Sally McDowall Remedial Therapist in County Durham

Naturesupplies are proud to recommend an alternative therapist Sally McDowall .

A Remedial Therapist with 30 years of experience in the field of Health. Having treat many conditions from Sciatica, Back Pain, Frozen Shoulders, sports injuries etc to MS, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s disease. It is unmistakable that each, and every patients path to better health is totally individual and bespoke.

The human body is highly sophisticated, and we subject ourselves to various activities, some out of necessity, our job’s and the work that we do, as well as the basic needs of food to fuel the body, and the hobbies we participate in. Each, and every one of us has a unique definitive make up, therefore it is easy to see from this perspective that our needs for better health will be unique to our own individuality.

The Techniques

Primarily I use two Australian Techniques, The Bowen Technique & The Emmett Technique, however dependant on the issues presented I may adapt the treatment utilising other therapies to best suit your needs in order to deal with your symptoms.

Based in County Durham & Teesside.

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For more Information or to book an appointment please contact me on Tel: 07790081283

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