Shungite - Healing Stone Against Wifi & EMF Radiation

Shungite is a new age mineral that subsists stably between amorphous carbon and graphite crystal containing carbon. Shungite is a fossil of the precambarian sediments that survives at the bottom of the sea. The elemental structure of precambarian sediments is closer to that of buckminsterfullerene which is highly dense form of naturally existent carbon. The selling potential of Shungite can be based on its lustre. There are dull, semi-dull, semi-bright and bright shungites that are available commercially in the form of pyramids or pendants. The standard pH of water has been reasoned as 7.0. A pH level higher than this could indicate the alkaline nature of water while the levels of pH that recline towards the lower end of the scale are indicative of the acidic nature of water. The driveway of Shungite can be stated as the natural way of maintaining the alkaline pH of the body. The hardness grade of Shungite can be rated between 3.5 to 4.

Shungite stone derived an accolade to its name from the shores of Shunga village where it was found swept across along the lines of Onezhskoe Lake. The production of Shungite in the local plants of Russia can be amounted to 200 thousand tons of shungite per year. After the immediate discovery of Shungite, the stone was used for adding flawlessness to the artistic creation of paints and fillers for productions of rubber.As time passed the bactericidal and EMF Electromagnetic fields eliminating properties of Shungite came to be known.The groundbreaking discovery of these health-related assets of Shungite lead to the expanded use of Shungite on a daily basis. For instance, the reduction-oxidation asset of Shungite is favourably used in purification of water in the most biologically accepted way.

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Let’s take time to discuss the application of Shungite when used for devouring stale water of its unhealthy properties. By stripping water of its unhealthiness, Shungite makes it possible for the water to be used as an aid for curing:

Cold and Flu:

Addition of Shungite water chips can prove to be more prolific in the case of flu instead of bath salts or herbs. For extracting the best of Shungite benefits from the bathtub water infused with it , preparation of bathing water infused with it can be a crucial issue. For instance, to soak in the anti-flu vantage of Shungite, it is essential that the Shungite water chips should be immersed in hot water and not cold water for at least 15-20 minutes before the bath’s commence. The oxidation process propelled by Shungite water chips serves to be a boon for blood’s circulation during the bath and therefore the overall status of immunity. The commonest flu symptoms that can be taken care of by Shungite water are nasal congestion, muscle aches and mild to severe cough (with sputum). Shungite water causes the fever to reduce and induce sweating. Though it can be a pain to tackle the virility of influenza virus, by reducing the symptoms to their least, the combat strength of various structures that undergo declivity because of malaise can be recovered. The mineral composition of Shungite settles on skin to nullify the effect of any microbes attached to the superficial layers of dermis. Yet another mode through which Shungite water can be used for treatment of cold and flu is of gargle. Gargling with Shungite water before each meal can most certainly save the inconvenience of getting flu shots.


Allergies can get the best of you in the spring season. In order to get a grasp of the unhindered effect of Shungite on allergies, it is important to gain an understanding of the various forms of Shungite that are existent in nature. The Type 1 form of Shungite is the one with highest concentration of carbon. Most of the commercially available Shungite forms are of the Type 3 variety that contain 30% of carbon. Type 3 form of Shungite is the most powerful one against flu as it freely allows the flotation of antioxidants. Anti-oxidants like naturally existent vitamins do the far-fetched job of isolating harmful molecules that go infamously by the name of free radicals. Shungite possesses the sensitivity similar to that of any of the co-existent anti-oxidant and therefore deducts the action of any of the peroxide compound that might be present in blood stream without altering or staggering the regular metabolic cycles of human cells. Also, the strength and longevity of antioxidant action of Shungite is impeccable. The extended duration of action of Shungite makes it more effective against its vis-à-vis anti-allergens. For instance, a Shungite ball has this quality of loading free radicals on its surface while retaining its basic structure at the core. The anti-allergenic facet of any of the Shungite products can be relished even when they are used in very meagre quantities.

