Dangers Of Juul's Electric Cigarettes Vaping

Juul is an electronic version of a normal cigarette. Unlike, a normal pack of cigarettes, juul would require batteries or a usb charging source to work. Juul or e-cigarette manages its regular supply of aerosol via Juul pod. A standard Juul pod would contain nicotine, flavours (mint, mango, royal creme etc.) and additives. While the flavours might denote fun, Juul is certainly capable of making addicts with its obnoxious amount of nicotine content. In fact, many surveys conducted on the companies that make Juul state that e-cigarettes might contain more nicotine than a regular pack of cigarettes. For instance, if a regular pack of cigarette (estimating to be equal to 200 puffs) contains 8-20 mg of nicotine, a Juul pod (with an equal volume of puffs) would comprise of 59 mg of nicotine. According to the well-versed belief, e-cigarettes were created to cut down the habit of smoking in chain smokers but the ingredients do not assure the absence of a side-effect for laying down the habit.

One of the first international markets announce the arrival of Juul was of Israel. After dominating over the major areas of the U.S, Juul would now making its way to England and Scotland. As discussed by several companies, Juul would be made available for a price of 29.99 pounds in the U.K. Juul pods created for the regions of England and Scotland would be under the surveillance of European Union Tobacco Products Directive. The nicotine supply in the prospective U.K pods would be of 1.7% . Since the use of Juul is more popular among the high school and junior high-school teens, an age-restriction on the use of Juul would be applicable.

What could one possibly envigour a difference between Vaping and Juuling?

Juuling can be regarded as an advanced version of vaping, mostly because of the higher content of nicotine. Also, the delivery system provided in Juul facilitates quicker absorption of nicotine in the body. Majorly, all the vaping devices use propylene glycol and glycerin as a vehicle for the delivery of nicotine. Juuls on the other hand use organic acid in the form of organic nicotine salts for the delivery of nicotine. Needless to say, the comfort of use and the appearance of Juul makes it more appealing to use than vape pens. Vape pens are bigger in size. Unlike Juul pods, Vape pens contain a screw-in vaporiser that is composed of a liquid chamber and a tiny heating coil. A Juul bears close resemblance to any standard-sized USB stick.

How many health facts have been known to Juulers?

In order to abstain from the addictive use to Juul, people can opt for the help of several wellness centres that acknowledge the awareness of the contents of Juul pod and therefore make the users aware of the plausible health concerns that could follow. Some of the prominent ones are listed below:

1) Brain Fog: One of the most sensitive organs of the body that responds foremost to Juul is the brain. The effect of Juul on brain’s normal functioning starts from the first puff. The chemical changes and secretions that follow the regular use of Juul are the ones that lead to its addiction. Something that the beginner’s like to call as the ‘head rush’. It's a feel of light-headedness that follows the release of adrenaline and a sudden boost in the flow of blood. Nevertheless, using the word ‘high’ with Juul would still be an exaggeration. Although, the dependency level of body to nicotine after its regular intake has been compared to that for the recreational drugs.

Nicotine prevents the standard levels of blood and oxygen from reaching the brain. With the regular use of juul, brain gets deprived of even the most critical amounts of blood and oxygen required for its unflawed functioning. A steady decline in the titres of oxygen and blood can be witnessed in the form of stress even in the most delicate of circumstances. Fuzzy thinking or ‘brain fog’ is a symptom that arises following the long-term use of Juul and manifests itself in the form of episodes of mental confusion and lack of concentration.

2) Cancer: Tobacco and nicotine have been listed as the prime initiators of lung cancer. Upon absorption, nicotine is metabolized by the enzymes located in the liver namely, cytochrome P450, CYP. The metabolized version of nicotine is known as metabolite cotinine. Yet another organ involved in the metabolism of nicotine in the body is the lung. Nicotine is metabolized into cotinine and nicotine dioxide by flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 (FMO3). The residues of these metabolites can be found in a collected state in the hair follicles and saliva. The nicotine n-oxide released by the enzyme in the lungs owns a chance of getting reduced back to nicotine which could possibly further the process of nicotine recycling in the body. This unhindered process of nicotine recycling triggered by Juul could pave a path for tumors and cancerous conditions into the body.

3) Stroke: Nicotine is a potent accelerator of blood pressure and therefore the heart rate. A constant presence of nicotine around the heart valves could cause aortic stiffness which is listed as one of the preliminary signs in the diagnosis of many cardiac conditions. E-cigarettes are capable of inducing non-smoking heart attacks too. This would mean that even staying close to people who have access to and regularly use Juul could be as harmful as using it. A recent survey conducted by University of California, San Francisco covered an estimated population of 70,000 Americans who were enquired about the frequency of their use of e-cigarettes. Section of the population that was hypertensive was kept in elusive from the study. The results confirmed that daily vape pen users were more likely to own the possible incidence of a heart attack in the future than non-smokers.

