Scalar Quantum Energy Sun Pendant Tourmaline Lava Stone

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    Sun Pendant Scalar Quantum Energy Tourmaline Lava Stone

    Manufactured from ancient lava stone millions of years old rich in over 70 minerals and encrusted with tourmaline crystals, Naturesupplies bespoke jewellery is crafted to connect to the cosmic energy of the universe. Ancients used special stones to align energy with universe mathematics formulas of numbers to sync good energy and expel bad harmful energies. Naturesupplies scalar quantum energy pendant help to repel dangerous emf's from 5g and wifi to help to body fight against geopathic stress caused by emf from electrical devices and support detoxification in cells in our body.


    Lava stone with tourmaline crystals


    bespoke lava pendant

    Scalar Energy Pendants Cosmic Energy

    Scalar Quantum Energy Sun Pendant (Tourmaline Lava Stone) is created with the use of non-magnetic minerals and fusion methods that involve a perfect use of scalar energy. The mineral particles used are of a certain size and can be integrated to form the symbol of the sun in a bespoke pattern. Nano fusion is a newfound technology that has been used in the fabrication of this pendant. In ancient times, the bonding procedures were reluctant in going thorough with such manifestations. As a result, the pendants created were of insufficient quality. Nano fusion technique involves the use of a catalytic form of energy to develop a recumbent level of scalar resonance that is remarkably sufficient to cause a sublevel body reaction that could elicit the neurons from their well-submerged state. Scalar resonance has a packed set of energy that perforates well through every liquid, liquified or semi-solid form. Introduction of changes at a molecular level happens at the nano level. Choosing the fusion method of such a delicate level makes the changes permanent in any accessory. When introduced into a liquid, the reformed structure would resemble the one deciphered by the spring water.

    Fruits and veggies like animals age and have a short to mid-term life span, this undesirable change can be dealt in an impeccable manner by the scalar energy that renovates the layers of skin of any fruit or veggie from the innermost part of the cone. Just like dental caries, the age-based erosion of any fruit begins from the outside and extends in a narrowing manner towards the inside. It’s a common saying that comes from the west - ‘We like our tap water only when it's reformed’. Either with minerals or shungite, people like their water to be in a distilled form when they consume it through a tap or river source. Scalar Quantum Energy Sun Pendant (Tourmaline Lava Stone) is a travel accessory that reforms the unstable source of water only to make it more suited to your needs. In a manner of saying, it isn’t just the infection that stays away from you during the trip but also the exhaustion of the trip.

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