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‘Earthing’ or ‘Grounding’ is basically a term used for defining the intimate and productive connection between humans and earth’s surface. This keen connection between humans and the planet earth we walk on can be conceded more extensively by humans who are more nociceptive to the electromagnetic energies of the universe. This is the analogous form of connection that can be experienced by one’s feet when they walk or run barefoot on the softer or mildly soft ground surfaces.

Electromagnetic fields on the other hand are an electrically charged field created by the charged particle in the environs around us. While there some people who are capable of fending off the high-end levels of the electromagnetic fields, some people need extra caution to keep their bodies running smooth during their everyday lives. A direct and long-term interaction of human body with the electromagnetic fields has become an issue of growing concern in every other neighbourhood. Winters can be a perfect season to opt for the earthing or grounding solutions. It can compensate the hydration crisis your body faces due to lesser fraying down of water into the vessels. Therefore, a continual flush of toxic fluorides and chlorides aids in the maintenance of a stress free body.

The prime objective of earthing or grounding is of accessing a less-interfering pathway for the electromagnetic field to follow so that the EMF’s flow interacts with the human body is at a very minimal level. For instance, when the skin of your feet touches a thick grassland it would absorb a certain amount of free electrons that are capable of triggering a multitude of health benefits at the same time. Whence provided by nature these electrons serve as powerful antioxidants. They are affluently negating the existence of free radicals in our body. A more indoors alternative to go for would be of opting for fabrics, bedsheets or paints that can cancel the effect of electromagnetic fields.

In addition to the aforementioned basics, there are journals and magazines that ascertain an improvement in living patterns after the regular use of grounding accessories that are made available commercially in the form of bedsheets, mouse board, fabrics and footwear etc. some of the most exuberant changes that were exhibited by the newly formed lifestyle were better sleep patterns and a more serene attitude in social gatherings. As widespread news, the earthing or grounding concept is quite a rage among the electrosensitive humans. Grounding can be a bliss for animals too. In fact, they can be set as a better instance of the pluses of grounding as they spend more time outdoors in today’s urban environment.

While the concept of earthing or grounding has reached its full glory now, it came into being during the 19th century in Germany. The rave was high enough to get peppy feet out on grasslands even in the chilly winter months and in the summer months goto the beach and walk on the sand. According to the Journal of environment and public health, a lot has changed in lifestyle patterns since those times when it comes to footwear. For instance, the plastic soled shoes have parsimoniously replaced the ones that were made from traditional chamois. Yet another prominent lifestyle change over the decades that has misused and that can substantiate the positive effect of grounding or earthing is sleeping in contact with the ground instead of a mattress or a bed which was more commonly practised in the yesteryear's.

So if you have been thinking about circling your lifestyle around grounding or earthing, you could probably give it a head-start by starting a barefoot walk on the nearest grasslands. For the people who don’t have easier access to grasslands, there is always the grounding or earthing accessories. A grounding bed sheet for starters can be something that can be kept in touch with skin’s surface with ease for 8 to 10 hours. These lightweight sheets can be carried with ease to any location and can therefore assure you of being safe in different environs with different levels of electromagnetic flow. The grounding floor mat is yet another product that can be of use for people who are used to keeping feet close to the ground while operating a computer. Nevertheless, the earthing mat would work better if kept in contact with a barefoot.

Following are the ace benefits that can be expected by anyone who has been or is surely planning to follow a lifestyle engulfed with earthing or grounding products or accessories:

Joint Pain

Joint pain is one of the most common occurrences in the human body that makes its presence known with the ascend of age. Under normal circumstances, we either opt for an ice pack or exercise to relieve it. Earthing or grounding on the other hand is a way that involves the enhancement of the natural immune system of the body to deal with the onset or exacerbation of any joint-related disease. While a regular barefoot walk can work wonders when used as preventive therapy, an earthing or grounding option opted for overnight can alleviate any joint related issue too. For instance, sleeping with a grounding or earthing bed sheet works in an effective manner on the cortisol levels of the body. Cortisol is the high-ranked inspector hormone involved in checking up of the sugar levels and inflammatory cell levels. A sudden lack of this hormone at any point in our lives might lead to the option of the usage of earthing bed sheets that are capable of showing the best of their use within a very small time frame. The recovery in was found to be delightfully comparable to those people who followed a regular lifestyle of sleeping on the ground instead of sleeping a mattress or bed. The grounding or earthing sheets can be washed with ease just like the other fabrics. The process of earthing or grounding can be accomplished with the use of conductive material in the form of a pillowcase or under-sheet too. Most of these grounding accessories are connected to the viable electrons with the help of the extended lead that is hatched onto a safety resistor. One of the most prominent changes that can be observed in health after a night’s earthing or grounding sleep is reduced joint pains and fuller muscle extension. Earthing or grounding can be considered as a healthier alternative to joint pain medication in cases wherein the pain is mild. For instance, arteriosclerosis is the medications that guarantee an instant relief, but long-term usage of corticosteroids carries the risk of weight gain. Joint stiffness, on the other hand, can be relieved with the combined usage of any grounding accessory and practice of tai chi.