4) Exhausted lung alveolus: According to many surveys, the flavors of Juul can be as enticing for teens as the gummy bears are for kids. Majorly, all the health researchers agree on the fact that e-cigarettes do not prove to be of any help to smokers who wish to quit. Nicotine addiction is only be intensified or doubled with the use e-cigarettes along with lesser use of regular cigarettes for quitters. Mostly, the flavours available in Juul pods are created with the use of 2,3-butanedione, acetoin and acetyl propionyl. Acetoin and acetyl propionyl own a chemical structure quite similar to that of 2,3-butanedione and can therefore prove to be equally irritating for the lungs. Based on a study conducted by the American Physiological Society, lung irritants can alter the elasticity quotient of the lung tissues, and make the airways hyperresponsive. A constant presence of mucus and inflammation around alveolus could brisk up a case of asthma.

5) Reproductive system ambush: Smoking is a habit that is supposed to be kept at bay at the time of pregnancy. Juul with its nicotine content does no less than a harm to cause a miscarriage. In men, nicotine could prove to be a deal-breaker by inducing infertility. The effect on babies born under the effect of nicotine can be witnessed in the form of abnormal weight or premature birth.

Ensemble of the pros and cons linked with Vaping CBD oil

People who have a fair acquaintance with Juuling or Vaping should care to gain an insight into the sources of CBD, or cannabidiol and its interaction with the human body at various levels. Cannabidiol is named after the plant it is extracted from - Cannabis. Cannabidiol or hemp oil has been suggested as a useful painkiller in chronic ails such as the rheumatoid arthritis. Apart from e-cigarettes, Cannabidiol is marketed in the form of lozenges that own an acquired scent of peppermint. When used in milder amounts, CBD oil could exert the same level of alertness as caffeine. Enlisted below are some of the pluses of vaping CBD oil:

CBD oil can be counted on for its medicinal vantages. Some of the everyday ails that can be bid adieu with the regular use of CBD oil are acne, anxiety, epilepsy, insomnia and uncontrolled body weight. Vaping CBD oil can be regarded as a speedier way of reaping all the benefits that CBD oil has to offer.

Yet another top quality feature linked with the CBD oil is its absorption rate. CBD oil can be inserted with ease in the form of cartridge into the vape pen. The calming effect of CBD oil is released once the vapours have gotten in touch with the lungs and the blood. The smooth and silent flow of blood carries the vantages of CBD oil to every end of the body. The fast-fetched absorption potential of CBD oil makes its use crucial in the cases of anxiety attacks and trauma patients who suffer with frequent flare-ups of pain.

Vaping is one the fastest routes to get to the health benefits that CBD oil when compared with its other routes of transfer. When the route of systemic absorption is used in the form of CBD oil lozenges, the bioavailability of the actual compound can be found to be compromised.

Vape pens make it comfortable to inhale CBD oil during travel. They come with the plus of affordability and portability. CBD oil can be inhaled in the most discreet manner via vape pens as unlike the normal cigarettes, they do not release a strong odour.

Enlisted below are some of the cons linked with vaping CBD oil that one must consider before making a choice:

Vaping CBD oil is not advisable for people who suffer with any form of pre-existing conditions that involve the lung or brain.

CBD oil in its raw form contains an active extract that owns a very high viscosity ratio. The viscous nature of raw cannabis oil can obstruct its use in the vape pens. And therefore, the thinning agents like propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol are used for making the viscosity of raw cannabis oil appropriate enough for its use in the vape pens. The thinning agents listed in here are capable of delivering the hazards of nicotine in the form of vape juices. One of the most prominent of the hazards would be the carcinogenic potential held by compounds these agents get turned into upon their release in the form of vapour. When sublimated at high-end temperatures, the thinning agents get suitably converted to formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. Some of the lighter variants of health hazards that can be initiated by the vapours of propylene glycol and polyethylene glycol are asthma, allergy and several other lung ailments.

There are surplus flavors in which CBD oil is made available in a Juul pod. One of the many flavouring agents used in the manufacture of Juul pods would be diacetyl. While many previous researches (not linked with the use of Juul) have suggested diacetyl as a health hazard, a separate study in this regard is still under process.

CBD oil is considered as a refrained, habit of choice if the user is pregnant. The risk of the use of a vape pen would only double henceforth at the time of breastfeeding.

Long-term use or frequent resort to the use of CBD oil can sufficiently contribute to the impairment of cognition, and significantly reduce amount of concentration which can bear a remarkable amount of adverse effect on the decision-making process of the mind.

Usage of CBD oil through the a vape pen could settle down as addiction in weak-willed patients. Needless to say, the nicotine content performs its own role in making the addiction possible.

