Cilantro and Chlorella on heavy metal toxins!

Redundant exposure to heavy metals almost everyday can be owed to the closeness with the lethally-altered natural sources like air, plants and water. While most metals come unharmed for the body, mercury, lead and cadmium are some of the metals that dissolve in the tissues and the bone to mark their presence in the form of disorders. Since this issue has taken up a lot of space in the lives of people, scientists have come to a conclusion that can help the people that practically face the issues lended by the aforementioned metals to their lifestyle. Cilantro, a well known herb can make this meritorious task happen throughout the process of chelation. The toxins follow the regular route of making their way out of the body - Excretion. Now, there are chemical compounds that assure the same level of chelation and process of elimination, but they can never assure one of doing so in a safe manner. One such chemical compound to ponder upon would be the 2,3 Dimercaprol. Some of the commonest side effects that can be expected after the intake of 2,3 Dimercaprol would be tightness in the chest, fever and high blood pressure.

Prime sources of heavy metal toxins

To give an easy way into the list of options that one might try avoiding, I would be enlisting in here a couple of them so that you could consider the possibility of not falling for any of the heavy metals toxins that can be surged by:

Beauty products: Oftentimes, beauty products have failed to deliver what they promise. Now, the concern here is that do they also deliver harm in place of integrity? There are numerous database across the country that can help you ensure the authenticity of a beauty product. For instance, if there is lead or paraffin in a lipstick or aluminum particles in a deo, you can depend on certain reliable databases for doing their work in a pluperfect way.

Dental fillings: For all we know, silver-fillings have never been quite popular in the matters of esthetics or safeness. Amalgam fillings have been banned in most countries due to the lethal amount of mercury weight that they carry. Mercury could be a real pushover for the normal functioning of the CNS. A simple break in a dental filling could cause the mercury to flow freely into the oral mucosa and blood vessels.

Exhausts from the vehicles: Industrial globalization is set in its own ways to impact the its surrounds in a positive as well as negative way. Be it the mines or the vehicle exhaust, the air ratio dispersed by them into the environment is loaded with heavy metal-based toxins that are capable of inducing immense harm once they are readily absorbed by the body. According to a recent article in the book of NATO Science for Peace and Security, metallic toxicants present in the atmosphere pose a major threat to humanity. While the fumes coming out of most cars are loaded with lead, the ones that run on diesel assure a sustainably high amount of exposure to nickel to cause a blithering effect on the brain cells.

Medications: Some pharmaceutical companies use aluminium in their antacid preparations while others promote the use of heavy metals in vaccines. For instance, the multi-flu shot vaccines contain stable amounts of thimerosal (a mercury - based preservative). FDA confirms its perspective of this preservative usage by stating that these metals in limited amounts can be ruled for inducing any harm that one might consider. However, what the FDA’s officials would fail to list are the consequences that the might follow once the metals contained in the drugs have made their way into the cases that are sensitive to their presence.

Furniture: Furniture would be the last of all things where one could go looking for toxicity. Most of the cabinets and sofas are coated with fire retardants and finishes that contain large amounts of antimony and cadmium. So, the best way of avoiding them would be of opting for the purchase of furniture from the stores that do not use such coatings.

Unsafe drinking water

Studies supporting the Cilantro-Chlorella Detox

Dr George J Georgiou is a detox expert and the Founding Director of the Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine. According to his reports one might state that, it would require unrelinquishable amounts of EDTA to support the cause of elimination of heavy metal toxins from the body. While most physicians support its use in regular medical practice, it is important to know that they play an essential role in burdening the body’s detoxification procedure. Cilantro can be used in the best possible way along with chlorella. While chlorella is used as an adjunctive to the heeding role of cilantro in such scenario, it chlorella that would be responsible for the elimination phase that would follow the mobilization of the most inaccessible quantities of toxins that lie within the connective tissue fibres. So, in a way if cilantro was solely used for getting rid of the heavy metal toxins, one can be sure of awaiting the onset of a worse condition named retoxification in the body within a week’s time. Retoxification is more like freeing the segregated form of toxins into the bloodstream. To process the elimination of toxins from the body it is essential to drop a pinch chlorella into the salad. People who are eager about losing weight can gain help from this combination too. Cilantro - when used alone has been found to be curiously successful at curing the symptoms of aling joint pain, terrible case of cane and mood disorders.

Standard dose of Chlorella in a Cilantro-Chlorella Detox

Chlorella is a noble algae that works deep on the intestines of the human body for prohibiting any re-initiation process linked with toxicity. Chelation is the forte of the cilantro-chlorella combo. This healthful combination was recently approved by one of the studies carried out at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research facility. It is important to know the exact dosage of Chlorella before intending its use for any purpose. Enlisted below are the 3 dosage variants that have been suggested for the use of chlorella as a chelator and mobilizer of neurotoxins:

Low lying dose: The prime intent of this dose would be of binding the heavy metal toxins that have been transferred by foodstuffs into the body. The standard low lying dose of chlorella would be of 0.25 grams to 1 gram.

