Medicardium: EDTA Metal Detox Suppositories

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    Medicardium: EDTA Metal Detox Suppositories

    The human body is a very complex machine with the heart pumping 1900 gallons of blood through 100,000 miles of arteries, scientists say your heart will pump 2 billion times in a person’s lifetime. Heart disease is the number 1 killer worldwide due to people having heart attacks due to toxins, bad diet causing plaque on the arteries. Ask your doctor if chelation can help. Naturesupplies teamed up with Spencer Feldman to offer EDTA Metal Detox suppositories.

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    10 Suppositories

    Magnesium di-potassium EDTA 500 mg, edible organic proprietary blend of organic cocoa butter and essential oils.


    Store the suppository in a fridge.

    Better results use the suppository after a bowel movement.

    Place the suppository net to the sphincter muscle.

    Wait 24hrs before the next suppository .

    Bespoke Detox Suppositories

    Medicardium is a traditional variant of the suppositories. EDTA has been an irreplaceable component of every other suppository that has been in the market for 50 years. It is a chelation method that has been regarded as high esteem among its counterparts for grasping a touch over heavy metal ions. A major effect of Mericardium’s intake can be appreciated by the consumers who lose a massive portion of their calcium intake to the hardening of arteries and muscles. These changes might come early for the ones who have been accustomed to the symptoms of a bone disorder since childhood or puberty. The ideology behind the making of Pericardium suppository was suggested by Dr. Spencer Feldman. According to his research, the calcium absorbed with the aid of a suppository introduces favorable contractions in the muscle. This stands true for the muscles of the cardiac region too. The approximate growth of arterial walls towards the rigidness can be witnessed when blood passing through them has high levels of calcium in it. Formation of plaque in the arteries could lead to the formation of clots. EDTA is a viable compound that prevents the formation of such plaques especially in advanced age when the blood becomes viscous enough to precipitate the formation of a clot that might clog the arteries.

    Chelation can be one of the best of the ways to accommodate health in the days of advancing age. It is an advanced sayers of the effects of Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA. A 24 week long study performed in the state of Maastricht, Netherlands brought along a conclusion that a post-menopausal woman or the one with a condition of obesity could find the hope to reduce the hardness of coronary arteries in Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA. Suppositories are meant to be used in the evenings. For an elaborate effect of the suppository on a fist trial, it is important to use it after a flush. This would make the detox procedure more stable during the 15 minutes use of the suppository. Medicardium suppository has a genuine bubble at one end that relates to its first-hand use and therefore confirms its authenticity. Do not place the suppository close to an open wound. EDTA is a stable salt that might not appease the surface of a nick in the colonic region. Medicardium has an adequate amount of magnesium in it to fulfill the magnesium needs of your body.

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