Magnesium Multi

    60 X 110mg Capsules
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    Magnesium Vegan Capsules

    The ultimate magnesium capsules,4 magnesium's blended in a vegan friendly supplement to give the body it's required magnesium levels.Magnesium is essential to the body for protein synthesis which supports the growth of muscles,many sports men and women use magnesium as part of their supplementing regime so their body to achieve optimum fitness levels.

    • Magnesium Bis-glycinate 83mg
    • Magnesium Ascorbate 8mg
    • Magnesium Citrate 10mg
    • Magnesium C16 & C18 Alkylst Stearate 7mg
    • Magnesium Malate

    Dose: 1 - 5 Capsules Per Day

    Magnesium Multi 4 Blends In One Capsule

    Magnesium Multi vegan capsules are an assortment of various magnesium powders to make a high quality multi magnesium supplement. The capsules are a perfect combination of the most popular forms of magnesium - Magnesium Bis-glycinate, Magnesium Citrate and Magnesium Ascorbate.

    Enlisted below are the qualities of each of these minerals that make them exclusive:

    Magnesium Bis-glycinate: It is a chelated form of the magnesium mineral that gets absorbed to its maximum levels in the small intestine. Being a chelate compound is a cherishable fact for magnesium bisglycinate when it becomes suitable for use with other drugs, this assertive action of magnesium multi makes a huge difference to its intake when a calcium supplement is already there rackready in your medicine cabinet. Calcium is many medicinal experts might know is a supplement that’s always quite ready to go for an act of synergism.

    Magnesium Citrate: It is a version of the magnesium element that contains the effervescence of citric acid. The salt is known among the scientific peers as a salt that promotes osmosis. An internally available osmotic effect becomes necessary for the body as the secretion from the glands that were once active in the teens incline towards submergence.

    Magnesium Ascorbate: The highly apprehended salt of magnesium - Magnesium ascorbate has been in the streamline of luxuries for centuries. It is potentially capable of delivering the benefits of Vitamin C without causing any disturbance in the digestive system. Magnesium acts as a buffer for the actions of vitamin C. the succulent tablets of vitamin C when used in their lone form tend to induce regurgitation by disturbing the lining of the gut.

    Every gram of magnesium salt added to Magnesium Multi has been delicately calibrated. They are completely vegan and available for all ages.

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