Terms and Conditions for Website customers

We kindly welcome our customers to the website of Nature Supplies. If the customer wishes to visit this website more often, then there are certain terms and conditions which have to be adhered to in order to uphold a healthy rapport between the customer and the website. There are basically three sections which this privacy policy has been segregated into. These three sections are Disclaimer Outline, Notice for Copyright and Website’s Privacy Policy. If any customer expresses censure and disapproval regarding any of these aforementioned sections, then they are requested not to visit the website.

Disclaimer Outline

The basic aim of this website is to make it as informative as possible and all the information provided here is generic to the subject of the website. The information given on the website has been constructed after thorough research by Nature Supplies Team which has vouched to keep the website up to date with any new fact regarding the subject that comes to light. This website provides a scope to the users to link with other websites which are not administered by Nature Supplies in any comportment and the team ascertains absolutely no charge regarding the accessibility as well as form of content on the other related websites. The enclosure of any links does not necessarily take the form of a commendation and does not sanction any views which have been highlighted. Any form of unauthorized use of the website by any customer will be taken as a criminal offence and damages will by claimed by the Nature Supplies team. The team working behind Nature Supplies is consistently undertaking to keep the website active and functional at all times. However, there will not be any liability on the part of Nature Supplies team in case if the website comes across technical issues which might be beyond the direct of the team.

Notice of Copyright

The team behind Nature Supplies has sole right to all the content that is published on the website. All rights have been reserved for the team and all the sections of the website are copyright to Nature Supplies. All forms of content which have been made available on the website have been aptly licensed which include layout of the website, design outlook, appearance of the website, text content and info-graphics. Any form of reproduction of the content given on the website or redistribution is strictly prohibited and might result in criminal action. Although, the following can be taken into consideration:

  • 1. Downloading or printing the content of Nature Supplies website for non-commercial and personal use is allowed but the same content should not be used on another website in any form.
  • 2. Redistribution of the content is allowed only when the respective party possesses a written permission from the team of Nature Supplies. Commercially exploiting the content in any other form is proscribed and strongly outlawed.
  • 3. It is advised to keep the content of Nature Supplies website away from any form of electronic retrieval system as it will come to the notice of the team and action will be taken in accordance.

Privacy Policy

The Nature Supplies team is totally inclined towards safeguarding the rights of the customers and respects their privacy. Thus, the following are the terms of the policy which has been drafted by the team in order to uphold the privacy of the visitors.

1. Information to be kept -Nature Supplies will be obtaining and preserving the following information regarding the website visitors for necessary purposes.

  • Number of visits from a particular work system and the IP address of that computer. Additionally, the browser type, topographical location, operating system, version, visit durations, source of references, steering of website and the number of views per page.
  • Any transaction which takes place between the Nature Supplies website and a visitor will be recorded and kept safely. Additionally, the transaction details of any product endorsed on this website will be obtained and kept as well.
  • The personal information that a visitor is supposed to divulge in order to register for Nature Supplies website. This information will be kept safe and will not be disclosed by any means or channels.
  • The information which the customers are required to compromise in order to get a subscription for newsletter or email notifications from Nature Supplies website will be kept confidential in order to preserve the identity of the customer.

2. Cookie Policy -A cookie is basically an information carrier which is bartered between a web browser and a web server. This information is usually stored at a particular location in the browser and is then relayed back to the host server. This process occurs only when the browser places a request for a particular page to open and the right to open that page is only available to the server. Thus, the web server upon receiving the request tracks down the location of the web browser.

There are basically two types of cookies which are usually used in a website.

  • Session cookies -These are used to keep a note of the geographical location of the browser from where the user is accessing the website. Session cookies are always temporary and are erased from the memory of the system as soon as the browser is shut down.
  • Persistent cookies - These cookies are used by the website in order to recognize the web browser which is navigating. The right of persistent cookies is in the hands of the user and are stored at a particular location in the system. The user is supposed to delete these cookies.

Nature Supplies team uses Google Analytics in order to analyze the usage of the website. Google Analytics makes use of cookies in order to generate a statistical data of page views on the website and stores it in the user’s computer. Ultimately, a report is constructed on the basis of the statistical data obtained. All this information is preserved by Google. Google keeps a note of the conduct of the user across the web-space. Some browsers allow first party cookies. Third party cookies can be rejected by all the browsers.