Snoring is yet another commonly encountered health issue that can be dealt with in a ne plus ultra manner with the concept of earthing or grounding. Snoring has been one the most neglected of the health issues. An instant attend to the matter would not only assure oneself of an indefatigable day but also abstain from a wider range of oncoming health issues such as choking while sleeping, moodiness that can bear a direct effect on relationships, declined cognition and frequent urge to urinate. Earthing is one of the easiest lifestyle changes that can help you deal with the issue of snoring. When you opt for the alternative of earthing or grounding, the healthy electrons discharged from the surface of the earth get to the job of regulating the body’s biological rhythms. A well-done job by these electrons can be witnessed in the form of amended sleeping pattern and raised energy levels. The additional health vantages that can be relished when the alternative of earthing or grounding has been preferred for cutting back on snoring are weight maintenance and anti-inflammation. Inflammation is one of the commonest health issues found to be conjoined with sleep apnoea and snoring. Unlike the usual belief, inflammation can affect the body as a result of a scathe to the physiological schedule of the system too. Earthing works at the body’s blood chemistry level.

The commonest blood markers to prove that point during the tests are creatine kinase, aspartate transaminase, alanine transaminase, alkaline phosphatase, interleukin-6, and serum cortisol. A direct link with the control over cortisol levels bears its extension to the arrangement of white blood cells too. Cortisol is the prime hormone linked with body’s alarm clock. In a manner of saying, cortisol is the hormone that regulates mental alertness levels when it comes to waking up from a relaxed sleep or going through the day making tough decisions. A peak of this hormone can be witnessed around 8 am which then follows a drip as the day goes by. An interference caused to the drip can cause interference to the sleeping pattern too. Earthing or grounding was able to make sure that the interference in the otherwise normal drip of cortisol doesn't occur. Hence, better control of stress, inflammation and weight can be taken care of by the earthing or grounding accessories like the earthing bed sheet and the grounding mats.


The third most common ail that can be encountered in our everyday lives and the one that can be taken care of with ease by earthing or grounding is bursitis. Bursitis is a painful condition of joint/joints that need to be addressed immediately upon its arrival. The most common body components that tend to get involved in the case of bursitis are the shoulder, elbow, knee and/or hip. The key to its addressal is concealed in lesser use of the involved joint while a recovery process is being opted for. One of the most fast-paced options that can be looked out for speeding the recovery from bursitis is earthing or grounding. The body is brought into regular contact with earth’s healthy electrons with the medium of grounding under-sheets and bed sheets. Basically, bursitis is an inflammatory condition that occurs due to the improper functioning of a bursa. Bursa is like a hydrated sac that is located between bones and tendons of all-important joints. In the case of bursitis, this sac gets overly filled with fluid which thereby leads to swelling in the involved joint or joints and therefore loss of mobility. Bursitis gets accentuated by repetitive use of the joint. Now if that isn’t an option for the patient then it’s better to opt for a recovery option like grounding or earthing soon enough to prevent further deceleration in the health of the joint.

The over usage of a joint in the case of bursitis can be owed to the fact that the pain gets relieved when the concerned joint is active. The option of earthing or grounding can help the patient deal with the night-time unwellness of accelerated condition of bursitis. It can be the pillowcase or any of other grounding/earthing products that own the property of conducting earth’s electrodes to the concerned joint. The conductive fibers of earthing products operate via a power outlet or a grounding rod. The earthing or grounding products can be used deliriously along with the regular bedding products. Some of the best fabrics that can be used along with earthing fabrics are cotton and bamboo. The sound quality of sleep reassures appropriate use and not overuse of a joint.

