Notoplex: Fibrotic Tissue Detox Enema Suppositories

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    Notoplex: Fibrotic Tissue Detox Enema Suppositories

    Notoplex is a suppository that has been cautiously prepared to dequantify the harms of everyday living. Toxins can be either food-related or environmentally-based. While the ones linked with food give us infections, the ones elated by the environment defile the working of our vital organs in an undisclosed manner. Fibrin is an old form of collagen that forms when networking of the blood clots is in process. However, in the case of a benign reposition, fibrin may take over as a compressing acute that revolves around the possibility of progressing the disease instead of regressing one.


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    A proprietary blend of USP potassium iodide , magnesium di-potassium EDTA USP grade, serrapeptase, blended in base of organic cocoa butter.


    Refrigeration of the content is importance before its use.

    A bowel movement is recommended before the use of Notoflex suppository.

    Begin by removing the suppository from the plastic sheet by directing the force towards the V-end of the suppository.

    Coat the suppository with Vaseline before the insertion.

    Bring the suppository close to the sphincter muscle located in the immediate vicinity to the anal passage of the ureter.

    Notoflex suppository can be used thrice a day by a person of normal built who wishes adequacy of the bowel movement to be the part of a detox regime.

    Bespoke Detox Formula Ingredients

    Notoplex suppository is composed of the following essential ingredients:

    Serrapeptase is an enzyme that requires immediate retrieval in the cases of chronic uncertainty. Patients with reliable oral hygiene have been discussed in the past for proper mucosal clearance. Serratiopeptidase activity is capable of altering the viscosity of sputum and therefore making the airway clearer for the passage of secretions. This could work heavy on any scenario that resembles an allergic reaction that later progresses to a benign mucosal condition.

    Potassium iodide : It is the iodide used in its USB form to accommodate the uses of iodine in the form of a dietary supplement. Sensibility to the use of iodide can be proactively witnessed in the cases of thyroid dysfunction. Fibrinogen scanning is a method that requires extreme dexterity with the use of iodine to estimate the level of venous interjection in any condition. In the process of detox, a salt of potassium would support the functioning of the TS4 andTS3 hormones of the thyroid gland.

    Methylselenocysteine : Its a compound that has been long-known for its immense role as a free radical scavenger in the suppository. It's a sporty version of selenium that participates in every other step of the detox that involves protein metabolism. Cysteine is a naturally occurring amino acid that is readily accepted by anybody because of its bioavailability and therefore does not give in to the reaction of non-acceptance when administered in the form of a suppository.

    Magnesium di-potassium EDTA : Magnesium di-potassium EDTA is an excellent chelator of lead. The usual exposure to lead can be sensed in the form of paint. Chelation is one of the best ways to handle lead toxicity. The procedure of detox can be particularly essential for people who are sensitive to the effect of heavy metal ions on their bones. There are people who are born with joint disorders and then there are the others who get it due to constant exposure to the lead-borne environments.

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