One of the most incredible stones in the world from the only place in the world Russia. This powerful stone has been on the earth for billions of years and used by local people in Russia for health reasons for hundreds of years, they call it "Black Gold". Shungite is becoming more popular due to its properties to fight negative effects of geopathogenic radiation and electromagnetic waves on our bodies from wifi routers,5g and other electronic radiation devices such as microwaves,laptops,computers,smart meters and ipads.

Shungite EMF 5G Facts:

Shungite and zeolite are the two perfect minerals that have made their way to the axis of the society with their absorptive powers. Shungite lies midway between the amorphous structure of carbon and the sterile composition of graphite. It is an intriguing monopoly of carbon that covers the surface of most sea beds. As many oceanographers might add, shungite that is in use today might have been at the bottom of the sea since the Precambrian era. They are so full of fullerene. No sooner after its onset in the society, Shungite was used in paint and the rubber industry as a potential substitute. The differences found at the molecular level in the structure of shungite can be attributed to the variation in the process of carbonization that wacks the surface of the elemental hydrocarbons distinctively from one geographic location to another. Also, the alignment of carbon atoms at a molecular level might cause a difference in the diamagnetic potential of fullerene. The diamagnetic property of shungite is the one that holds the key to its absorptive potential.

Shungite is a hidden secret which can help a wave of new health problems that many people don't know of understand called emf waves and 5g radiation. EMF waves are a new-found matter of concern for the society. EMF waves and cellular phone radiation can cause destruction on the human body's cellular structure. Enlisted below are some of the problems you might encounter when you stay close to an EMF's such as wifi routers or cellular phones such as smart phones and ipads, insomnia, depression, brain fog, fibromyalgia, concentration, headaches and fatigue

Shungite has amazing properties to stop emf waves and 5g radiation watch the videos on this page of how the shungite repel these harmful rays. Shungite is available in pyramids, cubes, phone plates, powder and jewellery. Phubbing is the recent movement that is trying to educate people to stop using smart phones for health reasons. While the mobile phones emit EMF waves, environmentalists state that, a long-term exposure to the signals of mobile phones can raise the levels of glucose in the body and make them fluctuant over a period of time as well as damaging cells. For more reading on the amazing powders of shungite click here

Look At These Amazing Videos About Shungite And How It STOPS EMF Rays