Waterfasting - Pros & Cons

Fasting can be something that can be looked forward to in the most delicate of situations. While there are a bundle of fasting variants available in the medical facilities, water fasting has been cited as the most reliable and needless to state the most economical one of them all. It been decades since water fasting has earned and relished its own share of fame. The ideal span for a water fast is 5 to 40 days. One of the most profitable health benefit lended by a water fast would be of the replacement of old and worn-out cells by new ones. The digestive process starts in a more renewed form right from the scratch once the water fast has come to an end. Furthermore, the healthy bacteria in the gut would be no less than thankful to you for their sabbatical. Renewed digestive system, refreshed gut bacteria do make a sure way ahead towards an enhanced metabolic pursuit. An up-to-date metabolic system would ensure the cardiac health to go up and going. According to a recently popular Okinawa Centenarian Project, some of the longest living people on earth strongly support the intake of alkaline water during a healthily lived lifetime. The ideal pH of alkaline water is 10. Water is resourceful in supplying all the essential nutrients that one could possibly ask for during their perfectly adorned lifestyle.

Why Opt For Water Fasting?

Water fast is surely not a fad and therefore it is important to relate yourself with the essentialness of its presence in your life. Enlisted below are a plethora of health conditions that might get a whiff of relief after a finger has been put on this form of fasting:

Slowly advancing disease forms: Water fasting can relieve the severity of any chronic condition that might have been blocking the way of salubriousness. A maiden named Kelly Bowe from the Trinity Hospital Twin City’s Community Outreach confirmed that even for undergoing a simple blood screening procedure, it is essential to do a water fast in a diurnal manner to obtain the most accurate basics in the test results. Water fasting targets the slowly advancing disease forms like diabetes (or the diseases that might have got introduced into the body in its presence), myocardial infarction and cancer by dealing in the best possible manner with the free radicals. Free radicals are the wild electrons that come into form due to the unusual split caused in an otherwise stable oxygen atom. The most likely cause for such a split in most cases has been the oxidative stress. Oxidative stress testing is a procedure that can be used for mapping the levels of free radicals once the period of water fasting has ended. Once the alarming presence of free radicals has been handled, one can appreciate the fading away of the various symptoms linked with arthritis, diabetes and cancer. Also, water contributes to the process of gene suppression initiated by chemotherapy and therefore surmounts the pressure that is supposed to built up on the cancer cells for a sure-footed cure.

Redemption of blood pressure stats: Blood pressure can be considered as an indicator of several existing and oncoming health conditions. When supervised closely, a water fast can be confirmed as a visor of the key that sheds light on one’s blood pressure stats. During a recent study it was confirmed that borderline cases of high blood pressure were able to inform of a relief in their vitals stats once they were done with the 14 day regime of a water fast under medical surveillance. The average drop in blood pressure that was recorded during the study was of 20 mm Hg in the systolic and 5 to 6 mm Hg in the diastolic. If you may consider the vital stats as a healthy sign, I’d say that most of them have held a contribution in foreseeing the onset of many long-natured diseases that avail high costs during their line of treatment. It is uttermostly inevitable to say here that minor causes of redemption can be noticed while the thinker has managed to cross a line of even 7 days in the process of water fasting. I can’t imagine to explain the irony of mentioning the delight that one might convey once the onset of a plethora of diseases that follow the signal of abrupt blood pressure stats have been forestalled. It is the beginning of a heresy that might later be related with a finacle that one might see once the condition has improved. It has been improvised that blood pressure is like a miniature golf course where one might hit the road to safety once the chambers of adorn held by high cholesterol snacks have been surpassed. It is an irredeemable delight to surpass such practices onto the next generation so that they might benefit from same. It is incoherent to go for the purchase of grocery items that could cost you even a dollar or pound in a store when the water running out of tap is freely available. It is comprehensive to know that some things can fetch the health for you for free once you are out there.

Undeterred Autophagy: Autophagy is a process that uses the involvement of natural regeneration protocol to cover up the loss caused in the body because of the absence of healthy cell forms. Several diseases that could be easily dropped from the list with the help provided from the process of autophagy are alzheimer's, and cancer. The old and worn-out parts of cells tend to accumulate in one place raise the chances of a fresh cancerous growth. By all means autophagy is a process that needs to be promoted with the use of water fasting. Now, many people might seek water fasting as a tool when relieving the symptoms of neurological disorders, it comes as no surprise that autophagy can actually heal billions of diseases that have taken over life forms over the years.