Kidney and liver issues:

Majorly all the issues related with liver and kidneys are stirred up and furthered by the toxins that originate in our body at various levels. Shungite possesses the quality of nullifying the effect of toxins by equilibrating them. The inert carbon structure of Shungite makes it strong enough to undergo zero changes while dealing with the toxins of the body. Also, their elimination process form the body is unique. They heat excreted through the route of kidneys in an unaltered form. For a liver, Shungite is a boon. Shungite makes the best use of its hepatoprotector property for winning the favour of liver as it tackles the unwholesomeness of toxins that constantly tend to degrade the health of liver. The toxins that are being handled in this process are the ones that originate from the body’s regions that may have undergone physical harm due to some form of a burn. As the proportions of toxins come to a low-end in the body with the help of Shungite, the status of body’s healthiness takes a roll on its peak levels. Electrolyte imbalance can pose a risk to the functioning of kidneys. In a hot season or in a place like a desert, Shungite manages to maintain the fluctuation of body’s temperature by executing denaturation of proteins. For instance, under normal circumstances the body’s temperature would be close to 36 degrees which is approximately 5 degrees below the temperature that might cause exhaustion to the body because of overheating. In such a scenario the use of Shungite tends to overrule the runty resistance of bio molecules to the peril of overheating thereby witnessed in the form of thermal resistance. As a result, the body can cope with the sudden flex of environmental temperature towards the higher end of mercury.


Neurotransmitters carry out the indispensable functions of the central nervous system. Shungite acclaims the standardization of the manner in which the neurotransmitters work so that the essential assembly of functions can be carried out in the most pluperfect manner. Therefore, Shungite improves the coping capacity of body to stress. In the case of headaches the use of Shungite can be best conformed to water. Shungite water chips can be added to water (lukewarm) for 15 minutes and drunk.


Regular intake of Shungite water can serve to be purposeful for patients who suffer with the Type 1 or Type 2 form of diabetes. The symptomatic behaviour of diabetes gets exhibited in the form of skin diseases and inflammation. Shungite water asserts a strong anti-inflammatory action. By improving the flow of blood in the vessels, Shungite makes sure that all the vital organs are receiving the necessary level of blood supply. Standard supply of blood to all the vital organs can be more crucial for a diabetic patient who has undergone some form of medical procedure such as surgery recently. Proper blood circulation can be affirmed by the external presence of Shungite on the skin too which is why Shungite baths are recommended for diabetic patients to recover from any form of physical injury.

Heart diseases

While many protective devices barely make it through the ionized variation of EMF, Shungite is a dense stone that offers a full-fledged protection against ionized as well as non-ionized EMF. The ionized category of EMF would include the x-rays and UV rays. The non-ionized category of EMF would include the commercially available electronic items such a the computers, TV, radio, and microwave. The efficacy of Shungite is measurable and the tool commonly used for this form of surveillance would be the EMF meter. Type 1 Shungite is rare and expensive. When used for the preparation of Shungite water, Type 1 Shungite is supposed to be used in its raw form. Type 2 Shungite on the other hand can be carved with ease. The asset of being fictile makes it easy for the Type 2 Shungite to be used in the forms of spheres and pyramids that seem extremely pleasant when used in the forms of jewellery or show pieces that can be placed close to the source of ionized or non-ionized EMF source. The spectacular thing about Shungite accessories is that it is of tremendous use to its user and to the people who stay near them. For instance, in a given space many people can benefit from the effect of a Type 3 Shungite if just one person is wearing them.

