Shungite Polished Circle Stand 10cm

    Highly polished 10cm circle made from authentic shungite, this powerful circle can be used as an orniment, sleeping aid in your bed or carry it around with you in your bag or pocket. Shungite is the ultimate emf eliminating blocking out wifi rays to 5g everyone should carry a piece of this mystical stone with them!

    Shungite Circle

    Shungite polished circle (10cm) is one with a smooth surface and a diameter that is adequate enough to block the flow of negativity towards any useful object that you might be looking forward to cherishing. A shungite stone purchase can be counted as a milestone. Achieving a personal health goal could involve obstacles that may not come exactly in the form of food and water. The dimensions of EMF in a region are capable of altering the natural state of water in a way that it might become unprocurable through any other means. Water, as we know it is used for cooking food. Shungite polished circle can be a perfect accessory for any kitchen that doesn't have a fridge magnet.

    Toxicity has become a part of human existence. It is important to keep its various types away to ensure a stable existence. According to a study performed as a part of the National Toxicology Program, the radiation that comes out of the signals of a mobile phone is capable of kindling a precancerous condition. The study used rats for the experiment. The subjects were exposed to the radiation emitted by the signals of a mobile phone. Sooner than expected, the rats developed gliomas and schwannomas. The risky situation that the electronic devices and mobile phones put us through can be only expected exaggerated in kids. Reception of mobile signal by the phone when it’s real close to the ear brings the harmful waves closer to the periphery of health too. 5G is like a new spring in technology. Mobile networks are bidding on its wavelengths without being affirmative of health hazards. While we can’t stop the inane attitude of mobile network companies and governments, we can always count on and opt for the purchase of the necessary items that can help us quit their impacts.

    Shungite EMF Blocker

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