers cancerous cells & high-voltage of these beds can result in severe burns. Also many skin complications like scarring were reported due to tan received from tanning beds. Similarly one has to go to an expert to undergo this method & it is a relatively expensive method of tanning Furthermore the tanning sprays are another option for achieving the desired darker toned skin, yet sprays do not give you an even tone & their application can also be a tricky part. The results obtained from tanning sprays are not long lasting & may leave irremovable stains on your clothes. Also the direct application of tanning sprays can harm the skin.


The best thing about tanning tablets is that if you want to achieve a sexy looking golden bronzed skin, you do not have to undergo scary procedures which are time taking. A regular dosage of tanning pills can provide you the results you desire. Unlike other methods, the tanning procedure becomes easy & feasible for you through tablets. The results start appearing within a consumption of three days & become more evident with regular usage. Since the method is from within the body its results are effective & more natural looking. Moreover the tanning tablets are easy to consume. Normally a dosage of two tablets per day is prescribed by the doctors along with milk or water. The pills can be consumed during any part of the day & usually don’t cause any severe side effects.


One of the most difficult things to achieve in the process of tanning is an even looking skin tone. This is a beauty blunder made by many tan experts yet discouraged by most of the makeup experts. They say an uneven skin tone gives a very vague & weak look of the personality. It dulls the real essence of your skin eventually impacting your over all look. The results attained from tanning beds & sprays usually result in an uneven tone because it is applied externally. Whereas consumption of tanning pills provides you with an even skin tone which you can flaunt for days & even months! This is due to the fact that tanning pills does wonders from within the body equally distributing the darker tone of skin color & enhancing your beautiful features naturally.


Another major reason why you should be using tanning tablets is because it provides everlasting evident results. This is due to the fact that tanning tablets help you gain natural tan through more absorption of sunlight hence the tan lasts a few weeks or months. Tanning pills basically does wonders when your exposure is direct with the sun yet you don’t have much time to sun bathe, the pills help you fasten the process & the darker tone of skin remains constant for weeks.

tan tablets


Tanning pills do not only bless you with astonishingly gorgeous golden bronze skin, it is also cost effective. The expenditure of per session of tanning beds is so much higher than the tanning tablets solution. Similarly the tanning sprays are expensive & their application method is also time consuming whereas the results last only a few hours or days. Tanning Pills on the other hand are not only a safer option but the results also last longer. It is like a onetime investment for you to get you smoother darker shade of skin. The pills are not even highly priced. The ingredients included in the tablets are naturally extracted & these are OTC (over the counter) pills hence their availability is also feasible & so is the cost. According to a research conducted in Australia the tanned results attained from tanning pills lasted two months.


The foremost concern of anyone undertaking the procedure of tanning is skin damage. Undergoing a tanning procedure usually means exposing your skin to UV rays, either in the sun or on a tanning bed, and this particular fact can result lots of potential problems for our skin. Although UV rays produce a beautifully smooth bronze tan, your skin will prematurely age and can become leathery. Researches also say that over-exposure of ultra violet rays can cause wrinkled skin at a much earlier age. Moreover the immune system is also affected because of the excess in exposure of sunlight. However, a far more serious concern of the hour is cancer. Due to excessive exposure under UV rays, the risk of skin cancer increases significantly through sunlight including the deadly malignant melanoma. Whereas the tanning tablets increases your tanning process’s pace helping you avoid the sunlight. Hence the tanning tablets aid you avoid & eliminate all these risks providing the body an evenly tanned skin tone.


A noted problem of the artificially applied tans through sprays or creams is the mess created after it. The application method of tanning creams/sprays require you to have ample of space so you can reach your whole body which is humanly impossible. Also the procedure often results in orange palms or fingers. Even if you refer to a saloon & get it applied professionally the spray usually leave stains on the clothes or bed sheets since it takes time to dry up & settle down with the skin. Furthermore after going through this chaotic messy procedure the results only last till a few days or hours, making it a costly ineffective method. Whereas the tanning pills make your life easier than ever, all you have to do is pop in one or two tablets along water or warn-milk & you are good to go. No mess, chaos or stains result through consumption of tanning pills.


Weak metabolism & bones are a growing problem of today’s human race. This is because of our busy life schedules, lack of exercise & poor food intake. People are so caught up in the daily routines of their work life that sun baths or even little exposure in the sun seems an impossible idea. The exposure in the sunlight does not only give us a nice looking tan but it also provides us with naturally absorbed VITAMIN D. Interestingly Vitamin D is the key element which helps us build our bones stronger & assist them to function smoothly. The tanning procedure increases the amount of vitamin D in our body, resulting in stronger metabolism & a healthier body. Hence consumption of tanning tablets can result in a win-win situation for your skin & bones together.


Tanning tablets efficiently enhances the features of your body by providing you evenly golden bronze skin. The effect of tanning pills spreads all over the body which sharpens the beauty of our body parts like neck line, cleavage, face cuts & thighs. Such kind of evenly toned tanned skin makes it easier for you to apply makeup too as the colors can show vibrantly on a wheat-ish kind of complexion rather than pale white or yellow skin color.


The best thing about most tanning tablets is it comprises of all natural ingredients increasing the effect & reducing the risk of unhealthy content & side effects. The tanning tablets comprise of PABA (para-amino-benzoic acid), LTyrosine, Copper Gluconate (providing 2.0mg elemental copper, 200% ECRDA), cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica. These ingredients are naturally required by human body to function better.

  • * PABA is often referred to as Vitamin B and it can be found in many natural sources which include liver, kidney, mushrooms and whole grains.
  • * LTYROSINE is one of the twenty essential natural amino acids in the body. It is thought to help promote nerve and thyroid health.
  • * COPPER is an essential trace element that is required by the human body. It is found naturally in many foods including fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and shellfish. Copper combined with PABA aids in darkening of the skin.
  • * Microcrystalline Cellulose is often used in vitamin supplements, as well as in food production as an anti-caking agent.
  • * Magnesium Stereate is a magnesium salt used in the manufacturing of many tablets and capsules as an anti-caking agent.
  • * •Silica is naturally found in oats, barley and rice. Silica basically is thought to repair collagen and tissues, encouraging more youthful & fresh skin. It can also improve your nails and improve dull, lifeless hair by giving it added volume & shine.

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