It is considered as a meritorious asset if any of the Shungite accessories contain a very thin or an impalpable layer of metal. The metal component of Shungite accessory hoards the property of an antenna for any of the electromagnetic fields. Shungite water has been commended for washing away the least of the hazards that could possibly be posed by any of the radioactive remnants. In a recent groundwork conducted in Fukushima, Shungite proved its ability in practice by eradicating copious amounts of radioactive particles from water. Type 2 and 3 variants of Shungite are the ones that are primarily used for preparation of Shungite water. The standard ratio recommended for the preparation of Shungite water is of 100 grams for Shungite per litre of water. The raw or polished form of Shungite is cleansed. The standard proportion of water and Shungite pebbles or stones are added to a ceramic carafe. The preparation is supposed to be left in the carafe for a night or a standard time period of 6 to 8 hours. Start off by consuming approx. 1 to 2 glasses of Shungite water every day. In order to keep the Shungite afresh it is commended to expose it to sunlight every day. Avoid dipping Shungite in chlorinated or polluted water to avoid the formation of any form of coating onto the stone’s surface. This can abstain a person from gaining the benefits of Shungite to the fullest.

It is astounding how the EMF generated by the ionized and non-ionized sources gets completely erased in the presence of Shungite. This form of management can be owed to the dense and stable carbon structure of Shungite. The impassable effect of Shungite against the UVB (Ultraviolet B) rays can forestall the very incidence of various forms of cancer. A medium level of exposure to UV rays could bar the proper functioning of immune system. A chronic exposure to UVB rays on the other hand could be suggestive of a growth that could be either benign or malignant carcinoma when tested. Some of the other variants of health hazards that can be witnessed with constant exposure to UV rays would be photosensitivity, erythema and DNA damage that can occur enormously at the levels of cells and genes. The alterations occurring in the immune response can be owed totally to the benign explosion of UVB rays in the keratinocytes, mast cells and islets of Langerhans. In order to understand the first line of work of immune system, it is important to understand more about the various forms of oxidative stress that our body might go through. Oxidative stress can be suggested as the incorrect production of free radicals and the improper detoxification of stress hormones. Oxidative stress can be triggered by one or many of the following reasons:

  • Excess amount of carbs or sugar in diet and lack of fibers
  • Alcoholism
  • Tobacco smoke that may have exposed the user to it
  • Erosive presence of air pollutants
  • Fungal infections
  • Presence of chronic infections in the body.

Skin is one of the most essential of the body structures to demonstrate the presence of oxidative stress. In the first place, two forms of free radicals namely, the reactive oxygen species and the reactive nitrogen species can be considered as the prime agitators of skin damage. The second level of damage induced by ROS and RNS is to the immune system which would trigger the process of photoaging. By targeting free radicals at the base level, a meagre to advanced level of skin damage can prevented. There is more to antioxidant agents when it comes to their availability in the commercial forms in the form of cosmetics and inhalants. For instance with the lack of treatments available for UV induced skin damages, the preventive line of management by antioxidants might actually be the last line. Recent studies state that Shungite indeed owns the ability to diminish the production of ROS and RNS by surplussing the activity of antioxidant enzymes. The effectiveness of Shungite can be metered in the form skin parameters after a regular and daily use of its raw or polished form for a week. The various skin parameters that can be considered for mapping the effectiveness of Shungite would be suppleness, pore diameter, and the fading levels of pigmentation and wrinkles.

The variegating levels of carbon in the core of Shungite variants don’t essentially pose a version when it comes to dealing with the inflammatory and oxidation cycles of free radicals. Shungite can therefore be inferred as a healthier alternative to other lines of treatment when it comes to handling higher levels of skin damage especially the ones induced by UVB rays or radioactive elements in the earth’s sphere. Radiation can pose as a major threat to skin and therefore initiate the need for a regular touch with antioxidants. While many antioxidant alternative come with a bunch of side effects, Shungite handles the damage extended by radiation by offering inaccessibly protection to the various layers of dermis. Recent studies at the Institute of Therapy of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine suggest that the cancer patients who have been exposed to radiation therapy for a while were tested normal for their blood stats like haemoglobin and white blood cells. Though it did take the blood stats a while to come back to normal after radiation therapy, the cancer patients who were in touch with some for of Shungite accessory were able to recover speedily from the effects of radiation regimen. So in a way, Shungite was able to offer the justified protection from chemotherapy and radiotherapy to the cancer patients before the aforementioned modes of therapy were even began. In fact In some cases of oncoma, Shungite was able to completely eradicate the further growth of oncoma and gave a setback to its malignant potential. To conclude, Shungite can be used as preventive therapy modality as well as a alternative to combat the post-therapeutic , insalubrious changes that might follow radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Some of the most greeted forms of Shungite accessories that are available in the market are:

