Using Honey to Lose Belly Fat and Lose Weight

Summer is coming up which means everyone is trying to look as good as possible in swimwear. Does this mean you lock yourself in a room and just wait for the season to be over? That may seem like the best thing to do but the smartest thing to do is to arm yourself with metabolism boosting drinks that also help you detox. These drinks will keep your spirits up and prevent your waistline from expanding so you really get the best out of the holidays. Here are some detox drinks to down!

Honey lemon drink

There is this famous detox drink made with lemon juice that can be found all over the internet and for good reason- it is very easy and it works! Of course the original cleansing program is a bit extreme but even a scaled-down version is bound to do you some good. All you need to do each morning is to drink about eight oz. of warm water mixed with 2 tbsps. of fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey (preferably the organic kind). Do this daily and you cleanse your liver and give it a boost.

Cinnamon and honey drink

Now this sounds too good to be true mainly because it is so simple but a warm mug of cinnamon tea with a teaspoon of honey is just about as simple and as effective as it gets. This tea not only balances blood sugar levels in the body but also helps to boost the metabolic rate and help shed excess fat. If are having trouble with belly fat, this drink can help since cinnamon compounds tend to attack fat in that area. This drink is very ideal if you are looking to shed fat in the belly area. To make this tea, all you need to do is use half a teaspoon of organic, ground cinnamon and steep it in a cup of hot water, after 15 minutes, add a teaspoon of honey. Drink this first thing in the morning for the best results.

Hibernation diet

Who would have thought that consuming honey before you went to bed would be a good thing? Apparently, the glycogen in the honey helps hormones recover so they can do their job even while you are asleep so your metabolism is revved up and you burn fat even while you sleep. Some experts even say that the hibernation diet can help people who suffer from acid reflux, nausea of weakness in the morning and those that suffer from sleep disturbances. A spoon or two of pure honey before you sleep can work wonders.

Ginger honey drink

Ginger tea is well-known as a metabolism booster but mixing it with honey transforms it into something better and more potent. Simply by sipping on a ginger and honey drink at last 20 minutes before you eat, you can stabilize your blood sugar which means you also speed up the whole fat burning process and enjoy more weight loss. Make sure you use organic ginger and honey for this drink.

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