Highest Strength Probiotics 100 Billion

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Probiotics v Prebiotics Facts

Human GIT is similar to the ecosystem that surrounds our daily lives. It is important to take care of it as it’s the epicenter of every other reaction that our body faces based on its needs. In addition to being an intense aid to the daily digestion process, the bacteria that colonize the intestines are potent against preventing the build-up of any form of pathogenicity in the GI tract. Elie Metchnikoff - a noted scientist of the 1800s suggested the idea of altering the crowd of bacteria in the intestines to slow down the inevitable process of aging and intoxication in the digestive system. Later in the ’60s, the idea was followed up by a group of scientists who led down the formula of probiotics and made it available commercially.

Probiotics strains are selected based on the guidelines provided by the WHO and FDA. These strains have been selected on the basis of their safe use, and their potential against the ongoing antibiotic profiles in the market. Functionally, they are supposed to be active in the GIT and in possession of a certain amount of immunomodulatory effect. Also, the strains used are supposed to be sturdy enough to go through the intervals of storage and distribution unharmed. The practical use of probiotics is often advised after a long-term antibiotic therapy or a recent episode of pathological condition that might have been triggered by an infected source of food or water. Sneaking up on the virile ones would be the bacterial forms like Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Prebiotics rivet their action on the gut by promoting the growth of healthy bacteria instead of supplying the gut with a direct version of the strains. This strategy can be used in cases that aren’t acute. For instance, oligofructose is prebiotic that uses chicory root as a cover to make it action rigid and explainable. According to the Wang theory established in the year 2009, there are 5 mentionable criteria that can be used for the selection of available prebiotics in a preparation.

i) The digestion process of the said prebiotic isn’t supposed to begin until it has reached the tip of the alimentary tract.

ii) It should be the healthy bacteria of the colon that would be able to ferment the prebiotic.

iii) The process of fermentation should only improve the state of the standing immune system, reduce the number of nitrous related byproducts and increase the amount of stool.

iv) The prebiotic should selectively stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria that accommodate in the intestine.

v) Prebiotic’s intensity and mode of action should remain unchanged when consumed along with a processed food source.

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