Scalar Quantum Energy Atoms Pendant Tourmaline Lava Stone

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    Lava Stone Pendant Tourmaline Scalar Quantum Energy Atoms

    Naturesupplies atoms design bespoke jewellery pendant manufactured from lava stone from deep in the earth's core encrusted with tourmaline crystals. Lava stone has an astronomical 70 minerals in its genetic makeup rich in natural elements from when the earth was created. The mystical scalar energy of this pendant is believed to sync with the geometric mathematical sequences within the cosmic universe. The genetic makeup of scalar energy can help repel detox harmful emf radiation while support cell permeability in the fight against 5g from cell phones and wifi routers to invisible enemy.


    Lava stone and tourmaline


    eliminate emf's with this atoms pendant

    Scalar Energy Pendants Quantum Atoms

    Tourmaline lava stone is a crude rock formation that can be found in its most original form in the landscapes of Sicily. The quantum atoms in the pendant work on the Pauli Exclusion Principle. This principle clearly states that no two similar-sized and proportionate fermions can observe the same state of quantum dynamics in a given system. The minerals used in the making of the quantum pendant are infused with a similar form of energy that tads to influence when brought close to a source of energy such as the human circulatory system. The working of the pendant can be understood in a more relevant manner by understanding the intense mechanism of scalar energy.

    Dr. Eldon Byrd was one of the firsts to study the impact of scalar energy in the form of EEG. It was diagnosed as a subtle form of energy that is collected in a form to be released in the form of a frequency later according to the use. The portable use of scalar energy is only possible when the accessory used for its transmission is made out suitable objects. For instance, scalar waves are longitudinal in survey and would therefore require a particle that favours the same level of transmission. Longitudinal waves work more perfectly towards the mechanism of the scalar energy than the transverse waves. By transference of the collected scalar energy, the pendant renews the level of ‘Chi’ in a body that undergoes immense trouble through the day. Any disruptions encountered in the daily revival of the ‘Chi’ can become a cause of concern and might even lead to the development of an ironic condition that would eventually face a relapse when the ‘Chi’ has been restored to its original level. Scalar Quantum Energy Atoms Pendant (Tourmaline Lava Stone) has been created for bringing stability to mankind.

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