Mobilizing dose: The prime intent of this dose would be solely based on the correct mobilization of heavy metal toxins. The standard mobilization dose of chlorella would belong to the range of 3 grams and 9 grams.

Chelation dose: The prime intent of this dose would be of mobilizing as well as chelating the heavy metal toxins. A standard dose of chlorella when being used for the purport of chelation would be an exact double of mobilization dose.

Reliable mannerisms for getting the best out of Chlorella-Cilantro detox

For the sake of accuracy, it is essential to be mentioned here that the way the combination of cilantro-chlorella is consumed plays an important role in deciding the efficacy of their effect. There are only 2 reliable mannerisms in which this combination can be consumed:

The first strategy would involve repetition of the exact same dose of mobilization for a regular user. Comes without saying, tat for a new user it would mean one-time consumption of the mobilization dose. In most of the cases, this strategy is used when the gut is the target of the detox. Chlorella performs well by giving in to the procedure of bowel restoration by ripping the heavy metal toxins from the lining of the gut.

The ideal time span that can be expected trouble-free following this strategy of detoxification would be of a month. The second strategy follows a schedule. It would be in the best of your interest to consume this combo just before you hit the bed. Also, you are supposed to consume the said order of this combination by first going for chlorella powder/tablet before cilantro. This strategy sets its target on improving the functionality of liver. For instance, people who base their diets mostly on sea foods become easy targets to high levels of cadmium and mercury toxicity. A detox recommended in time for a group of people who pursue an aquamarine diet could help them keep afar from a plethora of neurological conditions.

To conclude, the combination of chlorella and cilantro is capable of mobilizing as well as chelating toxins once their dosage and timings are adjusted. Though regarded unnecessary, once the process of chelation is over one can feel free to try out a round of vitamin and mineral intermixed with glutathione as an accessory to flare up the process of detoxification. In addition to being good for the intestines, Chlorella can be counted on for reliving the body of several deficits that might have set in over the years due to the deficiency of proteins, B-Complex, and minerals. For instance, if the body’s magnesium levels are real high you can be sure of never getting ratted out by a detox program that has been initiated with the intent of relaxing the blood vessels. While by and large, Chlorella is considered as the only option for cleanse, one can maintain the attitude of it being the sole protector of body’s healthy systems against the heavy metals toxins that make their way into the body through food stuffs and water. In addition to being used in the detox procedure, one can always rely on the quality of Chlorella when it comes to making it a cautionary step before initiating the removal of an amalgam filling. Chlorella is used in two different forms namely C. pyreneidosa and C. vulgaris for taking care of thd detox situation, .

Procedures that receive performance enhancement from the chlorella-cilantro detox

Some of the other detox procedures that can be performed under the cover of the chlorella-cilantro detox are:

Lymphatic drainage: A prefered method of doing this medical procedure would be of using a Chi machine.

Bowel movement improvement procedure can be performed either in a healthcare facility under the surveillance of a physician or at home

Foot massage: One of the most popular ones that can be resorted to alongwith a stable detox regimen would be of Aqua Chi. Aqua Chi invigorates the functioning of kidney and liver to flush out the toxins (not the metallic ones). Aqua Chi foot massage is also a more reliable option for getting the lymphatic drainage system in line.

Once the process of chelation is over, it is advisable to perform a routine detoxification process after a gap of 5 days with the dose appropriately suggested for the appraisal of salubriousness in the region of the gallbladder. Normally, you won’t be requiring a maintenance dose of detox for a month if you are not a seafood chewer.

The 42-day study

One of the most promising studies that have carried out to base the detox procedure of cilantro and chlorella in humans was performed at the Optimal Wellness Test Research centre in Nevada. During this study, people of all racial extensions and ages were included to rule out any possibility of error. Subjects were tested of not holding drugs or any kind of supplements in their system a week before the commencement of trial. Clinical study presented with results that were beyond comparison. While five subjects exhibited a major reduction in lead levels, other were well off with the mercury levels. The levels of this toxic variants were taken over by nitrogen, ammonia and nitrates that upped the body’s potential by 25% within a time span of 42 days. These are the toxins that bore low molecular pH and therefore were hard to move out of the body. Irrespective of this asset of their, the stable formula of cilantro and chlorella was able to take care of their exit in no time. Elimination of toxins is important especially when their mainstay in the body could cause a plethora of diseases t come up. Neurological deficit is something that takes time to heal and so do the digestive disorders once initiated by any means.