Shungite’s mobile plates: EMF can bear a continual effect on our body when it is in a conscious or subconscious state. Mobile is the most confined electronic product that keeps the expanse of EMF to a hazardously maximum level around the humans with its constant need. Also, several household appliances such as the microwave, fridge and TV play an essential role in keeping up the levels of the life-threatening EMF around humans. The sad part is that a constant contact with the EMF can affect the functionality of reproductive system in humans. In fact, some of the diseases that age might bear such as the cardio myo-malfunctionality, arthritis, Alzheimer's and menopause might ascend their way into the affected humans at an early age. Shungite accessories work on the basic principle of protecting humans against all forms of electromagnetic fields (EMF) directed by a wide variety of sources towards the sustainable life forms. The aura of EMF can be expected to be still at work while a mobile phone is in an on or call-waiting condition which means that whether or not a call is answered, the effect of EMF can still be expected to be released in some way towards the human body. Some of the frequent symptoms of EMF’s impact on human body can be witnessed in the form of low-span memory, migraines, and malaise. The only accessory that is appropriately able of negating the impact of a mobile phone EMF on humans is Shungite which is readily available in the form of Shungite mobile plate.

Shungite pyramids are extensively permitted for use in higher levels of EMF. Facts after continual use of Shungite affirm that the expanse of the protective bio field generated by the pyramids is more extensive than the one extended by its counterparts. For instance, the accessorized pyramids made out of quartz or jade extend a protective bio field that encompasses an area of 0.5 to 3 meters. Comparatively, the standard bio field acreage of Shungite pyramids is that of 5 meters which majorly encompasses all the radiuses of EMFs generated by most the modern day electronic equipment. The reliability of a standard Shungite pyramid can be confirmed by a EMF meter. For instance, when brought close to the former grounds of geopathogenic phenomena, a comparative reading towards a lower end of the etchings on the EMF meter can be noticed after the use of Shungite. A long-term stay in a geopathogenic zone can incur a major loss of health stats that could possibly get exhibited in the form of unexplained weakness and frequent headaches. Over a period of time, the reluctant resort to the use of a Shungite pyramid might manifest itself in the form of a fall in health that might probably be followed by the onset of a platitude of illnesses. The averment of EMF levels in any region or scenario provided by a Shungite pyramid is capable of nicking the hazardous effect of geopathic rays on human body. The manifestation of appropriate health after receiving the benefits of Shungite can be experienced in the form of a reduced frequency or absence of migraines and a mended immune system. Shungite pyramid works with equal efficacy in commercial as well as residential environs.

Shungite balls were popularly known as ‘Balls of Health’ during the era of Ming dynasty in China. The sizes of these commercially available balls vary from 70mm to 100mm. Apart from being in human contact, Shungite balls can actually have a lot to pass on when exercised with on a regular basis. The basic of all the workouts that can be realized with ease with the Shungite balls would be of rubbing 2 identically sized Shungite balls between palms. An advanced form of this exercise would be of performing the same workout while walking (without the balls touching each other between the palms). Regular access to the aforementioned Shungite ball exercises does work wonders on memory and mental coherency. Some of the other health benefits that can be accessed by being in the mere presence of Shungite balls would be improved bowel movements, easier flexing of joints and firmer limb movements. The hand exercises actioned with the use of similarly sized Shungite balls can be based on the close and compact connection between the hands and the CNS. Also, traditional Chinese forms of therapy support the idea that there are certain pressure points on palms which when focused on can bring forth an extensively salubrious state of cardiovascular and digestive system into being.

