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    Neem Oil Benefits – Neem Oil For Skin Conditions

    Renowned for its various benefits, Neem is only now becoming available throughout Europe. It has, for a long time, been one of the most popular natural oils used in India – where it has been used in a variety of different ways. At Naturesupplies we have researched this natural oil thoroughly and believe it is an excellent addition to our already extensive range of products. For external use only, Neem oil for skin conditions such as dryness, eczema and dermatitis. Many people across the world are becoming aware of the many benefits of Neem, and this has resulted in a variety of different products being made available. Soaps, Shampoos and Toothpastes containing Neem extract have all been introduced to the market.

    What Is Neem Oil

    This oil takes its name from the Neem Tree, it is created through a process in which Neem Seed Kernels are pressed. The kernels are the core of the plant which contains a lot of its natural goodness. The trees usually live between 150 and 200 years which provide plenty of time for humans to reap the many benefits.

    Neem Oil For Hair

    It has been the subject of some very positive reviews from experts within the hair industry. This natural oil can also help to control dandruff. Many of the top selling hair products on the market now contain the neem plant oil as it has essential minerals and vitamins for hair.

    Neem Oil Insect Repellent

    The oil can also be used as an effective mosquito repellent, making it a popular choice among gardeners – particularly when supplied in a spray bottle.

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    • Cold pressed neem oil from neem fruit and seeds
    • INCI: Azadirachta indica

    Dose:Take a small quantity and massage into the skin

    Neem Oil Insect Reppellent

    A neem tree is just mahogany with newfound benefits. Unlike the usual belief, neem tree can be found in the regions of Caribbean and Central American nations too. The closest look to the use of neem can be read in the form of topical application. While the standard size of a neem tree is 30 feet, there are variations that take the form of differential branching and entitlements of height. Some of the first neem trees that were brought for cultivation to the western lands were exported from the region of the Philippines to Mexico. The beauty of this plant is that while it's the seeds that are used for the purpose of neem oil extraction, the other portions of the tree such as the roots, hard-shelled barks, and leaves are an important part of the organic chemistry too. Neem oil can be best used in its undiluted form. However, there are several other ways to reach out for its benefits.

    Can be mixed in the bathtub water for an exotic mix of essential fatty acids and keeping the mosquitos off the bathing areas.

    Can be spread in meager amounts onto the paint of the windows to keep off warps/flakes in paint.

    Can be added to hair oils for recuperating their aroma if the mix hasn’t been in use for a while.

    Diluted in olive oil can be applied over the normal as well as abraded skin conditions.

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