Poor blood circulation can be a dreaded thing to look out for in a patient, primarily because carryover of blood is essential for working of all the vital organs of the body. The initial symptoms would include the presence of varicose (clogged up) veins and numbness in the affected areas. One of the foremost of the conclusive tests would include monitoring blood pressure which would be able to gauge the free-flowing capacity of the blood in the body via the heart. The second step would be of administrating the levels of sugar in the blood which would in a way be able to ascertain the levels of functioning of the immune system. A healthy blood circulation would certainly require the absence of blood clots within the body that can be affirmed with the D-dimer test. People with the usual problem of poor blood circulation in the regions of high altitude can keep a track of their healthiness status by opting for one or more of the earthing or grounding accessories. The earth's negatively charged electrons work in a stubborn manner to deduce the right amount of thickness for blood to sweep across smoothly across the blood vessels. The charge is overwhelmingly carried by all the red blood cells across the vessels thereby making it impossible for them to get attracted to each other and therefore from forming a clot. Inclination towards the non-coagulation rule helps in the maintenance of blood’s circulation in a pluperfect state. Poor blood circulation can be literally a pain in the ass when it affects the region of ass because that is region connected to the blood supply of the entire limb.

Eventually, the patients might describe this condition symptomatically as numbness of feet. While many clinicians refer this numbness to be directly related with a hike in blood’s sugar parameters, the actual cause might come forth later to be known as the simple thickening or clinging on of the similar red blood cells. Earthing or grounding can be one of the healthiest options that you could go for to rule out sugar levels as a causative agent for numbness in any part of the body before you visit a clinic. While some poor blood circulation cases might take more than an hour to manifest, an improvement after being exposed to the earthing or grounding products might take up little lesser time. Patients have been able to witness a remarkable relief within a time frame of an hour of the placement of bare feet on a fresh grassland and/or an earthing mat. Poor circulation of blood shares the pain of being a common symptom in the cases of blood cell disorders, infection and diabetes. Needless to say, The combination of the aforementioned health conditions can make a diagnosis and therefore prognosis difficult. Surprisingly, 75% of the cases get relieved to an impossible extent even before reaching a health clinic after the regular usage of a grounding or earthing product for over a week’s time. And therefore, the hankering for the textbook treatments like blood thinning medications and their further implications can be avoided just by opting for the earthing or grounding products in just in the nick of time.


Migraine are unilateral headaches that can be tackled with ease by opting for the bountiful ways of natural as well as health modalities offered by various clinics. The preventive approach is one of the kindest ones includes the determination of the dietary as well as the role of environs in the offset of a migraine. This can be made possible with regular upkeep of a ‘migraine schedule’. Some of the commonest dietary components that have been found in every other schedule or record are coco, cheddar cheese and wine that are primarily composed of nitrates, nitrites and sulfides. The onset of a migraine can be stalled by addition of nutrients like vitamin B, and various probiotics in the diet. Nevertheless, a pluperfect way of handling the migraine can be earthing or grounding. Grounding or earthing primarily acts upon the autonomous region of the brain. By creating a harmonic balance between the brain and the gustatory system, earthing can stall a fresh incidence of a migraine. The indoor earthing systems can be a good start towards your approach towards foregoing the onset of a migraine. For instance, a migraine that might have been initiated by the topsy-turvy levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin can be avoided by being connected to the healthy electrons of the earthing with the aid of an earthing or grounding product.


The application of earthing or grounding in the cases of arthritis as a cure has been an effective and new concept. However, earthing or grounding can be considered as an additional approach along with the regular use of arthritis medications. Earthing can be considered a healthy approach for multiple forms of arthritis such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Arthritis was a rare condition in the days when people were more active at work in the farms growing veggies. The conduciveness of grounding or earthing products is comparable to that of the times spent in the farms at work in the yesteryears. The healthy electrons that disperse from the earth’s surface are stored in it in the first via the solar energy. The prime mode of action that is opted for by earthing or grounding products to combat any condition that involves inflammation as a symptom with its antioxidant property. The effect of earthing on white blood cells and the secretions released by the body in a response of inflammation is pretty effective. In the incidence of any injury, people who were regularly in touch with conductive electrons of earth were capable of recovering faster than normal people. Comparable cases were able to depict the time difference of 40 minutes in earthed or grounded patients to 4 days in normal people. In a long run, earthing or grounding affirms that the levels of cortisol are under control which pays up in crucial situations when inflammation strikes due to some condition.

