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    Lugol's Lugols Iodine By Clive De Carle

    Iodine is one of the most essential minerals everyone should have in their cupboard. Dr. David Brownstein author of the book "Iodine Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It" claims many of the population are deficient in this essential mineral and goes on to say that Iodine can increase energy, detox the body and help the immune system. In Ukraine, the nuclear disaster Chernobyl iodine was used as an emergency form of iodide to block radioactive material penetrating the thyroid.




    Dose 10 drops per day

    The Lugols Iodine Formula

    Lugol's iodine is a suggested formula of elemental iodine and potassium iodide. The creation of this popular liquid intermix was named after the French Physician - Lugol. Since then, Lugol became an incomprehensible part of the medical line. The ratio for any ml has been put down to 1:2. For instance, for Lugol's iodine solution of 50ml, a sustainable value of iodine that can be expected to work for the user would be of 150mg/ml. Lugol’s iodine has 0% alcohol in it.

    Lugol’s iodine can be used personally as well as in the laboratories. In a laboratory, it is used with the intent of identifying the protozoans in the mounted preparations. If there were any protozoa in the sample, they would suck in the available concentrations of Lugol’s iodine and make themselves conspicuous. During a regular colonoscopy, Lugol’s iodine is applied to the anal and vaginal areas to observe any noticeable change in the colour of the tissue. This form of observation has regularly termed as the Schiller’s test. For personal use, Lugol's iodine can be applied to wounds and injuries. In the year 1986, Lugol’s iodine was compared with many other substitutes for its Wolff-Chaikoff effect. According to this theory, the solution was able to wager on the limited production of iodine during its effect in the cases of hypothyroidism. A similar situation was found at Chernobyl disaster where iodine was given to the people to help against radiation poisoning.

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