Devices like Shungite harmonizers can be used only when the device’s need involves the correction of some form of energy imbalance or issues with restoration of critical stats in the body. The balance resorted to with the aid of a Shungite harmonizer would be the Tulikivi. A Shungite harmonizer is composed of a left and a right harmonizer piece. These pieces are supposed to be held in the respective hands with the body in a relaxed pose. The duration of this endeavor can be moderately started with a time span of three to five minutes. Although the standard duration of this activity has been precised as ten to fifteen minutes. When performed twice a day, the effects of the use of the Shungite harmonizer would variably last for a day to two at the most. Shungite harmonizers are to be best kept away from pregnant women.

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Shungite mat is no less than a stable therapeutic aid when it comes to the handling of the vitality quotient of the body. A steady and helpful rise in blood circulation provided by Shungite mat furthers its action of importance towards the vitality proportions of the body by working on the metabolic system. Shungite mat is briefly subdivided into 7 sections that are filled with nearly uniformly sized Shungite stones. Regular use of this form accessory is majorly constrained to people who suffer with some form of colic disease, kidney stone disease, and any form of inflammation issue related with nerve fibers. Radiculitis is a CNS issue which requires a long term use of pain medications for symptomatic relief. Shungite mat marks the further absence of any side effects that could be brought about by the regular use of pain medications in the case of Radiculitis. It is essential to rule out the difference between radiculopathy and radiculitis. While Radiculitis concerns most of the part of the health issue as spinal stenosis, radiculopathy encompasses a wider range of spinal nerve root injuries. Radiculitis is mainly restricted to the region of nape and therefore the pain , muscle fatigue and numbness in the arm. It is recommended to confirm the incidence of radiculitis by running a couple of investigations such as the CT scans, MRI, and X-rays before reasoning the use of a Shungite mat for its help. Shungite mat’s application is recommended on a daily basis for the patients suffering with colic disease, kidney stone disease and radiculitis. An hour or 2 of the application of Shungite mat to the affected region can prove to be an essential preventive and curative measure. Nevertheless, people who suffer with some sort of cardio dysfunction or hypertensive disorder should plan the use of Shungite mat after consulting a doctor.

Elite shungite is potential mix of silver and carbon. Also, known as the Type I form of shungite, Elite or noble shungite comprises of 90-98% carbon. This organically sound compound of carbon is found in scarce amounts in different parts of the earth. They have to be literally dug out of the rocks unlike the Type II and Type III variants of shungite that can be expected close to the quarry butts of the industries. The energy stabilization provided by Elite shungite makes it a nugget of choice to be kept close to the bed drawers to bolt the possible hazards that can be posed by EMF generated by the household’s electronic equipments. Elite shungite is commercially made available in the form of jewellery too that can be worn day and night without any forgetfulness. Elite shungite nuggets can be purposefully used for preparation of Shungite water. EMF can be quite a bother if the frequency of electricity is a sullied one. A standard frequency of electricity supply would be of 60 hertz sine wave. A faulty wiring can be something could be possible for this form of discrepancy. Cheaper quality of inverters installed in homes can be marked as some of the other very verified sources of dirty electricity. Some of the prominent health issues that can encountered in the presence of dirty electricity are diabetes mellitus, migraines, spasticity and joint problems. A sure fire way to detect the presence of dirty electricity would be of switching on a AM radio. Set the radio to the stations that can be maximized for the reach of sound and then bring the antenna close to any of the sockets at home or office. Propagation of a hissing sound is suggestive of an issue with the electricity. Shungite is one of the most affordable way for dealing with this issue.