Gradually, the space that was taken up toxins before their elimination from the cells walls gets occupied by cellular fluids that are a sign of a healthy cell membrane. And so, the tincture that combined the properties of cilantro and chlorella came into being. Cilantro causes a major change in the electric charge that was originally responsible for a bond between the cells and heavy metals. The urine samples collected during this study were held as a proof. Once the toxins are free, they are made available for Chlorella’s action that abides by the follow-up action of chelation after the unbinding action of cilantro. To conclude, the cilantro-chlorella complex can be actively used against dealing with toxicities in the future if the should may arise. Once the protocol of 42 days has been duly followed one be relieved of upstating the health of small intestine and gut every 3 seconds. A 2 weeks procedure should be enough to get you through the follow-ups. For the seafood people, it is advised to take care of intestine every 2 weeks after the procedure. As a far as the regular diet people are concerned, any accidental dietary intake heavy metal toxins can be taken care of by a follow-up procedure that follows the schedule of 3-4 months. It is essential to know about the harms conducted by heavy metal toxins throughout the body in order to follow the regular detoxification procedures more tediously.

Additional Cues related with the use of Cilantro and Chlorella

Enlisted below are some of the added benefits of the use of cilantro in a solo form:

  • 1.Anti-inflammatory action
  • 2.Bactericidal
  • 3.Heightens the performance of cholesterol levels
  • 4.Works powerfully against gastritis and bloating
  • 5.Works powerfully against UTI
  • 6.Takes care of the mood swings that dominate the conditions of menopause and menstrual cycle
  • 7.Initiates speedier recovery from anaemia
  • 8.Promotes the expulsion of sputum formed due to some allergic reaction or infection

Enlisted below are some of the added benefits of using chlorella in a solo form:

  • 1.High-end potency against long-standing viruses
  • 2.Improves the antioxidant potential of glutathione
  • 3.If you are on fish oil supplements then you can be sure of receiving an accentuated version of its authentic contents by combining its intake with chlorella capsules
  • 4.The vitamin B forms existent in Chlorella are more readily absorbed than through any of its other sources existent in raw forms.
  • 5.Higher amounts of amino acids that are made available by chlorella
  • powder/capsules give a nutritional edge to vegetarians over non-vegetarians
  • 6.Penetration potential of chlorella is high enough to go through the sturdiest of cell walls

Why is Mercury detox essential for pets?

Toxic metals have a way of finding a route into the animals too. In most cases, it is their compromised endocrine system that serves as a platform for the toxins released into the environment via various sources. A major decline in dog years can be used for answering this fact. Many vets around the world have reported a steady decline of 20 years in the lifespan of dogs. Detoxification is procedure that works on domestic pets too. Even the life in polar regions has been harsh for animals. Toxins can majorly compromise the functioning of the immune and reproductive system of animals in colder climates. It may come as a surprise but the truth is that their heavy fur is indeed capable of giving up to the long-term exposure of heavy metal toxins. Pet owners who come in contact with such contaminated furs on a regular basis might infect themselves too. The commonest symptoms of mercury toxicity in animal would high fever and long-standing viral infections that don’t make their way to fading even after regular visits to the vet’s office. In addition to the environmental issues, pet food plays a surplus role in getting heavy metal toxins for animals on the platter. It was in the year 1995, when the processed pet food was reported for causing a series of toxicity cases that wore heavy on their liver, kidney and heart. Pentobarbital, is a drug commonly used for the treatment of insomnia. Yes, this was the drug that was used in pet food for agonizing their organs in the same way as euthanization would. According to University of Minnesota, Pentobarbital was found to be in extreme amounts in the legs of the dogs who turned victims to the chronic syndromes.

Mercury toxicity cases that made the news

A toronto based news recently confirmed that Gillian Genser, a sculptor was diagnosed with mercury poisoning after 15 years of her dedication to mussels art forms. While she spent most of her time sanding the shells she bought from Chinatown, she noticed a peculiar feel of frequent headaches and cramping in the hands followed by an intense feel of puke. After going through a thorough neurological and endocrine examination, she couldn’t possibly guess the source of any toxins nearby that could induce these kind of symptoms, when asked by the physicians during here visit. The symptoms thereafter only became worse to make her fatiguely immobile after an hours work on mussel art forms. Gradually, a short-term memory loss ensued which made it difficult for her to formulate sentences. This sordid express of symptoms continued until she visited ROM (Royal Ontario Museum), where she studied the invertebrates that wore the blue mussel shells. Mussles are purposefully used for tracing the levels of toxins at sea level. This finding made her aware of the cause that lead to her ailments which had been continually following her for an extended period of time.


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