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    Naturesupplies Magnetic Bracelet

    Discover Naturesupplies stainless steel bracelet, high quality jewellery with super powerful magnets so our customers can benefit from the powers of magnetic therapy. Magnets have been used to help people deal with pain issues like arthritis, fibromyalgia and old injuries. The power of the magnets when concentrated over an area increases blood flow, circulation and our customer's feedback say that their pain significantly reduces.


    Stainless steel magnetic bracelet


    bespoke bracelet

    Magnetic Energy

    Magnetic energy became a root of interest several times during the study of nature in the past few decades. Just like gravity has a way of getting things done, so does the magnetic energy. Stainless steel silver coloured magnetic bracelet is a perfect example of it. The potential of magnets although invisible can be only appreciated when the like and unlike poles of a pair are brought together. The word ‘Magnets’ came into being from the name of a shepherd who was known by the name of Manges. He was mesmerised by the force he experienced as he walked over the surface of lodestones covering the landscapes of Turkey. The Greeks took it as an observation and started working on the effect of magnetic rings on the human body. They believed that a wise use of the north and south poles of a magnet in any region of the body could work miracles in their century.

    Stainless steel silver coloured magnetic bracelet was just the beginning of things in that era. It was however, explained later that these magnetic fields could be imperative in use for the best of mankind and the animal kingdom. Animals, like humans have a superficial field of magnetic relevance around them that gets activated when placed close to a suitable accessory that matches with their fur. Many databases around the world that hold a record of the impact of magnetic energy on animals and plants state that renowned effects were recovered when the same objects were kept close to human beings during conferences. A reluctant yet aged can be expected from any trail that would involve humans who have been on alcohol for a while and magnetic therapy. Most of these conferences were held in Columbia and Taiwan.

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