Pets can be sensitive to EMF too. When exposed to in a scenario, the effect of the chemical as well as environmental triggers have an equal and affirmed effect on pets too. Some of the commonest EMF triggers that pets could get exposed to in their everyday lives are mobiles, laptops, and wifi routers. Apart from being beneficial for pets, a long time survey reveals that the mere presence of Shungite accessories attached to pets could work in the interest of their owner’s health too. Just like humans, shungite tends to extend varied structure of benefits to the digestive, respiratory, and skeletal system of pets too. Pets can be pain when it comes the handling their inflammatory diseases. Shungite takes care of the regular antibacterial schedule of the pets and therefore saves the inconvenience of extra visits to a veterinary physician’s office every now and then. Shungite can be used in the following ways for benefitting the health of your pet:

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Shungite water could prove to be no less than a boon for the pets who spend a major portion of their time outdoors. A continual exposure to the environmental toxins can multiply the risk of development of carcinomatous changes in the body of pets by several folds. So, the lesser use of chemicals in a way does assure you of your pet’s health. Yet another way of assuring your pet’s health could be of making sure that they are indeed in best of their health by constant consumption of Shungite water. Shungite water would not only keep your pet hydrated but also minus the effects of EMF that is massively produced by the household environs and more by a multitude of sources that exist outdoors. Recent surveys confirm that pets have a liking for Shungite water and therefore fall sick rarely. Some of the commonest ails that can be avoided by continually preparing Shungite water for your pets would be the ones linked with the kidney and bladder areas of their body. Shungite water can also help in the case of any of the pre-existing conditions that might be present in your pet irrespective of age.

Shungite pendants could be yet another accessory than can assure you of your pet’s health in the long run. Magnetic fields generated by a simple microwave could alienate your pet from a wide variety of health benefits that could have been otherwise be availed in the presence of a Shungite pendant. A Shungite pendant can possibly negate every harm to the health of the pet that might otherwise go ignored. For instance, in the case of cats it's not just the furs that can be a bother but also their constant presence around the TV and laptop which confirmly encompasses them with a strong electromagnetic field.

Pets who desisit the use of Shungite in the aforementioned ways can be kept close to it in its raw form such as by placing a Shungite stone under their pillow.

The genuineness of Shungite can be marked by conducting a simple test. This test is based on the capability of a pure Shungite to relay electricity. A smooth steam of electricity is created by arranging a couple of safe components such as the battery, 2 wires and a 100W bulb. Shungite authenticity can now be affirmed by the light that would get turned on due to the high carbon content owned by the core of a Shungite Stone. If not, then maybe you should look elsewhere for a genuine shungite accesory. Though most of the commercially available Shungite forms available in the market are polished, one can gain access to the unpolished and marginally high-priced varieties too. While the polished ones are deep black in colour, the unpolished ones range in their colour from the lighter shade of grey to general black. It's a common incidence to find a streak or two of pyrite infusions in the form of silvery lines on the surface of a Shungite stone. A major hype in experience between a polished and unpolished Shungite can be confronted when its the water purification process that needs to be commenced. The unpolished variants in such a scenario would prove to be more worthwhile than their polished counterparts. In case the polished variant is still your variant of choice for purifying water it would be your best interest to go for the elite shungite nuggets. Some elite shungite nuggets may exhibit the signs of chemical corrosion in the form of rust since they might have been picked up from the shore’s regions where the ferrous infusions are common. These deposits have nothing to do with the elemental qualities and therefore the credibility of an elite Shungite. Nevertheless, if the look of the rust on the nugget seems really bothering, maybe scrubbing it with a brush would help. Yet another issue that people encounter with regular use of Shungite in any form is the black stain left by the raw variants on the cloth. In such scenario, it would be recommendable to wash the surface of the raw shungite once to get rid of the loose ends. In case of a Shungite bracelet it is always recommended to wash it warm water before its use to get rid of any possible microdust in the surface of the beads. Shungite stones can be reused with ease if they are charged and cleansed on a regular basis. The cleansing process is easy and can be begun by washing the Shungite pieces in warm water and then drying them in the sun for a couple of hours. This form of cleansing would make sure that the deposits have been taken care of and the stone is ready for a as-good-as-new use the next time. On a standard basis, this process is supposed to be repeated at least once a week.

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