Benefits Of Kratom

Bearing its origin from the dense forests of Southeast Asia, Kratom has been listed as a ‘priority drug’ by the Drug Enforcement Agency. This infirmative drug has become a recent article of interest for a biotechnology unit located in California that declared its availability in the form of Thermo Scientific CEDIA Mitragynine (Kratom) Assay. As of now, this assay has been made available to the streams of criminal psychology and forensic cases only. Should you be interested in gaining access to the statistical data related with the Kratom, it is advisable to go through the one that was provided by the National Poison Data System (NPDS) between the gap of 6 years that followed the January of 2011. An unusual hike of 52.5% was noticed by the FDA. The legal use of kratom in the recent scenario abides by the state lines of California which thereby refrains its use in the city of San Diego. Kratom can be bought with ease from the smoke shops or online in California. Kratom can be bought in the form of powder and capsule.

Different versions of Kratom

It was the East India company that led eyes on Kratom for the first time in the year 1839. Although, yet another source claims that kratom bears its origin from the farms of Malaysia where they were found abundantly in the winters of 1836. Biologically, kratom has been found available in three different colors that work in three different ways. The green kratom was acknowledged as the most commonly used variant. As opposed to its counterparts, it works in a mild manner. Green kratom maintaintains a low profile by avoiding the extreme actions of offering sedation and sudden bursts of energy. Green kratom primarily focuses on stalling the mood swings, relieving pain, resolving concentration problems. Most of its users prefer to consume it in the afternoon. The dose of green kratom varies from one person to another. While the low-end of the dose assures you of a feeling of an uplift a mildly higher one would take over any forms of stress that might have set in during the life’s course. Also, the dose of green kratom can be categorized according to the number of times a user has been through them. For instance, a beginner’s dose would mostly stay limited to 3 g/day while a regular dose for the users who are well in terms with its effects would be of 3 to 5 g/day. It is important to tally the dose with the effects. Following several years of research, kratom explains itself as a enriching supplement. Enlisted below are some of the legal variants of green kratom and some info related to them that you might wish to consider before purchasing it online or at the store:

  • Green bali is mostly relinquished as a muscle relaxant and pain-reliever.
  • Green malay sounds to be promising for cognition and mood improvement
  • Green indo is focused more on relaxation than uplift
  • Green maeng da
  • Green borneo

Out of the aforementioned ones, green borneo and green malay are the most popular ones. The next in line would be the red kratom. The effect of red kratom is supposed to be synchronized with the timing of the meal which would ideally be of 2-3 hours after it. Most of the users take it on empty stomach. Also, an affirmation of red kratom’s quality is important when considering the fact that when it is cut there is a chance that some of the surrounding herbs might get mixed in it. The dose of red kratom can be categorized according to the number of times a user has been through them. For instance, a beginner’s dose would mostly stay limited to 2 g/day while an ideal dose for the users who have been with it for a while would be of 6 g/day. Some of the popular variants of Red kratom are listed below:

  • Red Bali is mostly relied on for withdrawal symptoms of any kind that might be related to a drug or alcohol.
  • Red Sumatra is indigenous to the regions of Indonesia. This variant assures help with health conditions like high blood pressure and insomnia
  • Red Maeng Da carries the eccentric asset of giving euphoria to its user
  • Red Vietnam is mainly for the people who look forward to using kratom for improving concentration

White kratom is more of a stimulating variant of kratom than a relaxing one. In the good ol’ days, it was used by labouring men and women for enhancing productivity at work. A critical confusion that most users can be informed of is of the term ‘white maeng da’. White maeng da is a strain in the market that can’t be linked back to any specific geographic location . Aside from this fact, the users can feel free to use the popular strains of white kratom namely the white borneo and white thai kratom. White thai kratom is stronger than white borneo kratom and could keep you up for a while. In case you are using white kratom in a powdered form, it is always advisable to mix it with water and honey to bite on the bitter taste.

Working mechanism of Kratom

is one of the prime compounds involved in the workings of kratom. While it has been tested positive for aiding in riddance from a wide variety of symptoms that precede or were left after the diseases, one of the orders of prime importance that have been much to consume is its role in weaning a person off of the hard core narcotics. Many narcotic dealers and morphine addicts find it hard to take the first step towards withdrawal because of the intensity of the symptoms that lie within. Nevertheless, the advice from one of the experts in the pharmacology from the University of Florida suggests that by going through the images of PET/MR imaging procedures, one can examine the working mannerisms of sigma receptors in the nerve. Christopher McCurdy, Ph.D also works as the director of the UF Translational Drug Development Core at the university which means that his findings in this regard would account for credibility. Studies performed to gain an insight into the duration and doses of kratom proved that they were dependent on the concentration of the kratom tea components in the blood. While the glucose levels of the body are at rest after consumption of mitragynine, it is the pulse rate that can be used as a gauge for desired effect. The compound works directly on the human µ-opioid receptors (MORs) that follow the gene expression of OPRM1 gene. These receptors are primarily related with the regions of brain, spinal cord and GIT. Though the route that kratom follows to induce relaxation into the body is the same as that of the opiods, it can be in no manner be compared to the intensity and therefore the likelihood of development of any level of addiction later in life.