Quitting Juuling can prove to be of immense help in patients who are under the effect of its nefarious signs already. Enlisted below are some of the quitting options that can be regarded by a Juuler:

Use of nicotine gum or patch is a practice that can be cohered to if the addiction is of an advanced form. According to the recent researches, transdermal delivery system of nicotine serves as the most effectual variant in cessation of the chain smoking practice. Use of nicotine patch on a regular basis during the phase of quitting suppresses the intensity of withdrawal symptoms linked with nicotine addiction. Chewing nicotine gum, though equally effective could be a tedious habit to follow.

Many Juulers have sought the help of meditation to give up the use of Juul. Most of these users were the ones who were never into smoking normal cigarettes in the first place. Practices that resemble meditation primarily concentrate on the root causes that led to the addiction of vape pens or juuls for getting rid of such in a manner that would assure the permanency of health and lifestyle benefits that follow. Some of the root abandonment causes involved are chronic presence of fatigue in lifestyle, stress and/or long-standing presence of pain due to some ail that might have gone unnoticed. Commonest practices adopted for relieving the aforementioned signs are tai chi, and hypnotherapy.

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a therapeutic platform that extends its edges to the use of psychotropic drugs. It sure takes off the stress of leaving the early withdrawal symptoms of Juuling. Unlike the other stereotypes, CBT does not confine itself to the users who have been either an addict or attached to psychosocial syndrome. Recent studies performed at the Oxford Journal of Public Health confirm the fact that treatments involved in ceasing a person from vaping or juuling do not excel in doing so as does CBT. CBT also helps the juulers in gaining control of the negative thoughts or hindering esteem issues that might have led to the addiction practices in the first place. Needless to say, the relationships that might have gotten scarred on the way are inexplicably repaired. Support groups constructed in this regard can be no more than a bliss for the starters. Specialists advice it for dealing with the inherent issues on the way to a substance-abuse free lifestyle.

For homers, there is always the option of online help. The much-sought-after being the American Lung Association’s ‘Freedom from smoking plus program’. This program has a record history of over 35 years. The programme mainly involve the use of videos, quizzes and tasks that carried out under the surveillance of Lung HelpLine counselors. The counselors do the major job of answering queries that may involve vaping, or even CBD oil to some extent. Some of the major issues that can be settled via this online program are COPD and anxiety attacks. It can be unsettling for the COPD and anxiety patients to move outside for help. Putting a hat on that, Smokefree.gov could yet another portal that can be resorted to. On the android phones, this site has been made available in the form of QuitGuide and quitSTART apps.

For self-treating crowd, there’s always black pepper essential oil. black pepper essential oil would not only relieve you of all the anxiousness involved during nicotine withdrawal but also the craving that might do certainly lead to a relapse. However, this treatment option would require patients who haven’t developed stomach ulcers during the use of a vape pen or juul.

As mentioned above, one of the most eminent of things that can be done to ensure a secure environment for CBD oil users is the use of a high quality vape pen. Such a purchase could prove to be of substantial use if the user is looking forward to the use of a vape more than 2-3 times on a daily basis. Conditions like chronic pain and insomnia do require such a dosage practice. Needless to say, the hemp seed oil should be of the uttermost quality to avoid a bitter experience. The reliability of CBD oil can be questioned by gaining an insight into its manufacturing process. A callous attitude developed towards quality could bear fruit in the form of DNA damage and compromised lung status.

Role of parents in breaking the habit of Vaping and Juuling

As far as the rules apply, Juul is banned from usage in offices and planes. The concern of its use primarily linked with the heating elements and not he mist or vapours. Also, Juul and Juul pods are every metal detector’s catch. The security personnels might request you to empty your baggage to look for the source of the beeping in the device. Following the trends for Juuls these days, it would be a safer for the parents to have a talk about its health effects with the kids before they turn teens. Putting restrictions of the media sources such as the newspaper, magazines and TV channels that support the use of Juul could be of enormous help. A tobacco-free lifestyle led by parents and relatives could help in making Juul an alien entity.

Could thirdhand smoke be as dangerous? Of course, Yes. The giveaway signs of Juuling that can be recognized by parents with ease are:

  • Excess presence of rectangular or USB - shaped gadgets in the room or house
  • Constant presence of fruity fragrance in the room
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Dry mouth syndrome that features excess intake of liquids
  • Incidences of nosebleeds with no relevance medical history
  • Constant wearing of strong perfumes to conceal the use of vape pens
  • Incapability of accepting caffeine contained products in diet
  • Nicotine addiction symptoms such as the changes in sleeping patterns, snacking at odd times and dry cough.
  • Presence of any or most of the aforementioned symptoms could require a call for quitting options or ‘the talk’ about vaping and juuling with kids.
  • A considerable chance of relapse of Juuling and Vaping can be avoided by:
  • Refrain from the use of vape pens, CBD oil, and Juuls practiced by the people who stay close to the newly-rehabilitated person.
  • Sharing personal experiences (if any) of nicotine addiction
  • Encouraging a law-abiding environment at home and at the workplace
  • Making it easy for the kids to confide in you


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