Scalar Quantum Energy Pendant Tourmaline Lava Stone

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    Scalar Quantum Energy Flowers Pendant

    Special volcanic sedimentary lava stone manufactured into our bespoke flower pendant with added tourmaline pieces to create unique jewellery. Naturesupplies pendants are enriched with scalar energy from lava stone which is rich with over 70 natural minerals, created millions of years ago when the earth was born, syncing with the cosmic energy of the universe. These amazing pendants help to biologically improve cell permeability and enhance the bio-electric field of the body helping to detox and fight against emf radiation and 5g.

    Electromagnetic Fields EMF's

    In the world today emf radiation is everywhere from smartphones, wifi routers, computers, ipads, PlayStations to microwaves just about all electrical devices emit radiation. Our bodies are not designed to be bombarded with these alien rays. Naturesupplies scalar energy pendants are designed to harmonize the bad energies off electromagnetic fields and help to protect the body by repelling negative rays.


    Lava stone and tourmaline


    Wear the pendant to help eliminate emf's

    Scalar Energy Pendants Bespoke Jewellery

    Scalar quantum lava Stone tourmaline energy pendant is an esteemed example of quantum physics. The materials used in the fabrication of the pendant are completely non-allergenic. ‘Chi’ is a Chinese term that is perfused with the meaning of life. The mechanics of quantum scalar energy are capable of divining the energies of the natural force within the body by startling the forces that compensate to cover their true nature. A change in the manner of forces would improve the flow of signals and work of the various productive assets of the body. The minerals used in the preparation of the pendants are fused with the purpose of delivering their best. The fusion method used for the preparation of scalar quantum lava stone tourmaline energy pendant requires continual surveillance and high-end temperatures. These surveillance systems that are constantly in touch with the high-end zones of nano fusion that make the minerals of cohesive nature look better.

    By the use of apt fusion technique and perfect articles, the resonance of the most superior kind gets released which is readily captured into the encircled emboss of the pendant. These pendants can be worn on the neck or can be attached to any auxiliary that is constantly used by the user to his/her office to home. In fact, the new molecular structure of the pendant is so strong after the summation of scalar resonance to it, that the productivity can be utilized to impart the same level of eminence to any substance it comes in contact with. For instance, when dipped into a glass of water, the scalar quantum lava stone tourmaline energy pendant could induce a change in the molecular framework of water. A natural glass of water turns into water that comes from the natural source of springs. A similar kind of use can be held close to the use of fruits and veggies. Using the renewed form of water to dip the whole-sized veggies and fruits could change the freshness proportions of its contents. Quantum pendants do not require any form of maintenance and are non-magnetic in profile.

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