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    Sweet Orange Oil

    Absolute Citrus sinensi or known as orange oil has been used for thousands of years in aromatherapy. Orange essential oil is everywhere from soaps, fragrances to skin creams as it has a zesty clean smell. Naturesupplies source their absolute oil from organic farms which are pesticide and GMO-free our customers know we supply a quality product

    • Sweet Orange Oil

    Dose: Up to 2 to 3 drops per day massaged into the skin or diluted into a carrier oil

    Orange Absolute Oil Origin

    Sweet orange is an adorably-sized fruit that can be found in every other nook & corner of Florida. To begin with, it came around as an essential oil for the first time in the 60’s when the Citrus Greening disease occurred in most states of Brazil. D'Limonene is a peel component that has been obsessive about the health of humans since its discovery. Orange oil is one of the citrus oils that can be trusted for its tangy flavour and intangible smell. The average shelf life period confirmed by most essential oil suppliers for orange oil is of 24 months. Often bartenders use orange oil in the form of a Curacao-based cocktail. Yet another concept that involves the use of orange oil is the process used by most confectioners in the making of toffees. We at NatureSupplies offer the best absolute natural orange oil grown by organic farmers very popular for skin diseases and to boost the immune system.

    Orange oil can be expected to come out with its most adorable scent when extracted from the peel of an orange fruit that can be tracked down to the lands of China and North America. The most yielding method adopted for the express breakdown and collection of orange oil is the cold press method. The natural oil yield that can be expected from a standard peel of an orange would be 0.5%. While the chemical composition remains the same, it's the eeriness of the weather conditions that might dry up the nutritional value of most of the components and therefore it is essential to be certain of the weather conditions where the fruit is grown. Orange oil is GMO-free and non-allergenic. In order to extend the lifespan or shelf life of the orange oil, it is always advisable to store the bottle in a safe and dry place.

    Orange oil is a citrus oil that is a perfect admix of terpenes, terpenoids and various helpful oxygenated compounds. At NatureSupplies, we provide you with the extract of orange oil that has been obtained from our reliable suppliers. Essential oils can be classified into volatile, non-volatile, and etheric oil. When observed at room temperatures, essential oils exist in a liquid form and tend to crystallize with ease. Orange oil is among the top-allocated oils that have been associated with the Rutaceae family. Moro blood orange is the most preferred species of orange that is used for the extraction of orange oil. Studies state that moro blood orange has active oxygen promoting d-limonene content in it that exceeds in medicinal value when compared with the antibiotic asset of most ayurvedic and homeopathic medications.

    Orange oil can be used as a Vitamin-C enriching recipe for topical and oral use in the following way:

    Orange lavender lotion is a home-based preparation that is prepared in a ratio of 3:1 for topical application. You can always add a tablespoon of shea butter to the mix if your skin is medium to mildly dry. It is important to store the liquid mix in a refrigerated space that dry enough to keep it fresh for a month. The lotion can be stored for a longer duration if vitamin e oil is added to the preparation.

    For an aroma diffuser, the blend of orange oil, and peppermint oil is used to pacify the air conditions.

    In order to make a beard oil you would require cedarwood oil, and orange oil.

    For an edible preparation, orange oil can be used in Portuguese cakes like that has been named as the Orange olive oil cake recipe.

    Orange oil can be added to the bathwater to accentuate the qualities of a normal body wash.

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