The extensive state of inflammation in the first place is controlled by cortisol. Yet another factor that decides the crucialness of the state of arthritis depends on the bodies blood circulation. Aside from the count of various cells that run along the bloodstream, it's the viscosity of blood that can majorly affect the level of arthritis that exists in a person. Earthing or grounding is an option that can keep a track of blood’s viscosity in the long run. In acute cases of arthritis, earthing or grounding was capable of delivering its effectiveness within a time span of 2 hours. Morning stiffness in the affected joint can be yet another issue to deal with if the patient is diagnosed with rheumatoid or osteoarthritis. It's basically because the protein supply to the affected joints is slackened during the sleeping hours. Therefore, the muscles surrounding the joint get stiff due to the lack of the supply of proteins during the night. This specific symptom of overnight stiffness of the joint can be taken care of by earthing or grounding products.

Stress & Depression

Stress and depression can be an on and off occurrence in a person’s life but when it becomes a constant, it can turn into a chronic problematic issue in no time. Some of the commonest symptoms linked with chronic forms of stress and depression are fatigue, insomnia and low-lying mood patterns. Earthing or grounding is the nature’s best way of stalling or forestalling the random variation in the heart rate in a subtle manner. The functioning of the nervous and cardio system nullifies the presence of any of the heart and mental conditions that could possibly lead to a state of stress or depression. A significant reduction in the levels of cortisol with earthing or grounding assures the neutralization of the free radicals that might exist in the body due to chronic states of stress or depression.

Though many acknowledge the release of free radicals as a response of the immune system to diseases or infections, it must be known that it is also the different forms of stress such as the oxidative stress that can cause the free radicals to come into being. Some of the other conditions that can be lapsed from their occurrence in the body by stalling the formation of free radicals are macular degeneration, specific form of cancers, emphysema, and alcoholism. Earthing or grounding is also responsible for keeping the upkeep of the circadian rhythms of the heart which therefore prevent the opening of the gates of the heart to any forms of unnecessary stress. A simple walk through the fields or plush grasslands on a regular basis can save a person from all sorts of stress and depression. Instead of moving on to depression and stress meds in an advanced stage and therefore face their respective side effects and the unbearable withdrawal of the use of meds after their long-term use. It's always better to go for the grounding or earthing product that assures the same level of relief without any following side effects after their use. Also, earthing serves as an extraordinary option when opted for in the days of chilly winters since most of the earthing or grounding are supposed to be used indoors.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a health issue that bears forth its presence after months of infliction on the structure of the neck. Since earthing or grounding removes inflammation from most of the joints, it is capable of totally taking care of neck pain that might have been channelized via poor posture or any of the bone diseases. Torticollis or wry neck is one such condition that might make its way into the body in its acquired form mostly after puberty. In most cases, it's either the spasmodic muscles or the faulty blood supply that lead to a wry neck in the first place or its relapse. Most of the health clinics offer treatments that could possibly prevent it from becoming aggravated by offering symptomatic relief. Earthing or grounding on the other hand takes care of any lifestyle habit that caused the inception of this issue within seconds. As a preventive measure, a standard earthing or grounding product can be used for approximately 2 hours every day to avoid Torticollis or wry neck. The expanded earthing benefits can be felt in the form of a better sleeping pattern too. Primarily, grounding or earthing works on the muscles of the neck and the nervous system’s links related to the structure of the neck. It can be the grounding mat, pillow or a sheet that trips the cannon with its interwoven fibers that relay the conductivity of electrons by being connected to an earthing rod that is in close contact with earth’s surface. This indoor option sure comes with the plus of being around the year with nothing negative to give other than the charge carried by the healthy electrons. Needless to say, It saves all the insurance premiums spent on a multitude of chiropractic sessions that a usual incidence of wry neck requires. DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness is yet another condition that can affect a perfectly good neck even with a decent amount of strenuous exercise. An acute neck pain condition like this can be dealt with ease by any of the earthing or grounding product that can be held closest to the region of the neck. Any of the standard grounding or earthing products could give you a good run at the gyms or aerobics classes if you are a regularly attend them.

Sleeping Insomnia

Our sleeping algorithm can work in a big way on our lifestyle and health status. Work issues can stem up from the symptom of malaise that could have followed a disturbed sleep. Our pluperfect sleeping pattern is majorly dependent on our body’s circadian rhythm. The body can fall into a sleep with ease when the circadian rhythm is maintained in an unmitigated mode by the neurotransmitters and antioxidants. Circadian rhythm is the rhythmic 24-hour cycle of our sleepy and watchful times during an entire day. Sleep deprivation is a bugging issue that can toss the circadian rhythm out of line. Earthing or grounding extends a positive effect on the circadian rhythm by keeping melatonin levels of the body sorted. As a part of the natural phenomenon, a steep decline in melatonin levels can be witnessed in the body as age advances. Since, melatonin levels are responsible for the depth of sleep, earthing or grounding would bear a direct impact on the quality of sleep with its regular use. By improving the quality of sleep, melatonin makes sure that daytime sleepiness and tiredness are kept at bay. Melatonin is a potent antioxidant that is capable of buzzing off the most crucial of health conditions such cardiac issues and all forms of cancerous conditions in their benign state. The free electrons released from the earth’s surface neutralize the free radicals and therefore suppress the very component that can choke the production of melatonin and cortisol.


