Scalar Quantum Energy Elephant Pendant Tourmaline Lava Stone

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    Elephant Pendant Tourmaline Lava Stone Scalar Quantum Energy

    Connect with the cosmic energy of the universe, ancient civilizations believed everything around us energy wise has a profound impact on our lives. Lava stone with tourmaline crystals pendants is from a celestial material millions of years old with over 70 essential minerals in their genetic makeup. Naturesupplies bespoke jewellery range is handcrafted and balanced with powerful scalar energy with the geometric mathematics the ancients used in balancing energies. In the society we live, our bodies are constantly penetrated with dangerous emf's from electrical devices, Naturesupplies lava pendents help our body repel emf's thus can help enhance the bioelectric system of the body to detox cells against 5g and wifi.


    Lava stone with tourmaline crystals


    Use this pendant as a fashion jewellery or against emf's

    Lava Stone Pendants

    Scalar Quantum Energy Elephant Pendant (Tourmaline Lava Stone) is a pendant that could re-establish your faith in nature's givings. Made out of the best informed minerals that could make their mark on the circulatory system of humans, this scalar energy pendant has been designed with a perfect embossment of an elephant in an enticingly available holistic pattern. The mineral particles used are of an intellectual variety - Lava tourmaline that have been fetched from the base of the mountains which have been an active centre of volcanic eruptions. Lava tourmaline could serve the dual purpose of being useful for the exterior as well as the interior energy levels of the body.

    The interior workings of scalar energy pendant can be explained with the supremacy of the ions that emerge from the fall of water on the paves of mountain rocks. The scalar energy pendant works in a similitude manner just so that you could recline and embrace the goodness of ions in the water in the comfort of your own home. Researchers through the years, have noticed that the plants that grow close to the waterfalls are able to grow faster than compared to the ones that have been planted on the streets or homes. This phenomenon is made possible by the scalar resonance of the ions released by the water of the springs. The ions make their way into the cells of the plant and hasten the delivery and consumption of oxygen so that the rejuvenation and renovation process could work in a much better manner. A similar effect when delivered by the same ions and the same form of energy takes the shape of a commendable performance of the vital organs. The ions are capable of altering mood fluctuations, imparting the viciousness of reticuloendothelial system to the invading bacterium and facilitating the WBC’s in doing the best of what they always do. Scalar Quantum Energy Elephant Pendant (Tourmaline Lava Stone) is recommended for use in adults above 18 and in women who aren’t pregnant.

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