Celery Juice Benefits | Power of Juicing

Celery has recently become a ‘phenomenon’ in the health and fitness industry at the moment due to its high nutrition value as well as its regenerating health properties. For the most noticeable improvements, this should be taken on an empty stomach as this will allow your body to absorb all the nutrients without taking time to process. The advantage of this method over blending celery is it removes fibre which helps the body access cluster salts which will lower blood pressure as well as flush toxins in the liver ( 1 ) .

Although there are many other healing products on the market, celery juice is different due to the after effects it has on the body. One of the most noticeable is the increase of blood flow. This occurs from the high nitrate content that comes with celery. The benefit of increased blood flow is decreased stress on the heart & arteries along with higher oxygen levels. A by-product of this is a boost of cell growth, organ function and improved ‘pumps’ when partaking in exercise.

Gut health

Due to the nutritional value of celery it is great for rebalancing stomach acid, preventing sickness, reducing bloating. A large number of gut health cases come from having low stomach acid. This mainly occurs from having an unbalanced diet or lacking in a vitamin. Taking celery juice has been shown to fix this problem as it helps increase the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Increasing the bodies stomach acid has been shown to have a knock-on effect throughout the day as it helps the body break down food more efficiently increasing energy created. Although this won’t cure your gut it will increase the vitamins, minerals and acid which is necessary for a healthy stomach. Not dealing with this problem can lead to symptoms such as bloating, heartburn, diarrhea, indigestion and fatigue.

Drinking celery juice can also kill off pathogens and viruses that already exist in some people’s stomach. This is commonly e-coli, shingles, Epstein-barr which can prove to be dangerous for long-term health if not acted upon in the early stages (when dormant).

Improves performance

Celery also has some hidden advantages which can be used to improve how strong you are. Taking one cup celery juice before work-outs can increase blood flow to muscles over 10% which in the grand scheme of things this can make a difference. This occurs from the high nitrate content in celery which dilates blood vessels and overall allows more blood to flow through the body ( 2 ). The outcome of more oxygen pumping to muscles means the number of contractile filaments within the muscles cells are increased (Incidentally increasing muscle size).

Another way celery can impact exercise is from the high amount of vitamin K which been proven to boost testosterone in rats. Although no studies have been done to humans at this time there is no harm in juicing for the possible effects. ( 5 ).

Purifies bloodstream

Celery juice can purify the bloodstream due to the naturally occurring coumarin found in it. This compound is responsible of promoting white blood activity which helps thin the blood. coumarin can also be found in a lot of prescribed medicine ( 3 ) for this reason as it is that effective on preventing blood clots.

Sodium is also a popular mineral found in celery that can help maintain the lymph fluids. Having a strong lymphatic system can help rid the body of toxins as well as fighting infection throughout the body. There are also several vitamins in celery that help purify the bloodstream although these do not have as much of an impact. Some of these are vitamin a and c.

Natural diuretic

Celery seeds have a unique chemical (butylphthalide) which has diuretic properties. The benefits of consuming diuretic foods are healthier kidneys, reduced bloating and improved liver function. The reason these foods yield these benefits is due to the chemical helps flush un-needed water, sodium and potassium in the blood through urine excretion. This method is commonly used for models as it grants temporary weight loss through water-weight. The benefits for everyday people are mostly to lower blood pressure as too much salt causes an increase of fluid in blood vessels. ( 4 )

Increased energy

A natural healthy way to increase energy is through celery. This is because the juice is loaded with vitamins such as b6, C, A, K and potassium. Taking a concentrated version of celery (juiced) on an empty stomach allows the body to absorb the vitamins early in the day which will boost energy levels. One of the benefits of this is it will help reduce cravings as one of the main reasons we get cravings is due to a lack in a vitamin or mineral.


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