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    Selenium Benefits

    Selenium is said to have many benefits which has made it an extremely sought after mineral supplement. It should not be taken as a replacement for food sources high in selenium but instead can complement a healthy, nutrient-rich diet. People who have taken Selenium tablets have commented upon its benefits which include normal immune system functionality, healthier hair and nails, protection of cells from oxidative stress and normal thyroid function.

    Selenium Foods

    Selenium rich in proteins is called selenoproteins is found within a vast array of healthy food sources including fish and meat such as Tuna, Cod, Sardines, Chicken, Turkey and Beef, Whole grains, nuts and seeds are known to have high levels of Selenium and it is also prevalent throughout soil and water. Furthermore, other popular selenium rich food sources like Spinach, Cabbage, Garlic and Broccoli.

    • Selenium (100mcg)
    • Yeast BPC, Selenium Yeast, Magnesium Stearate, Zinc Oxide, Bulking Agent Cellulose

    Dose 1 to 2 tablets per day

    Selenium Trace Mineral Facts:

    Selenium could be your primary portal to good food. In addition to being a trace mineral, Selenium can be found in 3 other forms in the universe - selenide, selenate and selenite. The last mentioned forms of selenium herein are rare. Selenate and selenite can be located only in the water beds and not in the soil of the ground. The concentration of selenium varies from one continent to another. Health authorities from all over the world worry at the debacle of deficiency syndromes that might result due to the deficiency of selenium that would follow the progressive decline of this mineral. Citing the food sources that are rich in selenium might not benefit most of the people who live close to the region where the amount of selenium is low in the soil. The safest dose of selenium consumption is limited to 400 μg/day each country has it's own dose around the world, it is tough to achieve this estimate if you staying close to the regions of East coast or the Pacific.

    These regions have been surveyed for the lowest quantity of selenium. It is always a better opinion to ask your doctor’s advice before purchasing a selenium supplement. If you prefer to go for a test, then the preferable one would be of hair instead of blood. The richest storehouse of selenium in the body is the thyroid gland. Selenium works its wonders with the aid of a special set of enzymes known as selenoenzymes. While mammals are the owners of an abundant supply of selenoenzymes, bacteria aren’t. Seleno-enzymes promote the reduction of peroxide to liquid that becomes available to cells in the form of matrix. Selenoenzymes can befriend any environment and are therefore capable of creating their own defense environment. Selenium exists as selenoprotein P in the plasma. The prime purpose of this protein would be of maintaining the integrity of the endothelial wall. Zinc is yet another trace element that potentiates the working of selenium in the body and is therefore found in conjunction along with this trace mineral in most formulations.

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