Anxiety attacks are a common health issue that can be encountered by many people during their adulthood (mostly women). In the usual routine, anxiety issues can be treated as a no-show when it comes to situations like an interview or an exam, but long spans of anxiety’s existence in the body might call for some serious attention. Earthing or grounding can be nature’s way of taking care of it all. The prime area of work for the earthing or grounding products is the sympathetic nervous system. Sympathetic nervous system is the portion of the nervous system that handles the cases of flight or flight response. The nerve extensions for sympathetic nervous system originate from the vertebral column which is why the maintenance of spinal cord sections might bear a direct link with one’s choice during an ideal fight or flight response. Also, the sympathetic nervous system is responsible for the lay-down of the thermogenesis in the body. Therefore, by maintaining the sympathetic nervous system in an ideal state, grounding or earthing accessories would not only help in preventing the onset of anxiety attacks but also in the sustenance of body temperature in and around the body’s normal temperature stats. Yet another factor that affects the body’s anxiousness levels is the vagal tone or the activeness of the vagus nerve. Vagal tone can bring a major change to the resting heart rate. For instance, in the case of athletes, the vagal tone is right around its optimal level due to the deep diaphragm breathing. The conductive fibers of earthing or grounding product can deal with the biological rhythms that in turn are capable of handling the mood swings. Continued use of earthing or grounding products can ensure a person of a lifestyle with lesser visits of anxiety attacks and mood swings.

Technically, any of the earthing or grounding products are supposed to convey the healthiness of the earth’s surface electrons to the body’s surface, and this task is aptly handled by the property of conductivity of silver. Silver fibers own the quality of keeping the bacteria in an offbeat condition. In addition to being a vital conductor of earth’s electrons. The conductive fibers of any of the standard earthing or grounding products are composed of 99.9% silver and 0.1% nylon. One of the many cautions of import that needs to be practiced while using an earthing or grounding accessory is the use creams and lotions especially the ones that contain sulphur. If you are on a medication that might bring out a lot of sulphur in sweat, it is advisable to opt for the use of a normal sheet before taking on or for covering the grounding or earthing product. It is important to affirm the concentration of silver in the fibers otherwise you might just be having an earthing or grounding product that might not be worth its value. Many companies prefer the use of Tencel which is basically rayon which is a more breathable fabric instead of nylon to up the quality experience extended by silver fibers in the earthing or grounding product.

An earthing pad could be a good start if you are more of a couch potato, especially those who are more of a web surfer. When you place it beneath the laptop, it extends the added plus of protecting your body from the EMF being generated on time by the laptop and the AC/DC power supply. The standard rate of blockage provided against EMF by the earthing pad is that of 99.5%. The double-layered earthing pad is safe enough to be used for pets too. As many acupuncturists believe, our foot has an acupuncture point existent just in the center of the ball of the foot. The concentration of earth’s electrons via an earthing pad to this point in the feet makes it easier to expand the energy flow via the meridians (according to QI) or main energy portals to different parts of the body at once. An earthing wrap is an exclusive accessory that can be attached more specifically to a painful or injured part of the body. The inflammation can be taken care off in no time. The earthing wrap accessory is capable of taking care of the chronic conditions too such as abdominal pain, eczema and RSI. The standard time duration recommended to keep the earthing wrap on is of 1/2 an hour to 2 hours when used on a daily basis. In fact, most of the earthing and grounding accessories have been made available as a clothing line. The popular earthing products along the clothing line are thyroid shield muffler, briefs, socks, poncho, headbands and travel eye shields.

Grounding or earthing is practiced as a regular lifestyle in the region of Alaska. It started with a simple barefoot walk on a plush grassland and turned into the option of indoor earthing or grounding products in no time. Since, Haines, Alaska is a cold region most of the time during the year, the blood circulation issues and sleep apnoea are some of the health issues that need to be noticed for a quality lifestyle. The widespread use of grounding or earthing products isn’t just limited to residential complexes but also commercial complexes such as the motels and guesthouses. Earthing or grounding completes the thinking that our body is capable of healing itself to its fullest potential.

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