Scalar Quantum Energy Sunflower Pendant Tourmaline Lava Stone

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    Lava Stone Sunflower Pendant Scalar Quantum Energy With Tourmaline

    Naturesupples sunflower pendant bespoke jewellery with scalar energy helps the body to repel emf radiation. Handcrafted from millions of years old lava stone abundant with over 70 essential minerals, which ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians believed had a spiritual connection to the cosmic universe. Naturesupplies lava stone pendants are married up with healing crystals tourmaline and scalar energy which the ancients believed repelled negative energy, but connected with the good cosmic energies of the universe. Our customers buy these amazing pendants to help our cells repel 5g and wifi signals constantly bombarding our body in our everyday lives.


    Lava stone and tourmaline


    Sunflower pendant helps the bodly repel emf's

    Scalar Energy Pendants Tourmaline Lava Stone

    Scalar Quantum Energy Sunflower Pendant (Tourmaline Lava Stone) is a delightful accessory to be worn in the neck if you planning to meet up with a group of environmentalists. The sunflower pattern embossed on the pendant is an exact replica of the hydrogen atom in space. It perfectly explains the manner in which each atom is placed in its atomic level. The entire length of blood vessels that run through the various vital organs and skin cuticles is of 60,000 km. For an average-level of sustenance, the blood is supposed to run at a speed of 7 minutes in the human body. In doing so, the blood is supposed to remove the toxins and supply the begotten nutrients in their place to the places of import. Scalar Quantum Energy Sunflower Pendant is used for the emission of scalar energy, and electrons by bringing tourmaline in direct contact with the human body.

    Far Infrared Rays - a compiled term used for the scalar energy and electrons is capable expanding the circumference of blood vessels and therefore infuriating the levels at which numerous capillaries and blood vessels work. By doing so, they make it possible for the blood vessels to perform their daily tasks within the expected time period of 7 minutes. Environment’s composition these days (even in a park full of trees) can intrude with the pragmatic working of the blood vessels and nerves. We can sense the smell of heavy metal ions in the air that leave us with no other option to either breath them directly or go for the purchase of an anti-pollution mask. Scalar energy induces vibration in the water molecules which in turn causes the heavy metal ions to break down and get excreted from the body in the form of sweat or urine. In doing so, it also takes care of the toxicity that is conformed by the collection of toxic substances and is released as secondary by-products in the digestive system. Once the clusters of toxic substances have been gotten rid of, the cellular functions begin to come back to their original platform, and the vital force of energy has been exemplified. This can be crucial move for the people who often encounter the condition of muscle ache and pain in the clavicular regions.

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