Diabetes-Friendly: While the initial days might come as a sorrow, once the leptin levels have taken over, one can be sure of getting relieved of any anxiety related with food and its recalls. Indirectly, leptin levels are linked with insulin levels. While the backup store is on its way to get the best out of insulin, leptin ensures a feel of full stomach stays persistent during a water fast. The more insulin sensitive you are, the more is the likelihood of you being efficient in raising a stamina against low blood sugar scenarios. Sensitivity to leptin on the other hand might pay off as sustenance during the hunger hours and therefore raise a barrier against any of the syndromes linked to obesity. The effects of water fasting can be experienced in an unbiased manner by the diabetics too. Rest assured, the diabetics do not have to worry about any sudden fluctuation in their insulin levels once those of the leptin’s have gone up and regained a stable status.

Ketosis: Water fasting induced ketosis has been the fav of most celebs in the past few years. Jordan younger, a popular diet blogger states that ketosis is a state of the body that relieves it of inflammation and gives a major boost to the longevity asset. Three day water fast - That is all it takes to smother a well-developed case of eczema. While the digestive cycle of the body works through two channels - anabolic and catabolic, a water fast furthers the functioning of the catabolic channel for inducing a state of ketosis. This channel works on the mechanism of back-up plan, the one that reassures an abundant supply of nutrients that have been stored in the past via the anabolic channel. The digestive system waits for at least a day for the anabolic channel to get on, and when it doesn't, it switches channels. In order to keep the nutritional balance in a stable state, and in order to maintain the structural integrity of muscles the body starts extracting supply from the previously stored units of fat. Ketones are known as the stored form of fat. As a result, the stage of ketosis kicks in. There are physicians around the world who promote the initiation of a ketogenic cycle to fight epileptic seizures. This might sound odd to many people, but ketogenic diet can be harmful for patients who suffer with epilepsy but water fasting is not. This may initiate a green signal for the diabetics who have been affirmative of the fact that biological restrains can promote the wellbeing of the human system.

Animal study results on water fasting

Animal studies done in this regard provide quite an insight. One of the foremost phenomenons that have been put forward is of Thermoregulation. This study was performed at the university of Pecs, Hungary. A major emphasis of this study was based on the correlation between a water fast and hypothermia. A standard protocol of inducing a state of deliberate hyperthermia in rats was performed. A drop in the encore body temperature gives away to shivering which was found to be definitely connected with the quality of recovery process of the body once the fasting was over. Aside from all of this, a major enhancement was noticed during the intervals when the locomotor activity was on a rise, mostly after the animals were replenished. Some of the other studies went more intense by focusing on the effect of fasting on the circadian rhythms. It was noted that a water fast was able to procure the level of coordination required for leading an original lifestyle. Researchers held a firm belief in the timing of the fast. A strategically timed water fast was able to rally the various diseases that made their way into the body as years passed. So, if there were misaligned circadian rhythms in a person’s past, a water fast was able to pull them back to their original state. The role of water fast in gene enhancement was cited in a study presented by Sassone-Corsi and his co-authors. Their study suggested that fasting was able to change the way genes expressed themselves. At the end of the fast, some of the age related changes were found to be reversed due a substantial amount of difference in the gene expression. Gene expression plays a key role in the advancement of cancer too. One might the instill the feel that mind can actually accept facts when it comes to regulating body in the times of stress.

Stages of a Standard Three-Day Water Fast

Fasting with just water on your palate can be tough. It can be pretty serious for the first few days. Here is a brief miniature of the experience that most people have been through while they were on a 3-day water fast.

Day 1: After enjoying a joyful supper, an evening before the commencement of the afst the faster we're able to appreciate the feel of fullness after a glass of water. The repeated intake of water called for frequent breaks to the washroom. The day goes easy in the faster until the noon kicks in. A laid back attitude of giving rest to the body really worked. By the time evening rolled in, hunger took a stick and started to poke around the stomach. This is when the feeling of commitment to the cause kicks into the strong-willed fasters who go to bed after a glass of water.