Can medical facilities advise the use of kratom for its long-term benefits?

Some of medical conditions in which the use of kratom can been advised as a long-term treatment option are:

Malaria: Malaria has been prominent in the tropical regions of the world. While in most cases quinine is sought as an answer to curing an epidemic of malaria, kratom has been found to be equally useful. Kratom can be used as preventive measure too. For instance, if you are planning a travel to any of tropically based retreats, carrying kratom capsules in your luggage might save you the shots. Several in vivo studies performed in this regard on different strains of parasites that have been frequently found responsible for initiating an epidemic of malaria confirm the high-end activity of kratom against them.

Musculoskeletal disorders: There are different variants of musculoskeletal disorders that could afford tremendous relief from the leaves of kratom. Some of the commonest musculoskeletal disorders that target today’s society are spondylitis, fibromyalgia, juvenile arthritis, and lupus. Since, these are the disorders that demand higher proportions of painkillers for longer lengths of time, it is advisable to opt for the use of painkillers that could never become habit-forming. Kratom leaves extend the same level of relief without the extra baggage of addiction and side effects.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms take approx. 72 hours to wean off. Kratom manages to do the same in a much smoother manner by sticking to the ends of GABA A receptors located in the brain. The prime function for which these receptors have been enrolled is of making the sedatives work by letting their molecules bind to their proteinaceous ends. As a matter of fact, alcohol binds to GABA A receptors too for inducing its desirable effect into the body. Not only does kratom get you through the withdrawal phase, it also helps you in making up for the loss of cognitive abilities that might have gotten diminished under the effect of alcoholism. Enlisted below are some of the perfect strains of kratom that can be used for dealing with the issue of alcohol withdrawal:

  • Green Maeng Da: 3 grams of Green Maeng Da, and you would be able to tackle the some of the toughest hurdles of alcohol withdrawal.
  • Red Bali: The effect of Red Bali ideally lasts for 1 to 2 hours and is therefore used for milder cases of alcoholism.
  • White Borneo Mitra: It works be relieving the malaise associated with the alcohol withdrawal phase.

Libido issues: Kratom has been well known for enhancing libido and saving relationships. The prime areas of work covered by kratom to resolve the issue of libido would be muscles, brain and circulatory system. Circulation around the reproductive organs is essential for their proper functioning. Kratom works on the mood issues and therefore readies the hormones involved in libido. The most prefered kratom variants for this task would be the white borneo and green borneo.

Diabetes: This may come as an abrupt fact to many but the truth is that blood’s glucose levels are coherently related with the stress levels of the body. Kratom works in a productive manner in the cases of diabetes by keeping the glucose levels of blood under control. An added plus of the use of kratom would be the stabilization of immune system. A strong performance of the immune system can be owed to the presence of powerful alkaloids in kratom - Isoptreropodine and Isorhynchopylline. Some of the powerful variants of kratom that can be advised to back up the immune system are red dragon kratom and green borneo kratom. By boosting the performance of the immune system, kratom ensures the blockage of any further diseases that could set their foot into the body by using diabetes as a cover.

Necessary cautions for relinquishing kratom’s effect

Enlisted below are a list of cautions that needs to be practiced in the presence of kratom’s effect and while consuming the same:

Kratom is abstained from use in the cases that present with dysfunctional thyroid glands, liver disorder, and neurological issues.

Do not consume kratom in a combined form with any other compound. For instance, a recently-launched product named ‘krypton’ offers more pronounced effect of kratom due to the addition of O-desmethyltramadol to pure kratom. Be sure of not falling for that trap under any circumstance.

Though there is no hefty evidence against kratom’s use in the times of pregnancy and lactation, the use of kratom leaves is still advised as a restriction in these conditions.

Although kratom has immense use in obstructing performance issues in sports, its use is considered equal to that of dope during competitions in many countries.

Use of kratom should not be intermixed with alcohol, diuretics, painkillers and antidepressants.

Kratom is liable to make the people tolerant with its regular use over the years which might encourage some users to up the substance’s dose. In such an instance, it would be in the best in the interest of the user to look out for any signs of pigmentation of cheeks, unexplained weight loss and tremors.


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