Day 2: By this time body’s carb reserve has been activated and so has been the process of ketosis. While the energy levels of the body are at par, most individuals use the media entertainment tools for diverting their minds off all the awesome food stuff in the pantry and fridge. Needless to say, they avoid going out to avoid any form of lure that might indulge them in breaking the water fast.

Day 3: The fasters don’t mind a couple of bench presses since this is the final day of the fast. The feel of hunger pangs has dulled by this time. Fasters start eating their normal diet again in the evening followed by a intense feel of accomplishment.

Once the fast is over, one can be sure of experiencing the inevitable urge of eating a big meal. While some people reason this urge out as a hunger pang others might just call it anxiety. It can be an alarming situation for the digestive system that has been at rest for a couple of days. It is therefore advisable to go for small sized meals (mostly gluten-free or lactose-free) or cocktails when you are at the verge of breaking a water fast. The longer the fast, the more crucial the post-fast phase becomes. Refeeding syndrome, as many might ponder is a condition that fatally utilizes all the stores of electrolytes and then suddenly renews their levels. Under normal circumstances, it would be easy to say that your mind would get used to the post-fast diet within a time frame of 24 hours. However, the people who have been with a digestive disorder in the past might take a week’s time to recover.

Why Abstain From Water Fasting?

Not for the ones blessed with a weak blood pressure: Water fast may not exactly come as a good news for the people who have access to a blithering blood pressure status.Orthostatic hypotension is an obvious fluctuation towards the low side of the blood pressure that follows a water fast. So, one needs to heedful of the fact that a water fast isn't just something that a person who stays at the lower end of the blood pressure should go for. While a normal person would experience a faint amount of dizziness, a person who has been at the lower end of blood pressure stats most of his/her life might experience an uncanny feeling in the kidney or even a stroke.

What kind of a weight do you think you are losing?: Mindless of the origins of nutrition and weight loss, some fasters might feel contented with losing weight that is medically considered unhealthy. A simpler and quicker version of weight loss is only suggestive of losing the essential asset of hydration. Hydration is something that needs to be preserved while the oily stuff are being kept at bay during a water fast. While most brides might appreciate such a feel, unexplained and sudden loss of weight makes its presence felt once a period of 72 hours is over.

Medical conditions that keep water fast at bay: While most of the water fasts are brief, they might aggravate some medical condition within a short-span of time. Some of these medicals conditions wouldn't permit you to go for a water fast are gout, kidney disease, and heartburn.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women needn’t mix up in the crowd following water fast.

Men and women who have undergone a blood transfusion recently.

People who exercise tediously every day.

What difference would alkaline water make to a water fast?

Alkaline water could work out as the best recipe for a water fast especially for the people who are trying it for the first time. Also, it works as a preventive measure in repulsing the feeling of acidosis that might set into the body once you have begun your way on the water fast. Acidosis is a symptom that cannot be ignored if you’ve been on a water fast for more than a week. Acidosis can be identified with its symptoms like acid reflux, heartburn and vomiting. Alkaline water sustains the levels of pH while the cycle of ketosis is still on. Bringing the pH levels back in form can be tough once the period of fasting is over. In addition to that acidosis bears the side effect of chewing bone mass while its streak is on. Acidosis reasons out the balancing of body’s pH levels by dissolving the calcium stores of the bones. So, in a way you would be preventing the loss of any bone mass that could possibly occur during a water fast. It is a usual habit to drink almost 3 litres of water in a day during a water fast. A water ionizer makes the fast easier by supplying 3 litres of alkaline water for the fast everyday. The high pH of the water soars up the sustainability factor of the fast. While alkaline water can be bought from the nearest grocery store, one can’t be sure of the level of ionization it provides or whether it would be able to cope up with any possible chances of an acid reflux during the fast. Water fasting is inevitably linked with hydration. However, the experience of another level of hydration can be made possible by alkaline water. Toxins head out through the back door during a water fast, and in such a scenario alkaline water would make it possible for the kidneys to eliminate heavy metal ions and mercury without becoming sensitive to their increased exposure to the washroom schedule. Most of the lab studies support the use of alkaline water everyday. Alkaline water is capable of backing up the antioxidant potential of a water fast. In fact it is always a good idea to add lemon as a vitamin C source to the post-fast diet for keeping in touch with a healthy digestive system and a healthy skin. The changes related to weight have been found to be permanent in the cases of water fasting unless the concerned individual chose to follow a diet that is high on carbs, fat and alcohol.


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